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27 Oct 2021
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Lao people s democratic republic (LA)


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Land Area
236,800 km2
Vien tiane (Viang chan)
kips (LAK)
Latitude / Longitude
18 00 105 00 E
GDP (PPP) per capita
2,700 $

Ban amon
Ban cheng
Ban chommani
Ban choum
Ban choutnung
Ban choutsam
Ban danxang
Ban don
Ban dondeng
Ban dong
Ban dongbang
Ban dongbong
Ban dongdok
Ban dongkhoay
Ban dongnathong
Ban dongsangphai
Ban donhai
Ban donloum
Ban donmakkhay
Ban donnoun
Ban dontiou
Ban doun-lan
Ban gnangxoum
Ban hai
Ban haignon-kao
Ban haignon-mai
Ban hatkiang
Ban hatsiao 1
Ban hatsiao 2
Ban hatsouan
Ban hatsoun
Ban hongngoua
Ban houakhoua
Ban houana
Ban houaxang
Ban houaxiang
Ban houaykha
Ban houaynamyen
Ban houmbeng
Ban ilai
Ban keun
Ban khoksa
Ban khoksa-at
Ban khoksivilai
Ban koutsambat
Ban lakkao
Ban laksamsip-et
Ban laksamsip-hok
Ban lakxao-chet
Ban lakxao-et
Ban lakxao-pet
Ban lakxao-song
Ban latkhoay
Ban lingxan
Ban mai-nangom
Ban maknao
Ban maknaodong
Ban na
Ban nabong
Ban nadua
Ban nagnang
Ban nakeo
Ban nakhamping
Ban nakhanthoung
Ban nakhao
Ban nakhay
Ban nakhe
Ban nakhok
Ban nakhong
Ban nakhoun-noy
Ban nakoung
Ban nalom
Ban namhoum
Ban namkiang
Ban namon
Ban namou
Ban nanat
Ban nangeun
Ban nangkeo
Ban nangom
Ban nanokkhoum
Ban napheng
Ban naphok
Ban nasa
Ban nasap
Ban natham
Ban nathe
Ban nathom
Ban navay
Ban naxaythong
Ban naxiangle
Ban naxon
Ban naye
Ban nikhom dongbong
Ban nikhom nongnam
Ban non
Ban nongboua
Ban nongbouathong
Ban nongbuk
Ban nongdao
Ban nongkhankhou
Ban nongkhen
Ban nongkheng
Ban nongniao
Ban nongno
Ban nongphong-nua
Ban nongphong-tai
Ban nongteng
Ban nongtha-nua
Ban nongviangkham
Ban nonhinhe
Ban nonsomboun
Ban nonsoung
Ban nonte
Ban oudom-phon
Ban pagnang
Ban pakhet
Ban pakoang
Ban pakxap-kao
Ban pakxap-mai
Ban peuk
Ban phailom
Ban phakho
Ban phakokhai
Ban phangheng
Ban phathao
Ban phonkeo
Ban phonkham
Ban phonmeng
Ban phonmouang
Ban phonngam
Ban phonpao
Ban phonsavan
Ban phonxai
Ban sai
Ban samsaat
Ban sanghin
Ban sanghouabo
Ban sangkhom
Ban sangsai
Ban saphangmuk
Ban seng-oudom
Ban sikeut
Ban sivilai
Ban songkhoua
Ban songpuay
Ban tanmixai
Ban tanpiao
Ban thadindeng
Ban thadokkham
Ban thaidam
Ban thanak
Ban thangkhong
Ban thangon
Ban thasommo
Ban thaxang
Ban thaxiangle
Ban thin
Ban thongmang
Ban veunthen
Ban xa
Ban xai
Ban xaisana
Ban xaisavat
Ban xaisomboun
Ban xambo
Ban xamket
Ban xamkhe
Ban xendin
Ban xiangle
Ban xok-gnai
Ban xok-noy
Muang kasi
Muang phon-hong
Muang vangviang

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