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18 Apr 2014
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United states of america (US)

America/United states/

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Population 2012
Land Area
9,826,675 km2
Washington DC
US dollar (USD)
Latitude / Longitude
38 00 97 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
50,700 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
Sheridan coKSHR1535 m22 m1225 m44.770-106.980
Sheridan coKSHR2026 m45 m1225 m44.770-106.980
Sheridan coKSHR2529 m30 m1225 m44.770-106.980
Sheridan muniKZ914 m15 m70 m34.330-92.350
Sherman aafKFLV1799 m30 m235 m39.370-94.910
Sherman muniKZ1221 m22 m227 m33.620-96.590
Shiprock airstripKZ1475 m22 m1606 m36.700-108.700
ShirleyKZ1052 m16 m121 m42.530-71.660
Shishmaref newPASH1524 m21 m3 m66.250-166.090
Shively fldKZ2682 m30 m2129 m41.440-106.820
Shorthorn aux landing stripKZ651 m15 m219 m31.360-97.670
Shoshone coKZ1676 m22 m677 m47.550-116.190
Show low muniKZ1200 m18 m1955 m34.270-110.010
Show low muniKZ2194 m22 m1955 m34.270-110.010
Shreveport downtownKZ975 m22 m54 m32.540-93.750
Shreveport downtownKZ1529 m45 m54 m32.540-93.750
Shreveport rgnlKSHV1890 m45 m78 m32.450-93.830
Shreveport rgnlKSHV2545 m60 m78 m32.450-93.830
ShurleyKZ777 m9 m131 m35.040-92.100
Sibley muniKZ914 m15 m468 m43.370-95.760
Sidney muniKZ1281 m22 m313 m42.300-75.420
Sidney muniKZ978 m15 m318 m40.240-84.150
Sidney muniKZ1458 m22 m318 m40.240-84.150
Sidney muniKZ1432 m22 m1314 m41.100-102.990
Sidney muniKZ2011 m30 m1314 m41.100-102.990
Sidney richland muniKZ1738 m30 m604 m47.710-104.190
Sidney richland muniKZ1225 m30 m604 m47.710-104.190
Sierra blanca rgnlKSRR2468 m30 m2076 m33.460-105.530
Sierra blanca rgnlKSRR1981 m22 m2076 m33.460-105.530
Sierra vista muni libby aafKFHU3657 m45 m1438 m31.590-110.340
Sierra vista muni libby aafKFHU1635 m30 m1438 m31.590-110.340
Sierra vista muni libby aafKFHU1306 m22 m1438 m31.590-110.340
Sierraville dearwaterKZ993 m15 m1519 m39.580-120.350
Sikeston mem muniKZ1677 m30 m96 m36.900-89.560
Siler city muniKZ1524 m22 m187 m35.700-79.510
Siletz bay stateKZ914 m18 m18 m44.880-124.030
Silver bay muniKZ975 m22 m331 m47.250-91.420
Silver springsKZ1828 m22 m1301 m39.400-119.250
Silver westKZ2133 m12 m2526 m38.010-105.370
Silverhill nolfKZ888 m45 m39 m30.560-87.810
Silverhill nolfKZ914 m45 m39 m30.560-87.810
Silverhill nolfKZ888 m45 m39 m30.560-87.810
SilverwoodKZ1280 m15 m716 m47.910-116.710
Simaron ranchKZ914 m7 m94 m30.150-95.970
Simmons aafKFBG1417 m30 m73 m35.130-78.940
Simtag farmsKZ1219 m9 m167 m45.750-119.950
Sioux center muniKZ1158 m15 m441 m43.130-96.190
Sioux gateway col bud day fldKSUX2743 m45 m334 m42.400-96.380
Sioux gateway col bud day fldKSUX2011 m45 m334 m42.400-96.380
Siskiyou coKZ2281 m45 m807 m41.780-122.470
Sisseton muniKZ579 m45 m353 m45.670-97.000
Sisseton muniKZ1036 m18 m353 m45.670-97.000
Sisters eagle airKZ1082 m9 m965 m44.300-121.540
Sitka rocky gutierrezPASI1981 m45 m6 m57.050-135.360
