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27 Oct 2021
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Commonwealth of the bahamas (BS)


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Land Area
13,880 km2
Bahamian dollars (BSD)
Latitude / Longitude
24 15 76 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
30,900 $

Alice town
Anguilla cays
Bailey town
Barnett harbour
Barren rocks
Beach cay
Bimini district
Bimini islands
Brown's cay
Browns channel
Castle rock
Cat cays
Cat point
Cay sal
Dog rocks
Dollar harbour
Double headed shot cays
Duck lake
East isaac
East wells
Elbow bank
Elbow cay
Elbow cays
Entrance point
Gingerbread ground
Grassy bay
Great isaac
Gun cay
Hen and chicken rocks
Henry bank
Lavenderas rocks
Little isaac
Louis town
Low rock
Mackie bank
Mackie shoal
Marion rock
Middle isaac
Moselle bank
Moxon rocks
Muertos cays
Munnings knoll
Nixon's harbour
North bimini
North cat cay
North east rock
North rock
North turtle rock
Ocean cay
Ocean cay terminal
Paradise point
Pigeon cay
Piquet rocks
Rabbit rock
Riding rocks
Round rock
Sal bank
Sandy cay
Santaren channel
South bimini
South cat cay
South riding rock
South riding rocks
Square rocks
Triangle rocks
Turtle rocks
Victory cays
Water cays
Wedge rock
Wedge rocks
West brother

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