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24 Apr 2014
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United states of america (US)

America/United states/

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Population 2012
Land Area
9,826,675 km2
Washington DC
US dollar (USD)
Latitude / Longitude
38 00 97 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
50,700 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
Red oak muniKZ884 m18 m318 m41.010-95.260
Red pineKZ975 m15 m326 m46.600-69.780
Red wing rgnlKZ1527 m30 m237 m44.590-92.480
Redding muniKRDD1542 m45 m153 m40.510-122.290
Redding muniKRDD2134 m45 m153 m40.510-122.290
Redfield muniKZ1005 m18 m398 m44.860-98.530
Redfield muniKZ792 m76 m398 m44.860-98.530
Redlands muniKZ1373 m22 m478 m34.090-117.150
Redstone aafKHUA2225 m45 m208 m34.680-86.680
Redwood falls muniKZ624 m60 m311 m44.550-95.080
Redwood falls muniKZ1219 m30 m311 m44.550-95.080
Reedley muniKZ1005 m15 m116 m36.670-119.450
Reedsburg muniKZ765 m15 m276 m43.530-89.980
Reedsburg muniKZ1475 m22 m276 m43.530-89.980
Reelfoot lakeKZ1066 m22 m88 m36.480-89.350
Reese airparkKZ1981 m45 m1017 m33.590-102.040
Reese airparkKZ3200 m45 m1017 m33.590-102.040
Reese airparkKZ1981 m45 m1017 m33.590-102.040
ReevesKZ977 m22 m99 m32.510-85.880
Reid hillview of santa clara coKZ944 m22 m40 m37.330-121.820
Reid hillview of santa clara coKZ945 m22 m40 m37.330-121.820
ReidsvilleKZ1158 m22 m59 m32.060-82.150
Renner fldKZ1067 m22 m1114 m39.370-101.700
Renner fldKZ1676 m30 m1114 m39.370-101.700
Renner fldKZ548 m12 m1114 m39.370-101.700
Reno steadKZ2318 m45 m1538 m39.670-119.880
Reno steadKZ2465 m45 m1538 m39.670-119.880
Reno tahoe intlKRNO2743 m45 m1344 m39.500-119.770
Reno tahoe intlKRNO1859 m45 m1344 m39.500-119.770
Reno tahoe intlKRNO3048 m45 m1344 m39.500-119.770
Renton muniKRNT1640 m60 m9 m47.490-122.220
RepublicKFRG1681 m45 m24 m40.730-73.410
RepublicKFRG2080 m45 m24 m40.730-73.410
ReserveKZ1463 m15 m1938 m33.690-108.850
Rexburg madison coKZ1280 m22 m1480 m43.830-111.810
RexroadKZ1188 m9 m411 m39.140-80.210
Reynolds airparkKZ1524 m73 m6 m29.970-81.660
Rhinelander oneida coKRHI2072 m45 m494 m45.630-89.470
Rhinelander oneida coKRHI1372 m30 m494 m45.630-89.470
Rhinelander oneida coKRHI1706 m30 m494 m45.630-89.470
Rhodes air parkKZ502 m22 m59 m33.160-81.770
Rialto muni miro fldKZ1371 m30 m443 m34.130-117.400
Rialto muni miro fldKZ807 m15 m443 m34.130-117.400
Rice lake rgnl carls fldKZ1676 m30 m336 m45.420-91.770
Rice lake rgnl carls fldKZ1072 m22 m336 m45.420-91.770
Richard arthur fldKZ1474 m24 m110 m33.710-87.820
Richard b helgesonKZ1341 m22 m329 m47.050-91.750
Richard b helgesonKZ777 m45 m329 m47.050-91.750
Richard b russellKRMG1828 m45 m196 m34.350-85.160
Richard b russellKRMG1370 m45 m196 m34.350-85.160
Richard downingKZ1249 m22 m298 m40.310-81.850
Richard i bongKZ1554 m22 m205 m46.690-92.090
Richard i bongKZ1219 m22 m205 m46.690-92.090
Richard lloyd jones jrKZ1283 m30 m194 m36.040-95.980
Richard lloyd jones jrKZ1555 m30 m194 m36.040-95.980
