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25 Apr 2014
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United states of america (US)

America/United states/

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Population 2012
Land Area
9,826,675 km2
Washington DC
US dollar (USD)
Latitude / Longitude
38 00 97 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
50,700 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
PiquaKZ1218 m22 m302 m40.160-84.310
Pirates coveKZ914 m9 m115 m36.780-88.220
PisecoKZ944 m18 m519 m43.450-74.520
Pitcock rosillos mountain ranchKZ1280 m12 m944 m29.480-103.160
Pitt greenvilleKZ1981 m45 m8 m35.640-77.390
Pitt greenvilleKZ1523 m45 m8 m35.640-77.390
Pitt greenvilleKZ819 m45 m8 m35.640-77.390
Pittsburgh intlKPIT3201 m45 m366 m40.490-80.230
Pittsburgh intlKPIT3505 m60 m366 m40.490-80.230
Pittsburgh intlKPIT2959 m45 m366 m40.490-80.230
Pittsburgh intlKPIT2469 m45 m366 m40.490-80.230
Pittsfield muniKZ1524 m30 m363 m42.430-73.290
Pittsfield muniKZ1065 m30 m363 m42.430-73.290
Pittsfield muniKZ1218 m45 m60 m44.770-69.370
Pittsfield penstone muniKZ1219 m18 m216 m39.640-90.780
PlacervilleKZ1280 m22 m787 m38.720-120.750
Placid lakesKZ1463 m15 m39 m27.250-81.410
PlainsKZ932 m15 m750 m47.470-114.900
PlainsKZ533 m30 m750 m47.470-114.900
PlaneacresKZ670 m20 m257 m43.950-88.670
Plant city muniKZ1203 m22 m46 m28.000-82.160
Plantation airparkKZ1524 m30 m57 m32.650-81.600
Plantation airparkKZ1524 m45 m57 m32.650-81.600
Plantation airparkKZ1158 m22 m57 m32.650-81.600
PlatinumPAPM586 m12 m4 m59.010-161.820
PlatinumPAPM1007 m18 m4 m59.010-161.820
Platte muniKZ944 m18 m493 m43.400-98.830
Platte valley airparkKZ762 m27 m1513 m40.100-104.700
Platte valley airparkKZ1249 m12 m1513 m40.100-104.700
Platteville muniKZ1219 m22 m312 m42.690-90.440
Platteville muniKZ1097 m22 m312 m42.690-90.440
Plattsburgh intlKZ3584 m45 m71 m44.650-73.470
Plattsmouth muniKZ1249 m30 m366 m40.950-95.920
Playas air stripKZ1428 m15 m1377 m31.940-108.540
Pleasanton muniKZ1219 m22 m131 m28.950-98.520
Plymouth muniKZ1325 m22 m45 m41.910-70.730
Plymouth muniKZ1021 m22 m45 m41.910-70.730
Plymouth muniKZ1341 m18 m243 m41.370-86.300
Plymouth municipalKZ1127 m22 m11 m35.810-76.760
Pocahontas muniKZ1249 m18 m373 m42.740-94.650
Pocahontas muniKZ705 m41 m373 m42.740-94.650
Pocatello rgnlKPIH2761 m45 m1356 m42.910-112.600
Pocatello rgnlKPIH2178 m30 m1356 m42.910-112.600
Pocono mountains muniKZ1219 m30 m584 m41.140-75.380
Pocono mountains muniKZ1203 m18 m584 m41.140-75.380
Point hopePAPO1219 m22 m3 m68.350-166.800
Point lay lrrsPPIZ1072 m24 m7 m69.730-163.010
Point mugu nasKNTD3383 m60 m3 m34.120-119.120
Point mugu nasKNTD1676 m60 m3 m34.120-119.120
PolaccaKZ1280 m15 m1698 m35.790-110.420
Polk aafKPOE1252 m30 m100 m31.040-93.190
Pollock muniKZ1371 m22 m64 m31.480-92.460
Pollock muniKZ1371 m45 m64 m31.480-92.460
Pollock muniKZ1383 m45 m64 m31.480-92.460
PolsonKZ1278 m18 m896 m47.700-114.190
Pompano beach airparkKZ1219 m45 m5 m26.250-80.110
