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24 Sep 2022
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United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland (GB)

Europe/United kingdom/

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Land Area
243,610 km2
British pounds (GBP)
Latitude / Longitude
54 00 2 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
35,900 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
AberporthEGFA912 m22 m129 m52.110-4.560
AldergroveEGAA2780 m45 m81 m54.660-6.220
AldergroveEGAA1951 m45 m81 m54.660-6.220
Barkston heathEGYE1830 m46 m111 m52.960-0.560
Barkston heathEGYE1282 m46 m111 m52.960-0.560
BenbeculaEGPL1655 m46 m5 m57.480-7.360
BenbeculaEGPL1220 m46 m5 m57.480-7.360
BensonEGUB1823 m45 m68 m51.620-1.100
BensonEGUB1457 m30 m68 m51.620-1.100
Biggin hillEGKB1798 m45 m182 m51.3300.030
Biggin hillEGKB815 m23 m182 m51.3300.030
BirminghamEGBB1314 m29 m99 m52.450-1.750
BirminghamEGBB2604 m46 m99 m52.450-1.750
BlackbusheEGLK1335 m46 m99 m51.320-0.850
BlackpoolEGNH798 m29 m10 m53.770-3.030
BlackpoolEGNH1869 m46 m10 m53.770-3.030
BlackpoolEGNH1074 m22 m10 m53.770-3.030
Boscombe downEGDM3212 m45 m124 m51.150-1.750
Boscombe downEGDM1913 m45 m124 m51.150-1.750
BournemouthEGHH2271 m46 m11 m50.780-1.840
BournemouthEGHH850 m22 m11 m50.780-1.840
BristolEGGD2011 m46 m189 m51.380-2.720
Bristol filtonEGTG2467 m91 m68 m51.520-2.590
Brize nortonEGVN3050 m54 m87 m51.750-1.580
BroughEGNB630 m17 m3 m53.720-0.570
BroughEGNB1054 m29 m3 m53.720-0.570
BruntingthorpeEG2999 m60 m142 m52.490-1.130
BruntingthorpeEG900 m24 m142 m52.490-1.130
CaernarfonEGCK933 m22 m0 m53.100-4.340
CaernarfonEGCK1067 m22 m0 m53.100-4.340
CambridgeEGSC1891 m46 m15 m52.2100.180
CambridgeEGSC898 m35 m15 m52.2100.180
CambridgeEGSC698 m35 m15 m52.2100.180
CampbeltownEGEC3048 m46 m13 m55.440-5.690
CardiffEGFF2353 m45 m67 m51.400-3.340
CarlisleEGNC937 m22 m57 m54.940-2.810
CarlisleEGNC1851 m29 m57 m54.940-2.810
CarlisleEGNC1236 m45 m57 m54.940-2.810
ChalgroveEGLJ1289 m46 m73 m51.680-1.080
ChalgroveEGLJ1801 m46 m73 m51.680-1.080
ChalgroveEGLJ1270 m46 m73 m51.680-1.080
ChivenorEGDC1833 m46 m8 m51.090-4.150
Church fentonEGXG1876 m46 m8 m53.830-1.200
Church fentonEGXG1666 m46 m8 m53.830-1.200
CityEGLC1508 m29 m5 m51.5100.060
CityEGAC1829 m60 m4 m54.620-5.870
ColerneEGUO1095 m45 m180 m51.440-2.290
ColerneEGUO1663 m46 m180 m51.440-2.290
ColtishallEGYC2286 m45 m20 m52.7501.360
ConingsbyEGXC2743 m60 m7 m53.090-0.170
ConingtonEGSF986 m22 m7 m52.470-0.250
ConingtonEGSF800 m42 m7 m52.470-0.250
CosfordEGWC1185 m45 m82 m52.640-2.310
CottesmoreEGXJ2744 m45 m140 m52.740-0.650
