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27 Oct 2021
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Lao people s democratic republic (LA)


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Land Area
236,800 km2
Vien tiane (Viang chan)
kips (LAK)
Latitude / Longitude
18 00 105 00 E
GDP (PPP) per capita
2,700 $

Ban alai
Ban alan
Ban alang-gnai
Ban alang-noy 1
Ban alang-noy 2
Ban alanpho
Ban alao
Ban along-nam
Ban apia
Ban apok
Ban bang
Ban bangbouang
Ban boungsenken
Ban bung
Ban bungxang
Ban chakiphin
Ban chan
Ban chidan
Ban choni
Ban dinchi
Ban dindeng
Ban dong 1
Ban dong 2
Ban dong-gnai
Ban dongbang
Ban donghai
Ban dongkhoang
Ban dongtha
Ban donkaphoung
Ban donkong
Ban gnang-tai
Ban hangxeung
Ban henba
Ban hinsangom
Ban hinsiou
Ban houaygneut
Ban houayhong
Ban houayhoy-nua
Ban houayhoy-tai
Ban houayla
Ban houaymun
Ban houaypalay
Ban hoy
Ban huk
Ban kadap
Ban kaison
Ban kalo
Ban kammakon
Ban kang
Ban kenggnang
Ban kengkhai
Ban kengkok
Ban kengkouy
Ban kenglatheng
Ban kenglek
Ban kenglin
Ban kenglong
Ban kenglouang
Ban kengthong
Ban kengxay
Ban khadao-ouy
Ban khok
Ban khokkong
Ban khounsi
Ban kilan
Ban klay
Ban kle
Ban kokdeng
Ban konghin
Ban kounke
Ban la-o-noy
Ban labaonam
Ban lagnon
Ban lakhum-nua
Ban lakhum-tai
Ban lakong
Ban lalong
Ban laobao
Ban laobouakhok
Ban lapit
Ban latup
Ban liak
Ban liao
Ban loy
Ban malo
Ban maloua
Ban mouangkhai
Ban muang-angkham
Ban muangchan
Ban muangnong
Ban muangsen
Ban nagnom
Ban nahouanam
Ban nakaten
Ban nakathing
Ban nakatin
Ban nakhahan
Ban nakham
Ban nakhe-dong
Ban nalouang-gnai
Ban nampakhen
Ban namphay
Ban napho
Ban nasongkhon
Ban natai
Ban nathalang
Ban ngande
Ban non-gnang
Ban nongkhiat-luang
Ban nongpen
Ban nonnadeng 2
Ban pachathian
Ban padang
Ban palai
Ban palai 2
Ban palong
Ban palouay
Ban pasia
Ban patong
Ban pen
Ban peu
Ban phakat
Ban phakkada
Ban phalong
Ban phin
Ban phon
Ban phon-ngam
Ban phonnadi
Ban phonpheng
Ban phonxai
Ban phoun
Ban phoutaphum
Ban phouthai
Ban plai
Ban plong-nua
Ban plong-tai
Ban plouan
Ban pounhin-ong
Ban sakhong
Ban sala-nua
Ban salai
Ban salai-tai
Ban salang
Ban saleng
Ban saleo
Ban salon
Ban saloy
Ban saloy-gnai
Ban saloy-noy
Ban sangsi
Ban sapa
Ban sathum
Ban somhong
Ban sopbon
Ban souangkang
Ban souangtong-an
Ban takhong
Ban taki
Ban taliang
Ban taling
Ban tamlouang-gnai
Ban tamlouang-noy
Ban tampanhop
Ban tampanko
Ban tapa
Ban tatkhadeng
Ban thami
Ban thathe
Ban thathekang
Ban them-kao
Ban them-mai
Ban theum
Ban thonglouang
Ban thoun 1
Ban thoun 2
Ban tian
Ban tlai
Ban tlangsale
Ban tonkham
Ban toum
Ban vang
Ban vangkoung
Ban vangsikeo
Ban vangthakhoay
Ban vangthoum
Ban xang-nam
Ban xangtheng
Ban xebo
Ban xemoun
Ban xeno
Ban xila
Ban xouang-gnai
Ban xouang-noy
Muang phalan
Muang phin
Muang songkhon
Muang xepon

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