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18 Apr 2014
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United states of america (US)

America/United states/

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Population 2012
Land Area
9,826,675 km2
Washington DC
US dollar (USD)
Latitude / Longitude
38 00 97 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
50,700 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
Washburn muniKZ1127 m18 m580 m47.350-101.030
Washburn muniKZ681 m36 m580 m47.350-101.030
Washington coKZ1524 m22 m360 m40.140-80.290
Washington coKZ1219 m18 m292 m37.930-90.730
Washington co memKZ1036 m18 m437 m39.730-97.050
Washington dulles intlKIAD3200 m45 m95 m38.940-77.460
Washington dulles intlKIAD3505 m45 m95 m38.940-77.460
Washington dulles intlKIAD3505 m45 m95 m38.940-77.460
Washington executive hyde fieldKZ914 m18 m75 m38.750-76.930
Washington memKZ1000 m15 m148 m38.590-91.000
Washington muniKZ1036 m15 m229 m41.280-91.670
Washington muniKZ1219 m22 m229 m41.280-91.670
Washington wilkes coKZ704 m22 m196 m33.780-82.820
WasillaPAWS1127 m22 m106 m61.570-149.540
Water valley municipalKZ914 m15 m82 m34.170-89.690
Waterbury oxfordKZ1524 m30 m221 m41.480-73.140
Waterbury oxfordKZ609 m22 m221 m41.480-73.140
Waterloo muniKALO1829 m45 m266 m42.560-92.400
Waterloo muniKALO1646 m39 m266 m42.560-92.400
Waterloo muniKALO2560 m45 m266 m42.560-92.400
Watertown intlKART1524 m45 m99 m43.990-76.020
Watertown intlKART1524 m45 m99 m43.990-76.020
Watertown muniKATY2103 m45 m532 m44.910-97.150
Watertown muniKATY2101 m45 m532 m44.910-97.150
Watertown muniKZ1350 m22 m253 m43.170-88.720
Watertown muniKZ853 m22 m253 m43.170-88.720
Waterville robert lafleurKZ1676 m30 m101 m44.530-69.680
Waterville robert lafleurKZ701 m45 m101 m44.530-69.680
Watford city muniKZ1341 m22 m642 m47.800-103.250
Watford city muniKZ707 m45 m642 m47.800-103.250
WatongaKZ1219 m18 m471 m35.860-98.420
Watsonville muniKZ1371 m45 m48 m36.940-121.790
Watsonville muniKZ1218 m30 m48 m36.940-121.790
Watts woodlandKZ1149 m18 m38 m38.670-121.870
Wauchula muniKZ1219 m22 m32 m27.510-81.880
Waukegan rgnlKZ1828 m45 m221 m42.420-87.870
Waukegan rgnlKZ1143 m22 m221 m42.420-87.870
Waukesha coKZ1782 m30 m277 m43.040-88.240
Waukesha coKZ1096 m22 m277 m43.040-88.240
Waupaca muniKZ451 m33 m251 m44.330-89.020
Waupaca muniKZ1188 m22 m251 m44.330-89.020
WaupunKZ937 m45 m286 m43.620-88.770
WaupunKZ1036 m10 m286 m43.620-88.770
Wausau downtownKZ940 m30 m366 m44.930-89.630
Wausau downtownKZ1508 m30 m366 m44.930-89.630
Wautoma municipalKZ694 m45 m261 m44.040-89.300
Wautoma municipalKZ1005 m18 m261 m44.040-89.300
Wautoma municipalKZ362 m10 m261 m44.040-89.300
Waycross ware coKZ1534 m30 m43 m31.250-82.400
Waycross ware coKZ1237 m30 m43 m31.250-82.400
Waycross ware coKZ1594 m45 m43 m31.250-82.400
Wayne coKZ1582 m30 m345 m40.870-81.890
Wayne coKZ1219 m22 m293 m36.860-84.860
Wayne muniKZ1038 m18 m436 m42.240-96.980
Wayne muniKZ609 m36 m436 m42.240-96.980
Wayne muniKZ1280 m22 m436 m42.240-96.980
