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17 Apr 2014
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United states of america (US)

America/United states/

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Population 2012
Land Area
9,826,675 km2
Washington DC
US dollar (USD)
Latitude / Longitude
38 00 97 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
50,700 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
WindhamKZ852 m22 m75 m41.740-72.180
Windom muniKZ1096 m22 m429 m43.910-95.110
Window rockKZ2133 m22 m2054 m35.650-109.070
Windwood fly in resortKZ914 m12 m978 m39.060-79.430
Wing south airparkKZ1341 m30 m2 m26.120-81.700
Wings fldKZ1127 m22 m92 m40.140-75.270
Winkler coKINK1071 m30 m859 m31.780-103.200
Winkler coKINK1372 m30 m859 m31.780-103.200
WinnabowKZ1066 m27 m10 m34.150-78.110
Winnemucca muniKZ2133 m30 m1313 m40.900-117.810
Winnemucca muniKZ1463 m22 m1313 m40.900-117.810
Winnsboro muniKZ914 m22 m23 m32.150-91.700
Winnsboro muniKZ979 m15 m156 m32.940-95.280
Winona montgomery countyKZ914 m15 m110 m33.470-89.730
Winona montgomery countyKZ365 m9 m110 m33.470-89.730
Winona muni max conrad fldKZ1584 m30 m199 m44.080-91.710
Winona muni max conrad fldKZ778 m22 m199 m44.080-91.710
Winslow lindbergh rgnlKZ2285 m45 m1506 m35.020-110.720
Winslow lindbergh rgnlKZ2164 m45 m1506 m35.020-110.720
Winslow lindbergh rgnlKZ1849 m45 m1506 m35.020-110.720
Winston fldKZ1280 m22 m740 m32.690-100.950
Winston fldKZ1706 m30 m740 m32.690-100.950
Winter havens gilbertKZ1525 m30 m44 m28.060-81.750
Winter havens gilbertKZ1218 m30 m44 m28.060-81.750
Winters muniKZ976 m12 m570 m31.950-99.990
Winterset madison coKZ914 m15 m338 m41.360-94.020
WiscassetKZ1035 m22 m21 m43.960-69.710
Wishek muniKZ1051 m18 m620 m46.250-99.540
Witham fldKZ1524 m60 m5 m27.180-80.220
Witham fldKZ1524 m30 m5 m27.180-80.220
Witham fldKZ1417 m30 m5 m27.180-80.220
Witham fldKZ1775 m30 m5 m27.180-80.220
Wittman rgnlKOSH1043 m22 m246 m43.980-88.560
Wittman rgnlKOSH1883 m45 m246 m43.980-88.560
Wittman rgnlKOSH932 m22 m246 m43.980-88.560
Wittman rgnlKOSH2439 m45 m246 m43.980-88.560
Wokal fld glasgow intlKGGW1518 m22 m699 m48.210-106.610
Wokal fld glasgow intlKGGW1524 m30 m699 m48.210-106.610
Wolf lakePA792 m304 m174 m61.640-149.290
Wolf lakePA1158 m21 m174 m61.640-149.290
Wolf nolfKZ914 m45 m18 m30.350-87.540
Wolf nolfKZ914 m45 m18 m30.350-87.540
Wolf nolfKZ914 m45 m18 m30.350-87.540
WolfeKZ1151 m30 m363 m34.580-97.810
Womstead fldKZ932 m12 m320 m38.380-83.150
Wood coKZ1219 m18 m132 m32.740-95.500
Wood coKZ801 m15 m205 m41.390-83.630
Wood coKZ1279 m22 m205 m41.390-83.630
Wood co gill robb wilson fldKPKB2066 m45 m261 m39.350-81.440
Wood co gill robb wilson fldKPKB1219 m45 m261 m39.350-81.440
Woodbine muniKZ936 m22 m12 m39.220-74.790
Woodbine muniKZ1007 m45 m12 m39.220-74.790
WoodlakeKZ1011 m15 m129 m36.400-119.110
Woodruff coKZ1158 m22 m60 m35.270-91.270
Woodward fldKZ913 m30 m92 m34.280-80.560
Woodward fldKZ1524 m30 m92 m34.280-80.560
