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27 Jan 2022
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Canada (CA)


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Land Area
9,984,670 km2
Canadian dollars (CAD)
Latitude / Longitude
60 00 95 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
40,300 $

Canada Major mountains
RankPeakHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
1Mount Logan5959 m60.570-140.400
2Mount Saint Elias5489 m60.290-140.930
3Mount Lucania5226 m61.020-140.470
4Mount Waddington4016 m51.370-125.230
5Mount Robson3954 m53.120-119.130
6Mount Columbia3747 m52.150-117.450
7North Twin3719 m52.230-117.430
8Mount Clemenceau3658 m52.250-117.950
9Mount Alberta3619 m60.950-140.850
10Mount Assiniboine3618 m50.870-115.650
11Mount Forbes3612 m51.870-116.930
12South Twin3549 m52.200-117.270
13Mount Temple3544 m51.350-116.220
14Mount Hungabee3492 m51.330-116.280
15Mount Athabasca3491 m52.180-117.220
16Mount Joffre3449 m50.530-115.200
17Mount Edith Cavell3363 m52.670-118.050
18Mount Rae3218 m50.620-115.030
19Mount Sparrowhawk3121 m51.170-115.270
20Mount Chester3054 m50.800-115.270
21Mount Tyrwhitt2874 m50.580-115.030
22Mount Fable (Mount Fable)2702 m115.220-51.120
23Mount Tinniswood2682 m50.300-123.830
24Mount Lady Macdonald (Mount Lady Macdonald)2605 m51.120-115.320
25Slesse Peak2393 m49.020-121.600
26Mount MacKenzie2146 m52.620-126.080
27Mount Albert Edward2094 m49.680-125.430
28Mount Asgard2011 m66.670-65.270
29Rugged Mountain (Ben Lomond)1875 m50.020-126.680
30Mount Arrowsmith1819 m49.230-124.600
31Mount Caubvik (Mont d'Iberville)1652 m58.880-63.600
32Mount Cokely1580 m49.240-124.590
33Smokey Mountains838 m53.980-66.940
34Gros Morne807 m49.580-57.780
35Colon Mountain336 m43.270-80.340

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