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19 Apr 2014
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United states of america (US)

America/United states/

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Population 2012
Land Area
9,826,675 km2
Washington DC
US dollar (USD)
Latitude / Longitude
38 00 97 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
50,700 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
Chandler muniKZ1478 m22 m378 m33.270-111.810
Chandler muniKZ1341 m22 m378 m33.270-111.810
Chandler muniKZ1219 m18 m299 m35.720-96.820
Chanute martin johnsonKZ1296 m22 m305 m37.670-95.490
Chanute martin johnsonKZ670 m36 m305 m37.670-95.490
Chaparrosa ranchKZ1554 m15 m207 m28.880-99.990
ChapinKZ914 m15 m269 m41.200-82.570
Chapman farmsKZ914 m6 m53 m37.070-120.380
Chariton muniKZ1219 m22 m320 m41.020-93.360
Chariton muniKZ853 m22 m320 m41.020-93.360
Charles b wheeler downtownKMKC2134 m45 m231 m39.120-94.590
Charles b wheeler downtownKMKC1539 m45 m231 m39.120-94.590
Charles city muniKZ772 m48 m342 m43.070-92.610
Charles city muniKZ1219 m22 m342 m43.070-92.610
Charles city muniKZ542 m51 m342 m43.070-92.610
Charles r johnsonKZ975 m15 m3 m26.560-97.440
Charles w bakerKZ487 m22 m75 m35.280-89.930
Charles w bakerKZ1066 m22 m75 m35.280-89.930
Charleston afb intlKCHS2134 m45 m13 m32.900-80.040
Charleston afb intlKCHS2743 m60 m13 m32.900-80.040
Charleston executiveKZ1314 m45 m5 m32.700-80.000
Charleston executiveKZ1524 m45 m5 m32.700-80.000
Charleston municipalKZ914 m15 m53 m33.990-90.080
Charlevoix muniKZ390 m60 m203 m45.300-85.270
Charlevoix muniKZ1386 m22 m203 m45.300-85.270
Charlotte coKZ2005 m45 m7 m26.920-81.990
Charlotte coKZ1399 m45 m7 m26.920-81.990
Charlotte coKZ1445 m45 m7 m26.920-81.990
Charlotte douglas intlKCLT2286 m45 m228 m35.210-80.940
Charlotte douglas intlKCLT3048 m45 m228 m35.210-80.940
Charlotte douglas intlKCLT2643 m45 m228 m35.210-80.940
Charlottesville albemarleKCHO1829 m45 m194 m38.140-78.450
Chase city muniKZ1036 m15 m153 m36.790-78.500
Chatham muniKZ914 m30 m20 m41.690-69.990
Chattanooga sky harborKZ1036 m18 m345 m34.370-98.680
Chautauqua co dunkirkKZ1524 m30 m211 m42.490-79.270
Chautauqua co dunkirkKZ1219 m30 m211 m42.490-79.270
Chautauqua co jamestownKZ1615 m30 m525 m42.150-79.260
Chautauqua co jamestownKZ1371 m30 m525 m42.150-79.260
Cheboygan coKZ1219 m22 m195 m45.650-84.520
Cheboygan coKZ457 m22 m195 m45.650-84.520
Chehalis centraliaKZ1524 m45 m52 m46.680-122.980
Chelan muniKZ1078 m18 m384 m47.870-119.940
Chemehuevi valleyKZ1524 m22 m192 m34.530-114.430
Chennault intlKZ3261 m60 m5 m30.210-93.140
Cheraw muni lynch bellinger fldKZ1341 m22 m72 m34.710-79.960
Cherokee coKZ1527 m22 m206 m31.870-95.220
Cherokee countyKZ1039 m22 m371 m34.310-84.420
Cherokee muniKZ1088 m15 m358 m36.790-98.360
Cherokee muniKZ827 m30 m371 m42.730-95.560
Cherokee muniKZ1158 m22 m371 m42.730-95.560
Cherry capitalKTVC976 m22 m190 m44.740-85.580
Cherry capitalKTVC1981 m45 m190 m44.740-85.580
Cherry capitalKTVC1556 m45 m190 m44.740-85.580
Cherry point mcasKNKT2462 m59 m8 m34.900-76.880
