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24 Oct 2021
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Republic of mozambique (MZ)


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Land Area
799,380 km2
meticais (MZN)
Latitude / Longitude
18 15 35 00 E
GDP (PPP) per capita
1,100 $

Main Airports
AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
BeiraFQBR919 m45 m10 m-19.80034.910
BeiraFQBR2400 m45 m10 m-19.80034.910
BeiraFQBR1725 m45 m10 m-19.80034.910
ChimoioFQCH2400 m45 m697 m-19.15033.430
InhambaneFQIN800 m29 m9 m-23.88035.410
InhambaneFQIN1499 m29 m9 m-23.88035.410
LichingaFQLC2529 m45 m1373 m-13.27035.270
LumboFQLU1499 m29 m10 m-15.03040.670
MaputoFQMA3660 m45 m44 m-25.92032.570
MaputoFQMA1699 m45 m44 m-25.92032.570
MarrupaFQMR1725 m29 m755 m-13.23037.550
Mocimboa da praiaFQMP2000 m26 m27 m-11.36040.350
MuedaFQMD2351 m29 m850 m-11.67039.560
NacalaFQNC2500 m45 m124 m-14.49040.710
NampulaFQNP2000 m45 m440 m-15.11039.280
NampulaFQNP1565 m45 m440 m-15.11039.280
PembaFQPB800 m29 m100 m-12.99040.520
PembaFQPB1799 m45 m100 m-12.99040.520
QuelimaneFQQL1799 m45 m10 m-17.86036.870
QuelimaneFQQL908 m29 m10 m-17.86036.870
SongoFQSG900 m22 m885 m-15.60032.770
Tete chingoziFQTT2507 m45 m160 m-16.10033.640
UlongweFQUG1798 m29 m1299 m-14.70034.350
Vila franca do saveFQ999 m22 m29 m-21.17034.560
VilankuloFQVL750 m22 m14 m-22.02035.310
VilankuloFQVL1470 m29 m14 m-22.02035.310

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