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26 Jun 2022
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New zealand (NZ)

Oceania/New zealand/

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Land Area
267,710 km2
New Zealand dollars (NZD)
Latitude / Longitude
41 00 174 00 E
GDP (PPP) per capita
27,900 $

Main Airports
AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
AlexandraNZLX651 m60 m229 m-45.210169.370
AlexandraNZLX1200 m29 m229 m-45.210169.370
AlexandraNZLX1200 m60 m229 m-45.210169.370
ArdmoreNZAR1411 m29 m33 m-37.030174.970
ArdmoreNZAR518 m17 m33 m-37.030174.970
ArdmoreNZAR597 m17 m33 m-37.030174.970
Auckland intlNZAA3108 m45 m7 m-37.010174.790
Auckland intlNZAA3635 m45 m7 m-37.010174.790
Chatham islandsNZCI1360 m45 m13 m-43.810-176.460
Christchurch intlNZCH555 m131 m37 m-43.490172.530
Christchurch intlNZCH1741 m45 m37 m-43.490172.530
Christchurch intlNZCH3288 m45 m37 m-43.490172.530
DunedinNZDN1900 m45 m1 m-45.930170.200
GisborneNZGS762 m60 m4 m-38.660177.980
GisborneNZGS1310 m45 m4 m-38.660177.980
GisborneNZGS1150 m60 m4 m-38.660177.980
GisborneNZGS1170 m60 m4 m-38.660177.980
GlentannerNZGT965 m29 m555 m-43.910170.130
HamiltonNZHN712 m28 m52 m-37.870175.330
HamiltonNZHN1960 m45 m52 m-37.870175.330
HastingsNZHS879 m60 m21 m-39.650176.770
HastingsNZHS1075 m11 m21 m-39.650176.770
HastingsNZHS548 m60 m21 m-39.650176.770
HokitikaNZHK1314 m29 m44 m-42.710170.990
HokitikaNZHK1175 m17 m44 m-42.710170.990
InvercargillNZNV1709 m45 m1 m-46.410168.310
InvercargillNZNV694 m20 m1 m-46.410168.310
InvercargillNZNV426 m20 m1 m-46.410168.310
InvercargillNZNV882 m24 m1 m-46.410168.310
KaitaiaNZKT1402 m29 m82 m-35.070173.290
KaitaiaNZKT1277 m29 m82 m-35.070173.290
KerikeriNZKK461 m39 m149 m-35.260173.910
KerikeriNZKK1189 m29 m149 m-35.260173.910
KerikeriNZKK684 m20 m149 m-35.260173.910
ManapouriNZMO1081 m14 m209 m-45.530167.650
MastertonNZMS1060 m29 m110 m-40.970175.630
MastertonNZMS449 m20 m110 m-40.970175.630
MastertonNZMS1250 m22 m110 m-40.970175.630
MastertonNZMS1042 m29 m110 m-40.970175.630
Mount cookNZMC1571 m14 m656 m-43.770170.130
NapierNZNR765 m60 m1 m-39.470176.870
NapierNZNR1219 m29 m1 m-39.470176.870
NapierNZNR1310 m45 m1 m-39.470176.870
NelsonNZNS600 m60 m5 m-41.300173.220
NelsonNZNS670 m60 m5 m-41.300173.220
NelsonNZNS1347 m45 m5 m-41.300173.220
NelsonNZNS730 m60 m5 m-41.300173.220
New plymouthNZNP1200 m39 m29 m-39.010174.180
New plymouthNZNP1310 m45 m29 m-39.010174.180
New plymouthNZNP1000 m29 m29 m-39.010174.180
OamaruNZOU845 m49 m30 m-44.970171.080
OamaruNZOU947 m49 m30 m-44.970171.080
OamaruNZOU1283 m29 m30 m-44.970171.080
OhakeaNZOH2447 m45 m49 m-40.210175.390
OhakeaNZOH2088 m45 m49 m-40.210175.390
Palmerston northNZPM608 m60 m46 m-40.320175.620
Palmerston northNZPM1901 m45 m46 m-40.320175.620
ParaparaumuNZPP609 m89 m6 m-40.900174.990
ParaparaumuNZPP1349 m45 m6 m-40.900174.990
ParaparaumuNZPP409 m89 m6 m-40.900174.990
ParaparaumuNZPP1239 m29 m6 m-40.900174.990
PukakiNZUK1082 m15 m480 m-44.240170.120
QueenstownNZQN1891 m29 m356 m-45.020168.740
QueenstownNZQN943 m60 m356 m-45.020168.740
QueenstownNZQN800 m39 m356 m-45.020168.740
RotoruaNZRO833 m49 m284 m-38.110176.320
RotoruaNZRO1372 m29 m284 m-38.110176.320
TaupoNZAP730 m60 m406 m-38.740176.080
TaupoNZAP1385 m29 m406 m-38.740176.080
TaurangaNZTG640 m60 m3 m-37.670176.200
TaurangaNZTG1825 m45 m3 m-37.670176.200
TaurangaNZTG775 m60 m3 m-37.670176.200
TaurangaNZTG985 m45 m3 m-37.670176.200
TimaruNZTU1280 m45 m27 m-44.300171.230
TimaruNZTU1188 m60 m27 m-44.300171.230
TimaruNZTU1113 m89 m27 m-44.300171.230
WaiouruNZRU1193 m29 m818 m-39.450175.660
WairoaNZWO914 m29 m12 m-39.010177.410
WanakaNZWF1200 m29 m348 m-44.730169.240
WanganuiNZWU876 m60 m8 m-39.960175.030
WanganuiNZWU1378 m45 m8 m-39.960175.030
WanganuiNZWU840 m85 m8 m-39.960175.030
WanganuiNZWU504 m304 m8 m-39.960175.030
WanganuiNZWU901 m60 m8 m-39.960175.030
Wellington intlNZWN1936 m45 m12 m-41.330174.810
WestportNZWS1280 m29 m3 m-41.740171.580
WhakataneNZWK750 m29 m6 m-37.920176.910
WhakataneNZWK1280 m30 m6 m-37.920176.910
WhangareiNZWR1096 m29 m40 m-35.770174.370
WhangareiNZWR474 m60 m40 m-35.770174.370
WhenuapaiNZWP1445 m45 m30 m-36.790174.630
WhenuapaiNZWP2031 m45 m30 m-36.790174.630
WhenuapaiNZWP634 m45 m30 m-36.790174.630
WhenuapaiNZWP1581 m45 m30 m-36.790174.630
WhenuapaiNZWP850 m45 m30 m-36.790174.630
WigramNZWG1580 m29 m22 m-43.550172.550
WigramNZWG1050 m105 m22 m-43.550172.550
WigramNZWG1050 m35 m22 m-43.550172.550
WoodbourneNZWB1424 m60 m33 m-41.520173.870
WoodbourneNZWB1182 m89 m33 m-41.520173.870
WoodbourneNZWB1424 m45 m33 m-41.520173.870

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