WoodworthKZ944 m22 m42 m31.130-92.500
WoodyKZ609 m24 m350 m36.880-79.850
Worcester rgnlKORH2133 m45 m307 m42.270-71.880
Worcester rgnlKORH1524 m30 m307 m42.270-71.880
Worland muniKWRL762 m18 m1288 m43.970-107.950
Worland muniKWRL2135 m30 m1288 m43.970-107.950
Worland muniKWRL682 m18 m1288 m43.970-107.950
Worthington muniKZ1678 m30 m479 m43.660-95.580
Worthington muniKZ1280 m30 m479 m43.660-95.580
WrangellPAWG1828 m45 m13 m56.480-132.370
Wray muniKZ1536 m21 m1117 m40.100-102.240
Wray muniKZ1645 m22 m1117 m40.100-102.240
Wrens memorialKZ914 m15 m137 m33.220-82.380
Wright aafKZ1530 m30 m14 m31.890-81.560
Wright aafKZ767 m30 m14 m31.890-81.560
Wright aafKZ794 m30 m14 m31.890-81.560
Wright aafKZ1524 m45 m14 m31.890-81.560
Wright patterson afbKFFO2133 m45 m250 m39.830-84.050
Wright patterson afbKFFO3840 m91 m250 m39.830-84.050
Wurtsboro sullivan coKZ1095 m18 m170 m41.600-74.460
Wurtsboro sullivan coKZ381 m33 m170 m41.600-74.460
Wurtsboro sullivan coKZ640 m36 m170 m41.600-74.460
Wurtsboro sullivan coKZ472 m45 m170 m41.600-74.460
Wyandot countyKZ1218 m22 m252 m40.880-83.310
WynkoopKZ1022 m27 m317 m40.370-82.500
WynkoopKZ792 m19 m317 m40.370-82.500
Wynne muniKZ1226 m22 m112 m35.230-90.760
Yakima air terminal mc allister fldKYKM1168 m45 m333 m46.570-120.540
Yakima air terminal mc allister fldKYKM2317 m45 m333 m46.570-120.540
YakutatPAYA1973 m45 m10 m59.500-139.660
YakutatPAYA2360 m45 m10 m59.500-139.660
Yampa valleyKZ3048 m45 m2012 m40.480-107.220
Yazoo countyKZ1524 m30 m31 m32.880-90.460
YeagerKCRW1448 m45 m299 m38.370-81.590
YeagerKCRW1920 m45 m299 m38.370-81.590
YellowstoneKWYS2560 m45 m2025 m44.690-111.120
Yellowstone rgnlKZ2522 m30 m1555 m44.520-109.020
Yerington muniKZ1645 m22 m1334 m39.000-119.160
Yoakum coKZ621 m10 m1121 m33.210-102.830
Yoakum coKZ1207 m18 m1121 m33.210-102.830
Yoakum muniKZ1050 m18 m111 m29.310-97.140
Yolo co davis woodland wintersKZ1828 m30 m29 m38.580-121.860
YorkKZ1581 m30 m146 m39.920-76.870
York muniKZ1432 m45 m509 m40.900-97.620
York muniKZ1798 m30 m509 m40.900-97.620
Young landing zoneKZ1066 m18 m279 m43.950-90.660
YoungsKZ487 m22 m117 m31.590-83.730
Youngstown elser metroKZ1222 m15 m326 m40.960-80.680
Youngstown warren rgnlKYNG1524 m45 m364 m41.260-80.680
Youngstown warren rgnlKYNG2744 m45 m364 m41.260-80.680
Youngstown warren rgnlKYNG1066 m18 m364 m41.260-80.680
Yuba coKMYV1000 m22 m18 m39.100-121.570
Yuba coKMYV1830 m45 m18 m39.100-121.570
Yucca airstripKZ2743 m60 m1194 m36.950-116.040
Yucca valleyKZ1329 m18 m982 m34.130-116.410
Yuma mcas yuma intlKYUM2816 m45 m64 m32.660-114.610
Yuma mcas yuma intlKYUM4053 m60 m64 m32.660-114.610
Yuma mcas yuma intlKYUM1873 m45 m64 m32.660-114.610
Yuma mcas yuma intlKYUM1740 m45 m64 m32.660-114.610
Yuma muniKZ883 m12 m1260 m40.100-102.710
Yuma muniKZ1280 m22 m1260 m40.100-102.710
Z m jack stell fldKZ1526 m22 m56 m33.180-91.880
Zachry ranchKZ1524 m22 m180 m27.070-98.940
Zamperini fldKZ914 m22 m31 m33.800-118.340
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