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21 Apr 2014
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United states of america (US)

America/United states/

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Population 2012
Land Area
9,826,675 km2
Washington DC
US dollar (USD)
Latitude / Longitude
38 00 97 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
50,700 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
Oceanside muniKZ826 m22 m8 m33.220-117.350
Oconee co rgnlKZ1341 m30 m271 m34.670-82.890
Oconto muniKZ562 m45 m184 m44.870-87.910
Oconto muniKZ975 m22 m184 m44.870-87.910
Ocracoke islandKZ914 m18 m1 m35.100-75.970
Odessa muniKZ952 m18 m525 m47.360-118.670
Odessa schlemeyer fldKZ1738 m22 m915 m31.920-102.390
Odessa schlemeyer fldKZ1042 m18 m915 m31.920-102.390
Odessa schlemeyer fldKZ1524 m22 m915 m31.920-102.390
Oelwein muniKZ548 m25 m327 m42.680-91.970
Oelwein muniKZ1219 m22 m327 m42.680-91.970
Offutt afbKOFF3566 m91 m320 m41.120-95.910
Ogden hinckleyKOGD1583 m45 m1363 m41.200-112.010
Ogden hinckleyKOGD2469 m45 m1363 m41.200-112.010
Ogden hinckleyKOGD1706 m45 m1363 m41.200-112.010
Ogdensburg intlKZ1584 m45 m90 m44.680-75.470
Ohio coKZ1468 m18 m163 m37.460-86.850
Ohio state universityKOSU1047 m30 m275 m40.080-83.070
Ohio state universityKOSU1083 m30 m275 m40.080-83.070
Ohio state universityKOSU1525 m30 m275 m40.080-83.070
Ohio state universityKOSU912 m30 m275 m40.080-83.070
Ohio university snyder fldKZ1280 m30 m233 m39.210-82.230
Ojibwa airparkKZ1097 m38 m289 m43.720-85.000
Okeechobee coKZ1524 m45 m10 m27.260-80.850
Okeechobee coKZ1219 m45 m10 m27.260-80.850
OkeelantaKZ1127 m18 m4 m26.580-80.760
Okmulgee rgnlKZ1310 m45 m219 m35.670-95.950
Okmulgee rgnlKZ1569 m30 m219 m35.670-95.950
Okolona municipal r stovallKZ975 m18 m102 m34.020-88.730
OktibbehaKZ822 m45 m76 m33.500-88.680
OktibbehaKZ670 m45 m76 m33.500-88.680
Old bridgeKZ1095 m15 m26 m40.330-74.350
Old hickory ranchKZ1066 m30 m54 m32.350-93.820
Oldham coKZ1280 m18 m1217 m35.230-102.400
Oliktok lrrsPOLI1225 m30 m4 m70.500-149.880
Olive branchKZ1828 m30 m122 m34.980-89.790
Olivia rgnlKZ1066 m22 m327 m44.780-95.030
OljatoKZ1203 m15 m1474 m37.030-110.320
OllaKZ917 m22 m39 m31.900-92.220
Olney muniKZ1553 m22 m388 m33.350-98.820
Olney muniKZ1553 m45 m388 m33.350-98.820
Olney muniKZ1554 m22 m388 m33.350-98.820
Olney nobleKZ1096 m18 m146 m38.720-88.180
Olney nobleKZ1249 m22 m146 m38.720-88.180
Olson fieldKZ914 m6 m710 m40.570-99.420
OlympiaKOLM1267 m45 m62 m46.970-122.900
OlympiaKOLM1651 m45 m62 m46.970-122.900
OmakKZ1418 m45 m396 m48.460-119.520
Omar n bradleyKZ1136 m18 m264 m39.460-92.430
Omar n bradleyKZ1426 m30 m264 m39.460-92.430
Ona airparkKZ961 m12 m174 m38.440-82.200
Onawa muniKZ1036 m18 m319 m42.000-96.100
OnealKZ800 m41 m126 m38.690-87.550
OnealKZ1051 m45 m126 m38.690-87.550
OnealKZ716 m36 m126 m38.690-87.550
