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25 Apr 2014
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United states of america (US)

America/United states/

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Population 2012
Land Area
9,826,675 km2
Washington DC
US dollar (USD)
Latitude / Longitude
38 00 97 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
50,700 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
The sigurd andersonKZ1127 m18 m565 m45.290-97.510
The william b hartsfield atlanta intlKATL3048 m45 m312 m33.640-84.430
The william b hartsfield atlanta intlKATL2743 m45 m312 m33.640-84.430
The william b hartsfield atlanta intlKATL2743 m45 m312 m33.640-84.430
The william b hartsfield atlanta intlKATL3624 m45 m312 m33.640-84.430
Theodore francis green stateKPVD2184 m45 m16 m41.720-71.430
Theodore francis green stateKPVD1350 m22 m16 m41.720-71.430
Theodore francis green stateKPVD1853 m45 m16 m41.720-71.430
Thibodaux muniKZ914 m22 m2 m29.750-90.830
Thief river falls rgnlKZ1982 m45 m340 m48.070-96.180
Thief river falls rgnlKZ518 m79 m340 m48.070-96.180
Thigpen fieldKZ914 m15 m106 m31.950-89.230
Thomas c russell fldKZ1651 m29 m209 m32.910-85.960
Thomas countyKZ1097 m15 m891 m41.960-100.570
Thomas muniKZ944 m14 m527 m35.730-98.730
Thomas p staffordKZ1340 m22 m489 m35.540-98.670
Thomaston upson coKZ1737 m30 m242 m32.950-84.260
Thomasville muniKZ1524 m45 m80 m30.900-83.880
Thomasville muniKZ1676 m30 m80 m30.900-83.880
Thompson drag racewayKZ1219 m18 m335 m41.650-81.010
Thompson fallsKZ1280 m22 m749 m47.570-115.280
Thompson intl aviationKZ1097 m18 m1303 m31.430-110.080
Thompson intl aviationKZ533 m44 m1303 m31.430-110.080
Thompson robbinsKZ1524 m29 m73 m34.580-90.680
Thompson robbinsKZ917 m18 m73 m34.580-90.680
Thomson mcduffie coKZ1584 m30 m151 m33.530-82.520
Three forksKZ1554 m18 m1245 m45.880-111.570
Three rivers muni dr hainesKZ831 m18 m251 m41.960-85.590
Three rivers muni dr hainesKZ1219 m22 m251 m41.960-85.590
Throckmorton muniKZ941 m15 m388 m33.180-99.150
Ticonderoga muniKZ1231 m18 m83 m43.880-73.410
Tierra linda ranchKZ914 m15 m606 m30.130-99.150
Tiger fieldKZ838 m12 m1324 m39.560-119.240
Tiger fieldKZ1211 m12 m1324 m39.560-119.240
TillamookKZ883 m22 m10 m45.420-123.810
TillamookKZ1520 m30 m10 m45.420-123.810
TillarKZ975 m25 m45 m33.710-91.460
Tillitt fldKZ1462 m22 m831 m46.270-106.620
Tin city lrrsPATC1432 m41 m82 m65.560-167.920
Tinker afbKTIK3048 m60 m393 m35.410-97.390
Tinker afbKTIK3383 m60 m393 m35.410-97.390
Tioga muniKZ963 m36 m690 m48.380-102.900
Tioga muniKZ1371 m22 m690 m48.380-102.900
TiptonKFME914 m22 m45 m39.090-76.760
Tipton muniKZ594 m67 m380 m34.460-99.170
Tipton muniKZ933 m15 m380 m34.460-99.170
Tishomingo airparkKZ944 m15 m197 m34.200-96.680
Tishomingo countyKZ1097 m15 m176 m34.490-88.200
TitusvilleKZ1494 m22 m487 m41.610-79.740
Toccoa rg letourneau fldKZ1220 m22 m302 m34.590-83.300
Toccoa rg letourneau fldKZ899 m15 m302 m34.590-83.300
Todd fldKZ914 m22 m406 m45.900-94.870
TogiakPATG365 m14 m6 m59.050-160.400
TogiakPATG1341 m29 m6 m59.050-160.400