Six six six six ranchKZ1550 m22 m541 m33.640-100.350
Skagit rgnlKZ914 m18 m43 m48.470-122.420
Skagit rgnlKZ1669 m30 m43 m48.470-122.420
SkagwayPAGY1082 m22 m13 m59.460-135.320
Skaneateles aero dromeKZ1036 m36 m316 m42.910-76.440
Skaneateles aero dromeKZ955 m18 m316 m42.910-76.440
Skarda tollvilleKZ762 m30 m67 m34.720-91.540
Sky acresKZ1166 m18 m213 m41.710-73.740
Sky harborKZ929 m22 m185 m46.720-92.040
Sky kingKZ1084 m15 m151 m39.550-87.380
Sky kingKZ602 m15 m151 m39.550-87.380
Sky manorKZ743 m15 m170 m40.570-74.980
Sky ranchKZ1005 m32 m792 m35.800-115.630
Sky ranchKZ1018 m13 m792 m35.800-115.630
Sky ranch at carefreeKZ1230 m15 m782 m33.820-111.900
Sky ranch for boysKZ609 m15 m975 m45.500-104.000
Sky ranch for boysKZ1463 m9 m975 m45.500-104.000
Skydive chicagoKZ1378 m15 m187 m41.400-88.790
Skydive houstonKZ941 m16 m71 m29.990-95.930
Skydive houstonKZ1277 m15 m71 m29.990-95.930
Skydive lebanonKZ914 m8 m111 m43.380-70.930
SkyhavenKZ1219 m30 m98 m43.280-70.930
SkyhavenKZ853 m18 m242 m38.780-93.800
SkyhavenKZ1282 m22 m242 m38.780-93.800
Skylark airparkKZ988 m18 m36 m41.930-72.570
SkyparkKZ1432 m21 m1290 m40.870-111.930
Skywest incKZ1524 m12 m853 m31.860-102.070
Skywest incKZ853 m13 m853 m31.860-102.070
Slaton muniKZ1158 m18 m951 m33.480-101.660
Slayton muniKZ845 m18 m494 m43.990-95.780
SlidellKZ1236 m30 m8 m30.350-89.820
Sloulin fld intlKZ1052 m18 m604 m48.180-103.640
Sloulin fld intlKZ2026 m30 m604 m48.180-103.640
Smith air stripKZ944 m18 m170 m35.630-79.710
Smith cntr muniKZ747 m22 m548 m39.760-98.790
Smith cntr muniKZ1097 m15 m548 m39.760-98.790
Smith fldKZ947 m30 m254 m41.140-85.150
Smith fldKZ886 m30 m254 m41.140-85.150
Smith fldKZ1523 m22 m363 m36.190-94.490
Smith mountain lakeKZ932 m15 m271 m37.110-79.590
Smith reynoldsKINT2028 m45 m295 m36.130-80.220
Smith reynoldsKINT1200 m45 m295 m36.130-80.220
Smithville crawford muniKZ1219 m22 m98 m30.030-97.170
Smithville muniKZ1251 m22 m330 m35.990-85.810
Smoky bendKZ1219 m15 m402 m31.480-98.710
SmyrnaKMQY1690 m30 m165 m36.010-86.520
SmyrnaKMQY2449 m45 m165 m36.010-86.520
Snake river skydivingKZ1280 m18 m777 m43.730-116.520
Snohomish coKPAE1372 m22 m184 m47.910-122.280
Snohomish coKPAE2746 m45 m184 m47.910-122.280
Snohomish coKPAE914 m22 m184 m47.910-122.280
Snow crest ranchKZ975 m12 m246 m43.830-89.350
Socorro muniKZ1399 m18 m1485 m34.020-106.900
Socorro muniKZ1780 m30 m1485 m34.020-106.900
Solberg hunterdonKZ1138 m15 m59 m40.580-74.740
Solberg hunterdonKZ1048 m60 m59 m40.580-74.740
SoldotnaPASX457 m15 m32 m60.480-151.030
SoldotnaPASX1524 m39 m32 m60.480-151.030
Solon springs municipalKZ944 m18 m335 m46.310-91.820
SomersetKZ670 m30 m32 m40.630-74.670
SomersetKZ833 m19 m32 m40.630-74.670
SomersetKZ579 m60 m32 m40.630-74.670
Somerset coKZ1431 m22 m692 m40.040-79.010
Somerset coKZ821 m61 m692 m40.040-79.010
Somerset pulaski co j t wilson fldKZ1645 m30 m282 m37.050-84.620
Songbird ranchKZ975 m9 m10 m29.370-95.340
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