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27 Oct 2021
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Commonwealth of the bahamas (BS)


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Land Area
13,880 km2
Bahamian dollars (BSD)
Latitude / Longitude
24 15 76 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
30,900 $

Adderley cay
Allan cays
Allen cay
Bacchus rock
Back cay
Barracouta rocks
Beacon cay
Bell island
Big farmer's cay
Bitter guana cay
Black point
Black rocks
Bock cay
Bowe cay
Brigantine cays
Calvin hill
Cave cay
Cave cay cut
Channel cay
Chim pond
Cistern cay
Coakley cay
Compass cay
Conch cay
Conch cut
Crab cay
Culmer's cay
Duck cay
Duck cays
Elbow cay
Elizabeth harbour
Exuma bank
Exuma cays
Exuma cays land and sea park
Exuma district
Exuma harbour
Exuma harbour estates
Farmer's hill
Farmers cay cut
Forbes hill
Fowl cay
Galliot bank
Galliot cay
Galliot cut
Gaulin cay
Georgetown harbour
Great exuma island
Great guana cay
Guana cay
Halls pond cay
Harvey cay
Harvey cays
Hawksbill cay
Hawksbill rock
Highbourn cay
Highbourn cut
Jewfish cay
Joe cay
Kidds cove
Lee stocking island
Lignumvitae cay
Little bell cay
Little cistern cay
Little darby island
Little exuma island
Little farmer's cay
Little farmers cay
Little major's spot
Little wax cay
Lobster cay
Long cay
Low rocks
Major's spot
Middle ground
Moriah harbour cay
Moss town
Mount thompson
Musha cay
Norman spit
Norman's cay
Norman's pond cay
North channel rocks
North dog
O'brien cay
Over yonder cay
Pigeon cay
Pigeon cays
Pimlico cays
Pipe cay
Rat cay
Richmond hill
Rudder cut
Rudder cut cay
Saddle cay
Sail rocks
Salt cay
Salt pond point
Sampson cay
Scrub cays
Ship channel
Ship channel cay
Shroud cay
Shroud cays
Soldier cay
South dog
South sail rock
Staniel cay
Stocking island
Stuart manor
The ferry settlement
Victoria lake
Waderick wells cay
Wax cay
Wax cay cut
West shroud cay
White bank
White cay
White horses
White point
Wide opening
William cay
William's town
Yellow bank
Young island

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