Toledo expressKTOL3230 m45 m208 m41.590-83.810
Toledo expressKTOL1706 m45 m208 m41.590-83.810
Toledo suburbanKZ1527 m15 m203 m41.740-83.660
Toledo winlock ed carlson mem fldKZ1511 m45 m114 m46.480-122.810
Tom b david fieldKZ1527 m22 m197 m34.460-84.940
Tom danaherKZ1157 m13 m300 m33.830-98.570
Tomahawk rgnlKZ1219 m22 m452 m45.470-89.810
Tombstone muniKZ1405 m19 m1445 m31.670-110.020
Tomlinson fldKZ1097 m18 m467 m47.700-99.130
Tompkinsville monroe coKZ1219 m22 m315 m36.730-85.650
Tonasket muniKZ914 m15 m408 m48.720-119.470
TonopahKZ1665 m15 m1653 m38.060-117.090
TonopahKZ2150 m24 m1653 m38.060-117.090
Tonopah test rangeKZ3657 m45 m1691 m37.790-116.780
Topton air estatesKZ975 m30 m138 m32.480-88.620
Torrington muniKZ914 m18 m1281 m42.060-104.150
Torrington muniKZ1737 m22 m1281 m42.060-104.150
TottyKZ548 m30 m237 m36.490-92.640
Tower muniKZ1036 m22 m417 m47.820-92.290
Town and country airparkKZ457 m33 m975 m33.490-101.810
Town and country airparkKZ1066 m15 m975 m33.490-101.810
Town of springerville muniKZ2566 m22 m2149 m34.130-109.310
Town of springerville muniKZ1402 m18 m2149 m34.130-109.310
TownsendKZ1219 m18 m1184 m46.330-111.480
Tracy muniKZ789 m60 m408 m44.250-95.610
Tracy muniKZ944 m22 m408 m44.250-95.610
Tracy muniKZ556 m60 m408 m44.250-95.610
Tracy muniKZ1047 m30 m58 m37.690-121.440
Tracy muniKZ1121 m30 m58 m37.690-121.440
TradewindKZ1554 m18 m1112 m35.170-101.830
TradewindKZ914 m18 m1112 m35.170-101.830
Transportation research center of ohioKZ1066 m21 m335 m40.310-83.540
Transylvania countyKZ884 m15 m643 m35.270-82.640
Travis afbKSUU3350 m91 m18 m38.260-121.930
Travis afbKSUU3353 m91 m18 m38.260-121.930
Trego wakeeneyKZ1219 m15 m742 m39.000-99.890
Trent lott intlKZ1981 m30 m5 m30.460-88.530
Trenton mercerKTTN1463 m45 m64 m40.280-74.810
Trenton mercerKTTN1830 m45 m64 m40.280-74.810
Trenton muniKZ1313 m15 m230 m40.080-93.590
Trenton robbinsvilleKZ1303 m24 m36 m40.210-74.600
Treutlen countyKZ914 m15 m105 m32.390-82.560
Tri citiesKZ1188 m22 m253 m42.080-76.100
Tri citiesKZ2346 m45 m124 m46.260-119.120
Tri citiesKZ2346 m45 m124 m46.260-119.120
Tri citiesKZ1348 m22 m124 m46.260-119.120
Tri cities rgnl tn vaKTRI2438 m45 m462 m36.480-82.410
Tri cities rgnl tn vaKTRI1355 m45 m462 m36.480-82.410
Tri cityKZ843 m13 m362 m40.910-81.000
Tri cityKZ1733 m30 m274 m37.330-95.510
Tri cityKZ1221 m30 m274 m37.330-95.510
Tri coKZ1372 m22 m20 m36.300-77.170
Tri coKZ1219 m22 m25 m30.850-85.600
Tri co rgnlKZ1219 m22 m218 m43.210-90.180
Tri co rgnlKZ605 m18 m218 m43.210-90.180
Tri state milton j ferguson fldKHTS916 m18 m252 m38.370-82.560
Tri state milton j ferguson fldKHTS1983 m45 m252 m38.370-82.560
Tri state steuben coKZ1383 m22 m303 m41.640-85.080
Tri townshipKZ1219 m18 m187 m42.050-90.110
Tribune muniKZ640 m10 m1103 m38.450-101.750
Tribune muniKZ1554 m13 m1103 m38.450-101.750
Trinity centerKZ979 m15 m728 m40.980-122.690
Triple wKZ915 m12 m74 m35.620-78.700
TronaKZ1313 m18 m523 m35.810-117.330
TroyKZ1088 m9 m614 m48.480-115.900
Troy muniKZ1527 m30 m121 m31.860-86.010
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