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27 Oct 2021
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Commonwealth of the bahamas (BS)

America/Bahamas/Kemps bay

 Main Airports |  Weather Stations |  Major mountains |  City & Town Population
Land Area
13,880 km2
Bahamian dollars (BSD)
Latitude / Longitude
24 15 76 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
30,900 $

Andros island
Barren rock
Bastian point
Behring point
Big wood cay
Black point
Blossom channel
Boat rock
Booby rocks
Channel rock
Cistern point
Congo town
Copper rock
Cormorant point
Curley cut cays
Dolly's cay
Dolly's cut
Driggs hill
Fifteen feet cay
Gibson cay
Golding cay
Grassy creek
Grassy creek cays
Green cay
Hawks bill hill
Hawksnest creek
High point
High point cay
High rock
Hurricane hole
Jack fish channel
Kemps bay
Kemps bay district
Lark channel
Larks nest
Lisbon creek
Little creek
Loggerhead creek
Long bay cays
Mangrove cay
Mars bay
Middle bight
Middle bight cay
Miller creek
Moxey town
Muddy point
North rock
Northern bight
Pigeon cay
Pimlico rocks
Pine cay
Pot cay
Pyes harbour
Queens channel
Ratman cays
Red shank cay
Red shank point
Reids cay
Sapodilla cay
Shark spit
Sharp rock point
Sisters rocks
Smith's hill
Snap hill
South cay
Southern bight
Spanish wells
The bluff
Turner sound
Twin rocks
Washerwomans cut
Water cays
Wolf rock
Wood cay
Yellow cay

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