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24 Sep 2021
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Kingdom of belgium (BE)


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Land Area
30,528 km2
euros (EUR)
Latitude / Longitude
50 50 4 00 E
GDP (PPP) per capita
37,600 $

Main Airports
AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
BeauvechainEBBE2450 m22 m112 m50.7604.770
BeauvechainEBBE3073 m45 m112 m50.7604.770
Bertrix jehonvilleEBBX2400 m45 m461 m49.8905.230
Brussels natlEBBR2987 m49 m56 m50.9004.500
Brussels natlEBBR3210 m44 m56 m50.9004.500
Brussels natlEBBR3637 m44 m56 m50.9004.500
Brussels southEBCI2549 m45 m187 m50.4604.450
Chievres abEBCV1924 m45 m60 m50.5803.830
DeurneEBAW1509 m45 m11 m51.1904.460
FlorennesEBFS3384 m45 m284 m50.2404.650
FlorennesEBFS2249 m22 m284 m50.2404.650
Kleine brogelEBBL3096 m45 m60 m51.1705.470
Kleine brogelEBBL2400 m22 m60 m51.1705.470
KoksijdeEBFN2678 m49 m6 m51.0902.650
LiegeEBLG3287 m45 m200 m50.6405.440
LiegeEBLG2272 m45 m200 m50.6405.440
OostendeEBOS3199 m45 m3 m51.2002.860
OostendeEBOS626 m45 m3 m51.2002.860
UrselEBUL2980 m45 m28 m51.1403.470
WeeldeEBWE2980 m44 m32 m51.4004.960
WevelgemEBKT1900 m45 m18 m50.8203.210
ZoerselEBZR2980 m45 m16 m51.2704.750
ZutendaalEBSL2980 m44 m95 m50.9505.590

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