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20 Apr 2014
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United states of america (US)

America/United states/

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Population 2012
Land Area
9,826,675 km2
Washington DC
US dollar (USD)
Latitude / Longitude
38 00 97 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
50,700 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
Rock coKZ2042 m45 m246 m42.620-89.040
Rock countyKZ685 m36 m715 m42.570-99.570
Rock countyKZ1431 m22 m715 m42.570-99.570
Rock hill york co bryantKZ1676 m30 m203 m34.990-81.060
Rock rapids muniKZ943 m15 m415 m43.450-96.180
Rock springs sweetwater coKRKS1591 m22 m2060 m41.590-109.070
Rock springs sweetwater coKRKS3048 m45 m2060 m41.590-109.070
Rocket cityKZ563 m18 m275 m44.320-88.600
Rocket cityKZ609 m18 m275 m44.320-88.600
Rockin 7 ranchKZ1219 m18 m137 m31.160-96.440
Rocking a farmKZ914 m7 m17 m34.730-78.750
Rockingham county nc shilohKZ1584 m30 m211 m36.440-79.850
Rockingham hamletKZ914 m152 m109 m34.890-79.760
Rockingham hamletKZ1524 m30 m109 m34.890-79.760
RockvilleKZ1188 m18 m85 m37.690-77.660
Rockwall muniKZ1028 m13 m174 m32.930-96.440
Rockwell city muniKZ1066 m18 m370 m42.390-94.620
Rockwood muniKZ1524 m30 m507 m35.920-84.690
Rocky mount wilson rgnlKRWI2164 m45 m48 m35.860-77.890
Rogers fldKZ1621 m36 m1380 m40.280-121.240
Rogers fldKZ1524 m30 m1380 m40.280-121.240
Rogers muni carter fldKZ1832 m30 m412 m36.370-94.110
Rogue valley intl medfordKMFR961 m30 m406 m42.370-122.870
Rogue valley intl medfordKMFR2681 m45 m406 m42.370-122.870
RohnervilleKZ1220 m30 m119 m40.550-124.130
RoletteKZ1127 m12 m493 m48.670-99.850
Rolla downtownKZ922 m11 m300 m37.940-91.810
Rolla muniKZ1310 m22 m555 m48.880-99.620
Rolla muniKZ731 m30 m555 m48.880-99.620
Rolla nationalKZ1524 m22 m349 m38.130-91.770
Rolla nationalKZ1676 m30 m349 m38.130-91.770
Rolla nationalKZ1676 m30 m349 m38.130-91.770
Rollang fldKZ1118 m22 m32 m32.950-90.840
Rome stateKZ1828 m45 m1235 m42.580-117.890
Romeo stateKZ637 m15 m227 m42.800-82.980
Romeo stateKZ1461 m15 m227 m42.800-82.980
Romeo stateKZ1309 m15 m227 m42.800-82.980
Ronald reagan washington nationalKDCA2093 m45 m4 m38.850-77.040
Ronald reagan washington nationalKDCA1496 m45 m4 m38.850-77.040
Ronald reagan washington nationalKDCA1586 m45 m4 m38.850-77.040
RonanKZ1463 m22 m940 m47.570-114.100
Rooke fldKZ807 m12 m17 m28.290-97.320
Rooke fldKZ1376 m18 m17 m28.290-97.320
Roosevelt memorialKZ914 m22 m268 m32.930-84.690
Roosevelt muniKZ1981 m22 m1576 m40.280-110.050
Rosamond skyparkKZ1097 m15 m736 m34.870-118.210
Rosaschi air parkKZ1463 m9 m1465 m38.840-119.340
Rosaschi air parkKZ1127 m19 m1465 m38.840-119.340
Rosaschi air parkKZ1280 m18 m1465 m38.840-119.340
Roscoe turnerKZ1981 m30 m129 m34.910-88.600
Roscommon coKZ1219 m22 m350 m44.360-84.670
Roscommon coKZ670 m30 m350 m44.360-84.670
Roscommon conservationKZ1112 m22 m352 m44.480-84.570
Roscommon conservationKZ762 m30 m352 m44.480-84.570
Roseau muni rudy billberg fldKZ763 m76 m322 m48.860-95.700
