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19 Apr 2014
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United states of america (US)

America/United states/

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Population 2012
Land Area
9,826,675 km2
Washington DC
US dollar (USD)
Latitude / Longitude
38 00 97 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
50,700 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
Troy muniKZ1531 m30 m121 m31.860-86.010
Truckee tahoeKZ1417 m22 m1798 m39.320-120.140
Truckee tahoeKZ2133 m30 m1798 m39.320-120.140
Trulock ranch fldKZ914 m18 m660 m32.420-100.810
Truth or consequences muniKTCS2133 m45 m1479 m33.240-107.270
Truth or consequences muniKTCS1706 m22 m1479 m33.240-107.270
Truth or consequences muniKTCS990 m39 m1479 m33.240-107.270
Truth or consequences muniKTCS975 m42 m1479 m33.240-107.270
Truth or consequences muniKTCS883 m39 m1479 m33.240-107.270
Tstc wacoKCNW1917 m45 m143 m31.640-97.070
Tstc wacoKCNW2621 m45 m143 m31.640-97.070
Tuba cityKZ1898 m22 m1375 m36.090-111.380
Tucson intlKTUS2133 m45 m805 m32.120-110.940
Tucson intlKTUS2562 m22 m805 m32.120-110.940
Tucson intlKTUS3351 m45 m805 m32.120-110.940
Tucumcari muniKTCC2164 m30 m1239 m35.180-103.600
Tucumcari muniKTCC1401 m18 m1239 m35.180-103.600
Tulelake muniKZ1090 m13 m1232 m41.890-121.360
Tulip cityKZ1524 m30 m210 m42.740-86.110
Tullahoma rgnl wm northern fldKZ1523 m45 m329 m35.380-86.250
Tullahoma rgnl wm northern fldKZ1524 m45 m329 m35.380-86.250
Tullahoma rgnl wm northern fldKZ670 m30 m329 m35.380-86.250
Tullahoma rgnl wm northern fldKZ832 m30 m329 m35.380-86.250
Tullahoma rgnl wm northern fldKZ1524 m45 m329 m35.380-86.250
Tulsa intlKTUL2247 m45 m206 m36.200-95.890
Tulsa intlKTUL1859 m45 m206 m36.200-95.890
Tulsa intlKTUL3048 m60 m206 m36.200-95.890
Tunica municipalKZ975 m18 m58 m34.690-90.350
Tupelo rgnlKTUP1981 m30 m105 m34.270-88.770
Turlock muniKZ909 m15 m48 m37.490-120.700
TurnerKZ760 m21 m457 m45.570-89.750
TurnerKZ816 m27 m929 m48.850-108.410
TurnerKZ1097 m18 m929 m48.850-108.410
Turner coKZ976 m15 m118 m31.690-83.630
Turner ridgeportKZ731 m10 m1840 m32.740-108.290
Turner ridgeportKZ1219 m12 m1840 m32.740-108.290
Turners fallsKZ918 m22 m108 m42.590-72.520
Tuscaloosa muniKTCL1980 m45 m51 m33.220-87.610
Tuscaloosa muniKTCL1219 m30 m51 m33.220-87.610
Tuscola areaKZ1208 m22 m213 m43.460-83.450
Tuscola areaKZ701 m33 m213 m43.460-83.450
Tweed new havenKHVN1706 m45 m4 m41.260-72.890
Tweed new havenKHVN967 m30 m4 m41.260-72.890
Twentynine palmsKZ1685 m15 m580 m34.130-115.950
Twentynine palmsKZ1158 m15 m580 m34.130-115.950
Twentynine palms eafKZ2438 m45 m622 m34.300-116.160
Twin bridgesKZ1143 m30 m1454 m45.530-112.310
Twin bridgesKZ1310 m18 m1454 m45.530-112.310
Twin cityKZ1067 m18 m30 m34.090-78.860
Twin countyKZ1281 m18 m820 m36.770-80.820
Twin lakesKZ1474 m12 m164 m33.650-81.870
TwitchellKZ655 m30 m108 m44.190-70.230
TwitchellKZ641 m15 m108 m44.190-70.230
Tyler coKZ1219 m18 m118 m30.780-94.460
Tyler farmsKZ762 m36 m361 m45.260-94.510
