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29 Jun 2022
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Republic of namibia (NA)


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Land Area
824,292 km2
Namibian dollars (NAD)
Latitude / Longitude
22 00 17 00 E
GDP (PPP) per capita
7,300 $

Main Airports
AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
ArandisFYAR1920 m20 m580 m-22.46014.980
EenhanaFYEN1748 m29 m1115 m-17.48016.320
ErosFYWE2247 m29 m1699 m-22.61017.080
ErosFYWE1005 m30 m1699 m-22.61017.080
GrootfonteinFYGF3560 m45 m1413 m-19.60018.120
GrootfonteinFYGF1039 m29 m1413 m-19.60018.120
Hosea kutako intlFYWH4575 m45 m1719 m-22.48017.470
Hosea kutako intlFYWH1524 m29 m1719 m-22.48017.470
Katima muliloFYKM2286 m39 m984 m-17.63024.180
KeetmanshoopFYKT2315 m45 m1069 m-26.54018.110
KeetmanshoopFYKT1434 m29 m1069 m-26.54018.110
LuderitzFYLZ1830 m29 m129 m-26.69015.240
LuderitzFYLZ1200 m29 m129 m-26.69015.240
MarientalFYML1999 m24 m1112 m-24.61017.930
MarientalFYML1499 m29 m1112 m-24.61017.930
OndangwaFYOA1349 m29 m1096 m-17.88015.950
OndangwaFYOA3046 m29 m1096 m-17.88015.950
OranjemundFYOG1297 m17 m4 m-28.59016.450
OranjemundFYOG914 m14 m4 m-28.59016.450
OranjemundFYOG1066 m18 m4 m-28.59016.450
Rosh pinahFYRP1203 m14 m388 m-27.96016.750
RuacanaFYRC2170 m29 m1147 m-17.42014.370
RuacanaFYRC1646 m29 m1147 m-17.42014.370
RunduFYRU2438 m29 m1097 m-17.96019.720
RunduFYRU1463 m29 m1097 m-17.96019.720
TsumebFYTM1470 m17 m1326 m-19.26017.730
Walvis bayFYWB2133 m28 m91 m-22.98014.650

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