Roseau muni rudy billberg fldKZ1341 m22 m322 m48.860-95.700
Roseburg rgnlKZ1402 m30 m161 m43.240-123.360
Rosecrans memKSTJ2456 m45 m251 m39.770-94.910
Rosecrans memKSTJ1462 m22 m251 m39.770-94.910
Ross coKZ1645 m30 m220 m39.440-83.020
Ross coKZ954 m38 m220 m39.440-83.020
RostraverKZ1219 m22 m374 m40.210-79.830
Roswell industrial air centerKROW3047 m30 m1118 m33.300-104.530
Roswell industrial air centerKROW2263 m60 m1118 m33.300-104.530
Roswell industrial air centerKROW3962 m45 m1118 m33.300-104.530
Rotonda intlKZ1280 m15 m1 m26.850-82.250
Rough river state parkKZ975 m22 m175 m37.610-86.510
Round valleyKZ1118 m16 m437 m39.790-123.270
RoundupKZ1554 m22 m1062 m46.470-108.560
RoundupKZ737 m30 m1062 m46.470-108.560
Rountree fldKZ1096 m22 m191 m34.410-86.930
Rowan coKZ1676 m30 m235 m35.650-80.520
Roy hurd memKZ900 m22 m796 m31.580-102.910
Roy hurd memKZ1300 m22 m796 m31.580-102.910
Roy wilcoxKZ1219 m24 m50 m31.450-88.190
Ruby star airparkKZ1310 m64 m1226 m31.910-111.120
Rugby muniKZ1098 m18 m471 m48.390-100.020
RuhesKZ1357 m19 m244 m41.100-84.050
Ruleville drewKZ914 m18 m41 m33.780-90.530
Rush city rgnlKZ1341 m22 m281 m45.700-92.950
Rush coKZ975 m15 m630 m38.550-99.290
Rushford muniKZ975 m18 m369 m43.820-91.830
Rusk coKZ915 m22 m134 m32.140-94.850
Rusk coKZ1220 m22 m134 m32.140-94.850
Rusk countyKZ975 m22 m377 m45.500-91.000
Rusk countyKZ1219 m22 m377 m45.500-91.000
Russell coKZ1524 m22 m308 m37.010-85.100
Russell muniKZ547 m91 m567 m38.870-98.810
Russell muniKZ1341 m22 m567 m38.870-98.810
Russellville logan coKZ1218 m22 m210 m36.800-86.810
Russellville muniKZ1058 m22 m220 m34.450-87.710
Russellville rgnlKZ1552 m22 m122 m35.260-93.090
Russian missionPA822 m15 m15 m61.770-161.320
Ruston rgnlKZ1524 m30 m94 m32.510-92.590
RuthKZ1066 m15 m847 m40.210-123.300
Rutherford co marchman fieldKZ1524 m22 m328 m35.430-81.940
Rutherford ranchKZ1158 m15 m299 m30.080-97.970
Rutland stateKRUT1524 m30 m239 m43.530-72.950
Rutland stateKRUT966 m22 m239 m43.530-72.950
Ryan fldKZ1676 m22 m732 m32.140-111.170
Ryan fldKZ1493 m22 m732 m32.140-111.170
Ryan fldKZ1219 m22 m732 m32.140-111.170
Sabetha muniKZ944 m12 m405 m39.900-95.780
Sabetha muniKZ438 m30 m405 m39.900-95.780
Sac city muniKZ812 m13 m381 m42.380-94.980
Sac city muniKZ1249 m22 m381 m42.380-94.980
Sacramento executiveKSAC1169 m30 m7 m38.510-121.490
Sacramento executiveKSAC1062 m45 m7 m38.510-121.490
Sacramento executiveKSAC1677 m45 m7 m38.510-121.490
Sacramento intlKSMF2621 m45 m8 m38.700-121.590
Sacramento intlKSMF2621 m45 m8 m38.700-121.590
Sacramento matherKZ3444 m45 m29 m38.550-121.300
Sacramento matherKZ1841 m45 m29 m38.550-121.300
Safford rgnlKZ1463 m22 m968 m32.850-109.640
Safford rgnlKZ1833 m30 m968 m32.850-109.640
Saginaw co h w browneKZ945 m18 m182 m43.430-83.860
Saginaw co h w browneKZ1524 m30 m182 m43.430-83.860
Saint john the baptist parishKZ1219 m22 m2 m30.090-90.580
SalemKZ1066 m15 m239 m36.360-91.830
Salem airpark incKZ790 m25 m354 m40.950-80.860
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