Tyler pounds rgnlKTYR2194 m45 m165 m32.350-95.400
Tyler pounds rgnlKTYR1584 m45 m165 m32.350-95.400
Tyler pounds rgnlKTYR1478 m45 m165 m32.350-95.400
Tyndall afbKPAM2461 m45 m5 m30.070-85.580
Tyndall afbKPAM3048 m45 m5 m30.070-85.580
Tyra ranchKZ975 m9 m457 m29.790-100.880
Ukiah muniKUKI1345 m45 m187 m39.130-123.200
UlyssesKZ1402 m14 m934 m37.600-101.370
UlyssesKZ1828 m30 m934 m37.600-101.370
UnalakleetPAUN609 m24 m6 m63.890-160.800
UnalakleetPAUN1830 m45 m6 m63.890-160.800
UnalaskaPADU1188 m30 m6 m53.900-166.540
Union coKZ1285 m22 m311 m40.220-83.350
Union county troy shelton fldKZ916 m18 m184 m34.690-81.640
Union parishKZ913 m21 m36 m32.720-92.340
Univ of illinois willardKCMI1615 m45 m229 m40.040-88.280
Univ of illinois willardKCMI2468 m45 m229 m40.040-88.280
Univ of illinois willardKCMI1163 m22 m229 m40.040-88.280
Univ of illinois willardKCMI1981 m45 m229 m40.040-88.280
UniversityKZ970 m15 m20 m38.530-121.790
University of oklahoma westheimerKZ1446 m30 m360 m35.250-97.470
University of oklahoma westheimerKZ1584 m30 m360 m35.250-97.470
University oxfordKUOX1432 m30 m137 m34.380-89.540
University parkKZ2042 m45 m377 m40.850-77.850
University parkKZ715 m15 m377 m40.850-77.850
Uno mas ranchKZ1371 m15 m115 m28.210-99.130
UpoluPHUP1158 m22 m29 m20.270-155.860
Upper cumberland rgnlKZ1828 m30 m312 m36.060-85.530
UppervilleKZ1554 m30 m167 m38.970-77.870
Upshur co rgnlKZ1066 m22 m498 m39.000-80.270
Upton coKZ1356 m42 m741 m31.130-102.230
Upton coKZ1249 m22 m741 m31.130-102.230
Upton coKZ1158 m36 m741 m31.130-102.230
Urschel ranchKZ1524 m12 m713 m35.930-100.310
Usaf academy afldKZ656 m22 m2003 m38.970-104.810
Usaf academy afldKZ1371 m22 m2003 m38.970-104.810
Usaf academy afldKZ1371 m12 m2003 m38.970-104.810
Usaf academy afldKZ1066 m22 m2003 m38.970-104.810
Usaf academy bullseye aux airstripKZ1066 m22 m1839 m38.760-104.310
Vagabond aafKZ609 m15 m417 m46.670-120.450
Vaiden fldKZ1943 m24 m68 m32.510-87.390
Valdez pioneer fieldPAVD1981 m45 m36 m61.130-146.250
Valdosta rgnlKVLD1706 m30 m61 m30.780-83.280
Valdosta rgnlKVLD1108 m22 m61 m30.780-83.280
Valdosta rgnlKVLD1920 m45 m61 m30.780-83.280
ValierKZ694 m91 m1164 m48.300-112.250
ValierKZ937 m91 m1164 m48.300-112.250
ValierKZ652 m39 m1164 m48.300-112.250
ValkariaKZ1219 m22 m7 m27.960-80.560
ValkariaKZ1219 m22 m7 m27.960-80.560
ValleKZ1299 m13 m1828 m35.650-112.150
Valley intlKHRL2211 m45 m10 m26.230-97.650
Valley intlKHRL2530 m45 m10 m26.230-97.650
Valley intlKHRL1813 m45 m10 m26.230-97.650
Valley intlKHRL1751 m45 m10 m26.230-97.650
Valley viewKZ1152 m9 m224 m45.310-122.320
Van nuysKZ2438 m45 m243 m34.210-118.490
Van nuysKZ1219 m22 m243 m34.210-118.490
Van wert coKZ795 m32 m239 m40.860-84.610
Van wert coKZ1219 m22 m239 m40.860-84.610
Vance afbKEND1524 m45 m398 m36.340-97.920
Vance afbKEND1535 m45 m398 m36.340-97.920
Vance afbKEND2804 m45 m398 m36.340-97.920
Vance afbKEND1510 m45 m398 m36.340-97.920
Vance afbKEND2804 m45 m398 m36.340-97.920
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