Richard lloyd jones jrKZ855 m15 m194 m36.040-95.980
Richfield muniKZ2011 m22 m1615 m38.740-112.100
RichlandKZ211 m30 m226 m43.280-90.300
RichlandKZ975 m18 m226 m43.280-90.300
RichlandKZ1218 m22 m119 m46.310-119.300
RichlandKZ1217 m30 m119 m46.310-119.300
Richland muniKZ914 m14 m338 m37.880-92.410
Richmond intlKRIC2013 m45 m50 m37.510-77.320
Richmond intlKRIC1623 m30 m50 m37.510-77.320
Richmond intlKRIC2744 m45 m50 m37.510-77.320
Richmond muniKZ1085 m45 m347 m39.760-84.840
Richmond muniKZ1524 m30 m347 m39.760-84.840
Richmond muniKZ1676 m45 m347 m39.760-84.840
RichtersKZ914 m25 m278 m38.700-94.260
Richton perry countyKZ914 m18 m50 m31.320-88.940
Richwood muniKZ1024 m18 m757 m38.260-80.650
Rickenbacker intlKLCK3688 m60 m226 m39.810-82.930
Rickenbacker intlKLCK3638 m45 m226 m39.810-82.930
Rickenbacker intlKLCK988 m18 m226 m39.810-82.930
Riddick fldKZ1097 m18 m1588 m46.320-113.310
RidgelandKZ820 m21 m24 m32.490-80.990
Ridgely airparkKZ975 m15 m19 m38.970-75.870
Rigby jefferson coKZ1066 m15 m1476 m43.640-111.930
Rio vista muniKZ670 m18 m6 m38.190-121.700
Rio vista muniKZ1280 m22 m6 m38.190-121.700
Rio vista ranchKZ929 m15 m540 m29.840-100.980
RipleyKZ1219 m18 m141 m34.720-89.020
River bend ranchKZ1158 m15 m457 m31.440-99.320
River ranchKZ1158 m24 m643 m30.220-99.140
River ranch resortKZ1508 m22 m16 m27.780-81.210
RiversideKZ975 m9 m406 m37.750-97.410
Riverside muniKRAL1646 m30 m249 m33.950-117.450
Riverside muniKRAL868 m14 m249 m33.950-117.450
Riverton rgnlKZ1463 m21 m1684 m43.060-108.460
Riverton rgnlKZ2500 m45 m1684 m43.060-108.460
RiverviewKZ1194 m14 m183 m42.940-85.810
Roanoke muniKZ1126 m24 m276 m33.130-85.370
Roanoke rgnl woodrum fldKROA2072 m45 m358 m37.330-79.980
Roanoke rgnl woodrum fldKROA1770 m45 m358 m37.330-79.980
Roaring springs ranchKZ1524 m15 m1394 m42.650-118.990
Robbins fldKZ1283 m24 m347 m33.970-86.380
Roben hoodKZ1310 m22 m301 m43.720-85.500
Roben hoodKZ822 m22 m301 m43.720-85.500
Robert f swinnieKZ914 m18 m8 m33.450-79.530
Robert gray aafKGRK3048 m60 m310 m31.070-97.830
Robert j miller air parkKZ1813 m30 m24 m39.930-74.290
Robert leeKZ1356 m15 m585 m31.880-100.540
Robert r wells jrKZ1158 m18 m73 m29.640-96.520
Robert s kerrKZ1221 m22 m137 m35.020-94.620
Robert sibleyKZ1524 m22 m185 m35.200-88.500
Roberts fldKRDM2135 m30 m937 m44.250-121.150
Roberts fldKRDM2145 m45 m937 m44.250-121.150
Robertson fieldKZ1100 m22 m60 m41.690-72.860
Robertson fldKZ731 m45 m490 m48.750-98.390
Robertson fldKZ1097 m18 m490 m48.750-98.390
Robins afbKWRB3657 m91 m89 m32.640-83.590
Robinson aafKRBM1524 m22 m178 m34.850-92.300
Robinson muniKZ1557 m22 m140 m39.020-87.650
Robinson muniKZ1036 m22 m140 m39.020-87.650
Roche harborKZ1310 m10 m30 m48.610-123.140
Rochelle muni koritz fieldKZ1288 m22 m238 m41.890-89.080
Rochester intlKRST2225 m45 m401 m43.910-92.500
Rochester intlKRST2296 m45 m401 m43.910-92.500
Rock coKZ1644 m45 m246 m42.620-89.040
Rock coKZ1524 m22 m246 m42.620-89.040
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