Oneida coKUCA1645 m45 m226 m43.150-75.380
Oneida coKUCA1829 m45 m226 m43.150-75.380
Oneonta muniKZ1280 m22 m537 m42.520-75.060
Onida muniKZ647 m36 m570 m44.700-100.110
Onida muniKZ944 m18 m570 m44.700-100.110
Ontario intlKONT3108 m45 m287 m34.060-117.600
Ontario intlKONT3717 m45 m287 m34.060-117.600
Ontario muniKZ1380 m30 m668 m44.020-117.010
Ontonagon coKZ1066 m22 m203 m46.850-89.370
Opa lockaKZ2439 m45 m2 m25.910-80.280
Opa lockaKZ2072 m45 m2 m25.910-80.280
Opa lockaKZ1312 m30 m2 m25.910-80.280
Opa lockaKZ1339 m30 m2 m25.910-80.280
Opa locka westKZ914 m18 m2 m25.950-80.420
Opa locka westKZ914 m18 m2 m25.950-80.420
Orange city muniKZ1295 m18 m430 m42.990-96.060
Orange coKZ975 m22 m141 m38.250-78.050
Orange coKZ1525 m30 m111 m41.510-74.260
Orange coKZ1119 m30 m111 m41.510-74.260
Orange coKZ855 m15 m111 m41.510-74.260
Orange coKZ1339 m22 m3 m30.070-93.800
Orange coKZ914 m24 m3 m30.070-93.800
Orange grove nalfKZ2438 m60 m78 m27.900-98.050
Orange grove nalfKZ2438 m60 m78 m27.900-98.050
Orange muniKZ1462 m22 m169 m42.570-72.290
Orange muniKZ1524 m22 m169 m42.570-72.290
Orange muniKZ1524 m45 m169 m42.570-72.290
Orangeburg muniKZ1371 m30 m59 m33.460-80.860
Orangeburg muniKZ853 m50 m59 m33.460-80.860
Orangeburg muniKZ1645 m30 m59 m33.460-80.860
OreckKZ1158 m22 m54 m30.780-89.720
Orlando countryKZ964 m30 m43 m28.710-81.580
Orlando intlKMCO3048 m45 m29 m28.430-81.320
Orlando intlKMCO3658 m60 m29 m28.430-81.320
Orlando intlKMCO3659 m60 m29 m28.430-81.320
Orlando sanfordKSFB1066 m22 m16 m28.780-81.240
Orlando sanfordKSFB2926 m45 m16 m28.780-81.240
Orlando sanfordKSFB1090 m22 m16 m28.780-81.240
Orlando sanfordKSFB1829 m45 m16 m28.780-81.240
OrleansKZ1053 m9 m199 m38.660-86.440
Ormond beach muniKZ1219 m54 m8 m29.300-81.110
Ormond beach muniKZ1128 m30 m8 m29.300-81.110
Ormond beach muniKZ1220 m22 m8 m29.300-81.110
Ormond beach muniKZ1219 m54 m8 m29.300-81.110
Oroville muniKZ1834 m30 m58 m39.490-121.620
Oroville muniKZ1079 m30 m58 m39.490-121.620
Orr rgnlKZ1219 m22 m399 m48.020-92.860
Ortonville muni martinson fldKZ657 m91 m335 m45.310-96.420
Ortonville muni martinson fldKZ1041 m22 m335 m45.310-96.420
Osage muniKZ1036 m15 m356 m43.290-92.800
Osborne muniKZ1219 m18 m477 m39.430-98.680
Osborne muniKZ883 m24 m477 m39.430-98.680
Osceola muniKZ1158 m15 m71 m35.690-90.010
Osceola muniKZ1219 m22 m338 m41.050-93.690
Oscoda wurtsmithKZ3596 m91 m193 m44.450-83.390
Oskaloosa muniKZ601 m22 m256 m41.230-92.490
Oskaloosa muniKZ1220 m22 m256 m41.230-92.490
Oswego coKZ1217 m30 m144 m43.350-76.390
Oswego coKZ1584 m30 m144 m43.350-76.390
Othello muniKZ1280 m13 m349 m46.790-119.080
Otis angbKZ2438 m60 m39 m41.660-70.520
Otis angbKZ2895 m60 m39 m41.660-70.520
Otsego coKZ2005 m45 m404 m45.010-84.700
Otsego coKZ914 m22 m404 m45.010-84.700
Ottawa executiveKZ1158 m18 m225 m42.820-85.930
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