Pompano beach airparkKZ1346 m45 m5 m26.250-80.110
Pompano beach airparkKZ1067 m30 m5 m26.250-80.110
Ponca city muniKZ1890 m45 m306 m36.730-97.100
Ponderosa ranchKZ1524 m15 m1397 m44.020-118.850
Pontiac muniKZ1219 m22 m200 m40.920-88.630
Pontotoc countyKZ914 m15 m134 m34.280-89.040
Pope afbKPOB2286 m45 m66 m35.170-79.010
Pope afbKPOB914 m18 m66 m35.170-79.010
Pope valleyKZ1127 m15 m188 m38.610-122.390
PoplarKZ923 m18 m611 m48.120-105.180
Poplar bluff muniKZ1526 m30 m100 m36.770-90.320
Poplar groveKZ825 m60 m260 m42.320-88.840
Poplar groveKZ1150 m15 m260 m42.320-88.840
Poplar groveKZ751 m45 m260 m42.320-88.840
Poplarville pearl river coKZ1219 m30 m97 m30.790-89.500
Port allenPH746 m18 m7 m21.900-159.600
Port angeles cgasKZ1371 m45 m3 m48.140-123.410
Port bucyrus crawford coKZ1187 m22 m305 m40.780-82.970
Port bucyrus crawford coKZ883 m22 m305 m40.780-82.970
Port clarence cgsPAPC1371 m36 m3 m65.250-166.860
Port columbus intlKCMH3124 m45 m248 m40.000-82.890
Port columbus intlKCMH2438 m45 m248 m40.000-82.890
Port heidenPAPH1905 m30 m26 m56.960-158.630
Port heidenPAPH1402 m30 m26 m56.960-158.630
Port isabel cameron coKZ1523 m45 m5 m26.170-97.350
Port isabel cameron coKZ1615 m45 m5 m26.170-97.350
Port isabel cameron coKZ2438 m60 m5 m26.170-97.350
Port isabel cameron coKZ1280 m45 m5 m26.170-97.350
Port meadvilleKZ1524 m22 m426 m41.630-80.210
Portage coKZ1066 m22 m364 m41.210-81.250
Portage muniKZ917 m12 m251 m43.560-89.480
Portage muniKZ1150 m18 m251 m43.560-89.480
Portales muniKZ1737 m18 m1242 m34.150-103.410
Portales muniKZ1389 m18 m1242 m34.150-103.410
Porter co muniKVPZ1219 m22 m235 m41.450-87.010
Porter co muniKVPZ2133 m45 m235 m41.450-87.010
Porterville muniKZ1800 m45 m134 m36.030-119.060
Portland hillsboroKZ1234 m30 m62 m45.540-122.950
Portland hillsboroKZ2011 m45 m62 m45.540-122.950
Portland intlKPDX2133 m45 m9 m45.590-122.600
Portland intlKPDX3352 m45 m9 m45.590-122.600
Portland intlKPDX2438 m45 m9 m45.590-122.600
Portland intl jetportKPWM2072 m45 m22 m43.650-70.310
Portland intl jetportKPWM1524 m45 m22 m43.650-70.310
Portland mulinoKZ1097 m30 m78 m45.220-122.590
Portland muniKZ1524 m30 m249 m36.590-86.480
Portland muniKZ1219 m22 m282 m40.450-84.990
Portland muniKZ541 m45 m282 m40.450-84.990
Portland troutdaleKZ1645 m45 m11 m45.550-122.400
Posey fldKZ1517 m30 m283 m34.280-87.600
Poso kern countyKZ914 m18 m193 m35.600-119.130
Possum kingdomKZ975 m18 m307 m32.920-98.440
Post airKZ1143 m14 m262 m39.750-86.010
Post garza co muniKZ673 m18 m775 m33.200-101.340
Post garza co muniKZ1280 m18 m775 m33.200-101.340
Potomac airparkKZ1519 m21 m125 m39.690-78.170
Potsdam muniKZ1129 m18 m144 m44.680-74.950
Pottstown limerickKZ1027 m22 m94 m40.240-75.560
Pottstown muniKZ824 m22 m78 m40.260-75.670
Powell muniKZ1367 m30 m1552 m44.870-108.790
Powell muniKZ1891 m30 m1552 m44.870-108.790
Powell muniKZ731 m30 m1552 m44.870-108.790
PowhatanKZ1489 m15 m18 m38.250-77.220
Prague muniKZ918 m15 m317 m35.480-96.720
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