Wayne wonderlandKZ1798 m22 m2140 m38.360-111.600
Waynesboro municipalKZ914 m15 m49 m31.650-88.630
Waynesville rgnl arpt at forney fldKTBN1853 m45 m353 m37.740-92.140
Waynoka muniKZ1066 m15 m470 m36.570-98.850
Weatherbee fldKZ365 m9 m292 m43.470-89.360
Webster city muniKZ1221 m22 m341 m42.440-93.870
Webster city muniKZ809 m27 m341 m42.440-93.870
Webster nolfKNUI1524 m45 m6 m38.150-76.430
Webster nolfKNUI1524 m45 m6 m38.150-76.430
Webster nolfKNUI1310 m45 m6 m38.150-76.430
WeedKZ1524 m18 m895 m41.470-122.450
Weedon fldKZ1524 m30 m86 m31.950-85.130
WeelborgKZ1066 m21 m473 m43.810-96.710
Weide ahpKZ1407 m26 m9 m39.390-76.290
Weiser air parkKZ1053 m12 m41 m29.940-95.640
Weiser air parkKZ609 m10 m41 m29.940-95.640
Weiser muniKZ1219 m18 m643 m44.210-116.960
Wellington muniKZ1078 m15 m388 m37.320-97.390
Wells muni harriet fldKZ817 m45 m1759 m41.120-114.920
Wells muni harriet fldKZ1675 m45 m1759 m41.120-114.920
Wellsville muni tarantine fldKZ1616 m30 m647 m42.110-77.990
Wendell h fordKZ990 m18 m381 m37.390-83.260
Wendell h fordKZ1524 m30 m381 m37.390-83.260
WendoverKZ2438 m45 m1290 m40.720-114.030
WendoverKZ2438 m30 m1290 m40.720-114.030
Wes lupienKZ992 m7 m57 m48.250-122.670
West bend muniKZ1187 m22 m270 m43.420-88.130
West bend muniKZ1369 m22 m270 m43.420-88.130
West bolivar flying serviceKZ1554 m27 m41 m33.650-90.990
West branch communityKZ1524 m30 m268 m44.240-84.180
West georgia rgnl o v gray fldKZ1524 m30 m353 m33.630-85.150
West houstonKZ1204 m22 m33 m29.820-95.670
West kerr ranchKZ1371 m14 m710 m30.140-99.740
West memphis muniKZ1829 m30 m64 m35.140-90.230
West plains muniKZ1555 m22 m374 m36.880-91.900
West texasKZ2287 m15 m1221 m31.720-106.240
West wind airparkKZ265 m15 m304 m35.540-84.530
West woodwardKZ1676 m45 m666 m36.440-99.520
West woodwardKZ1676 m45 m666 m36.440-99.520
West woodwardKZ1677 m30 m666 m36.440-99.520
Westchester coKHPN1356 m45 m133 m41.070-73.710
Westchester coKHPN1995 m45 m133 m41.070-73.710
WesterloKZ922 m15 m426 m42.520-74.030
Westerly stateKZ1222 m30 m24 m41.350-71.800
Westerly stateKZ1207 m22 m24 m41.350-71.800
Western neb rgnl william b heilig fldKBFF2439 m45 m1209 m41.870-103.600
Western neb rgnl william b heilig fldKBFF2523 m45 m1209 m41.870-103.600
Western skyKZ457 m30 m588 m33.780-113.640
Western skyKZ1066 m30 m588 m33.780-113.640
Westhope muniKZ914 m18 m455 m48.910-101.030
Westlake farmsKZ1097 m15 m58 m36.120-119.890
Westover arb metropolitanKCEF3535 m91 m74 m42.200-72.530
Westover arb metropolitanKCEF2158 m45 m74 m42.200-72.530
Westover field amador coKZ1036 m18 m515 m38.380-120.790
Westwind ranchKZ1559 m15 m209 m28.920-99.760
Wetumpka muniKZ917 m24 m60 m32.530-86.330
Wetumpka muniKZ792 m45 m60 m32.530-86.330
Wexford coKZ611 m45 m398 m44.280-85.420
Wexford coKZ1524 m30 m398 m44.280-85.420
Weydahl fieldKZ1280 m15 m687 m47.390-102.770
Wharton rgnlKZ1525 m22 m30 m29.250-96.150
Wheatland co at harlowtonKZ1280 m18 m1313 m46.450-109.850
Wheaton muniKZ1005 m22 m312 m45.780-96.540
Wheaton muniKZ584 m53 m312 m45.780-96.540
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