Cherry point mcasKNKT2585 m60 m8 m34.900-76.880
Cherry point mcasKNKT2560 m60 m8 m34.900-76.880
Cherry point mcasKNKT2733 m60 m8 m34.900-76.880
Cherry springsKZ1088 m54 m710 m41.660-77.820
Chesapeake rgnlKZ1676 m30 m6 m36.670-76.320
ChesterKZ782 m15 m126 m41.380-72.510
Chester co g o carlsonKZ1645 m30 m201 m39.980-75.870
Chester muniKZ1523 m45 m199 m34.790-81.200
Chester muniKZ1518 m30 m199 m34.790-81.200
Chester muniKZ1524 m30 m199 m34.790-81.200
Chesterfield coKZ1676 m30 m72 m37.410-77.520
Chetek muni southworthKZ335 m21 m321 m45.310-91.640
Chetek muni southworthKZ1036 m18 m321 m45.310-91.640
CheyenneKCYS2796 m45 m1876 m41.160-104.810
CheyenneKCYS2039 m45 m1876 m41.160-104.810
Cheyenne co muniKZ548 m85 m1039 m39.760-101.800
Cheyenne co muniKZ705 m85 m1039 m39.760-101.800
Cheyenne co muniKZ956 m15 m1039 m39.760-101.800
Cheyenne co muniKZ863 m54 m1039 m39.760-101.800
Cheyenne eagle butteKZ1280 m18 m745 m44.980-101.250
Chicago midway intlKMDW1964 m45 m188 m41.790-87.750
Chicago midway intlKMDW1678 m45 m188 m41.790-87.750
Chicago midway intlKMDW1987 m45 m188 m41.790-87.750
Chicago midway intlKMDW1175 m18 m188 m41.790-87.750
Chicago midway intlKMDW1567 m45 m188 m41.790-87.750
Chicago ohare intlKORD2461 m45 m203 m41.980-87.900
Chicago ohare intlKORD2286 m45 m203 m41.980-87.900
Chicago ohare intlKORD3091 m45 m203 m41.980-87.900
Chicago ohare intlKORD2428 m45 m203 m41.980-87.900
Chicago ohare intlKORD3962 m60 m203 m41.980-87.900
Chicago ohare intlKORD3049 m45 m203 m41.980-87.900
Chicago ohare intlKORD1625 m45 m203 m41.980-87.900
Chickasha muniKZ539 m30 m350 m35.100-97.970
Chickasha muniKZ1033 m35 m350 m35.100-97.970
Chickasha muniKZ1554 m30 m350 m35.100-97.970
Chickasha muniKZ769 m30 m350 m35.100-97.970
Chickasha muniKZ762 m30 m350 m35.100-97.970
Chico muniKZ915 m18 m72 m39.800-121.860
Chico muniKZ2049 m45 m72 m39.800-121.860
Childress muniKZ1348 m18 m595 m34.430-100.290
Childress muniKZ1278 m45 m595 m34.430-100.290
Childress muniKZ1813 m22 m595 m34.430-100.290
Chillicothe muniKZ1101 m33 m238 m39.780-93.500
Chillicothe muniKZ1188 m22 m238 m39.780-93.500
Chiloquin stateKZ1138 m18 m1285 m42.580-121.880
China lake nawsKZ3045 m60 m695 m35.690-117.690
China lake nawsKZ2347 m60 m695 m35.690-117.690
China lake nawsKZ2746 m60 m695 m35.690-117.690
Chinle muniKZ1874 m18 m1690 m36.110-109.580
ChinoKZ2133 m45 m198 m33.970-117.640
ChinoKZ1480 m45 m198 m33.970-117.640
ChinoKZ1835 m45 m198 m33.970-117.640
Chippewa co intlKCIU1524 m22 m243 m46.250-84.470
Chippewa co intlKCIU2194 m60 m243 m46.250-84.470
Chippewa valley rgnlKEAU1523 m30 m276 m44.870-91.490
Chippewa valley rgnlKEAU2225 m45 m276 m44.870-91.490
Chiriaco summitKZ1402 m15 m522 m33.670-115.710
Chisholm hibbingKHIB937 m22 m412 m47.390-92.840
Chisholm hibbingKHIB2059 m45 m412 m47.390-92.840
Choctaw nolfKZ1219 m53 m31 m30.510-86.960
Choctaw nolfKZ1097 m53 m31 m30.510-86.960
Choctaw nolfKZ2438 m45 m31 m30.510-86.960
ChormanKZ1093 m11 m20 m38.850-75.610
ChoteauKZ1158 m18 m1203 m47.830-112.170
ChoteauKZ822 m24 m1203 m47.830-112.170
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