CoventryEGBE1825 m46 m85 m52.370-1.480
CrailEG1000 m10 m22 m56.270-2.610
CrailEG1000 m10 m22 m56.270-2.610
CrailEG1000 m10 m22 m56.270-2.610
CrailEG1000 m10 m22 m56.270-2.610
CranfieldEGTC1798 m46 m109 m52.070-0.620
CranfieldEGTC619 m17 m109 m52.070-0.620
CranwellEGYD1463 m44 m66 m53.030-0.480
CranwellEGYD1825 m44 m66 m53.030-0.480
CuldroseEGDR1047 m46 m81 m50.090-5.260
CuldroseEGDR1057 m46 m81 m50.090-5.260
CuldroseEGDR1830 m46 m81 m50.090-5.260
DishforthEGXD1362 m46 m35 m54.140-1.420
DishforthEGXD1858 m46 m35 m54.140-1.420
DundeeEGPN1399 m29 m5 m56.450-3.030
DunkeswellEGTU867 m45 m259 m50.860-3.230
DunkeswellEGTU644 m19 m259 m50.860-3.230
DunkeswellEGTU968 m45 m259 m50.860-3.230
DuxfordEGSU1502 m43 m38 m52.0900.130
DyceEGPD576 m46 m65 m57.200-2.200
DyceEGPD259 m22 m65 m57.200-2.200
DyceEGPD659 m22 m65 m57.200-2.200
DyceEGPD1829 m46 m65 m57.200-2.200
East midlandsEGNX2892 m46 m93 m52.830-1.330
EdinburghEGPH1798 m45 m41 m55.950-3.370
EdinburghEGPH2560 m45 m41 m55.950-3.370
EdinburghEGPH798 m45 m41 m55.950-3.370
ExeterEGTE1339 m46 m30 m50.730-3.410
ExeterEGTE2083 m45 m30 m50.730-3.410
FairfordEGVA3046 m60 m87 m51.680-1.790
FarnboroughEGLF2439 m45 m72 m51.280-0.780
FearnEG1096 m46 m7 m57.760-3.940
GatwickEGKK3158 m45 m59 m51.150-0.190
GatwickEGKK2564 m45 m59 m51.150-0.190
GlasgowEGPF2657 m46 m7 m55.870-4.430
GlasgowEGPF1103 m46 m7 m55.870-4.430
GloucestershireEGBJ1419 m34 m28 m51.890-2.170
GloucestershireEGBJ799 m17 m28 m51.890-2.170
GloucestershireEGBJ972 m34 m28 m51.890-2.170
HaverfordwestEGFE1524 m45 m47 m51.830-4.960
HaverfordwestEGFE1039 m45 m47 m51.830-4.960
HawardenEGNR2043 m46 m10 m53.180-2.980
HeathrowEGLL3657 m45 m24 m51.480-0.460
HeathrowEGLL3883 m49 m24 m51.480-0.460
HeathrowEGLL1962 m45 m24 m51.480-0.460
HoningtonEGXH2746 m60 m53 m52.3400.770
HumbersideEGNJ2195 m45 m36 m53.570-0.350
HumbersideEGNJ1054 m29 m36 m53.570-0.350
InvernessEGPE699 m17 m9 m57.540-4.050
InvernessEGPE1887 m46 m9 m57.540-4.050
IslayEGPI634 m17 m16 m55.680-6.260
IslayEGPI1545 m46 m16 m55.680-6.260
KembleEGBP349 m20 m131 m51.670-2.060
KembleEGBP2008 m45 m131 m51.670-2.060
KembleEGBP449 m20 m131 m51.670-2.060
KembleEGBP940 m45 m131 m51.670-2.060
KidlingtonEGTK759 m28 m82 m51.840-1.320
KidlingtonEGTK1200 m22 m82 m51.840-1.320
KidlingtonEGTK901 m46 m82 m51.840-1.320
KidlingtonEGTK879 m45 m82 m51.840-1.320
KinlossEGQK2311 m46 m6 m57.650-3.560
KirkwallEGPA1182 m46 m15 m58.960-2.910
KirkwallEGPA1428 m46 m15 m58.960-2.910
KirkwallEGPA680 m17 m15 m58.960-2.910
LakenheathEGUL2743 m45 m9 m52.4100.560
LashamEGHL1797 m39 m188 m51.190-1.030
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