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24 Feb 2017
Welcome ! Tageo.com is a database of geographic coordinate information.
Tageo.com provides information about 2,667,417 cities in the whole world !!

Geographic Area of Coverage of Tageo: Worldwide excluding Antarctica.

This site provides a geographic coordinate database consisting :
- 5.4 million records from the NlMA GE0net Names Server
- 2,7 million records of cities
- 5000 records of administratives divisions
- 188000 records of countries data
- 7.9 gigaBytes (7.9 Go) of Land Surface, Shallow Water, and Shaded Topography

You have permission to publish datas and maps electronically or in print in its entirety as long as it remains unchanged and links back to tageo.com website is included at the bottom of the article (Courtesy of tageo.com).
Link to tageo.com:
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