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19 Apr 2014
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United states of america (US)

America/United states/

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Population 2012
Land Area
9,826,675 km2
Washington DC
US dollar (USD)
Latitude / Longitude
38 00 97 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
50,700 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
MunicipalKZ1086 m14 m1055 m36.510-101.810
MunicipalKZ713 m22 m1055 m36.510-101.810
Murdo muniKZ1036 m18 m689 m43.850-100.710
Murfreesboro muniKZ1188 m30 m187 m35.880-86.380
Murmuring springsKZ762 m30 m277 m44.010-90.020
Murray fldKEKA914 m22 m2 m40.800-124.110
Murray fldKEKA618 m15 m2 m40.800-124.110
Muscatine muniKZ1676 m30 m167 m41.370-91.150
Muscatine muniKZ1219 m22 m167 m41.370-91.150
Muskegon coKMKG1524 m45 m191 m43.170-86.240
Muskegon coKMKG975 m30 m191 m43.170-86.240
Muskegon coKMKG1981 m45 m191 m43.170-86.240
MustangKZ1219 m12 m13 m38.330-121.300
Mustang beachKZ1066 m21 m1 m27.810-97.090
MuxworthyKZ914 m12 m368 m31.700-98.100
MuxworthyKZ579 m30 m368 m31.700-98.100
Myrtle beach intlKMYR2896 m45 m7 m33.680-78.930
Nampa muniKZ1524 m22 m773 m43.580-116.520
Nantucket memKACK1921 m45 m14 m41.250-70.060
Nantucket memKACK819 m15 m14 m41.250-70.060
Nantucket memKACK1218 m30 m14 m41.250-70.060
Napa coKZ762 m22 m10 m38.210-122.280
Napa coKZ1807 m45 m10 m38.210-122.280
Napa coKZ1526 m45 m10 m38.210-122.280
Naples muniKAPF1524 m45 m2 m26.150-81.780
Naples muniKAPF563 m30 m2 m26.150-81.780
Naples muniKAPF1524 m30 m2 m26.150-81.780
Napoleon muniKZ762 m24 m604 m46.490-99.760
Napoleon muniKZ975 m18 m604 m46.490-99.760
Nappanee muniKZ1120 m15 m262 m41.450-85.930
Nartron fldKZ1373 m30 m321 m43.900-85.520
Nary national shefland fldKZ1173 m18 m423 m47.380-94.800
Nasa shuttle landing facilityKZ4572 m91 m3 m28.610-80.690
Nashville intlKBNA2347 m45 m182 m36.120-86.680
Nashville intlKBNA3361 m45 m182 m36.120-86.680
Nashville intlKBNA2438 m45 m182 m36.120-86.680
Nashville intlKBNA2438 m45 m182 m36.120-86.680
Natchitoches rgnlKZ1219 m30 m36 m31.740-93.100
Natchitoches rgnlKZ1524 m45 m36 m31.740-93.100
Natrona co intlKCPR3098 m45 m1630 m42.910-106.460
Natrona co intlKCPR2645 m45 m1630 m42.910-106.460
Natrona co intlKCPR1976 m18 m1630 m42.910-106.460
Natrona co intlKCPR2194 m18 m1630 m42.910-106.460
Navajo state parkKZ1522 m18 m1973 m36.810-107.650
Navasota muniKZ976 m18 m69 m30.370-96.110
NaylorKZ518 m15 m94 m35.160-92.220
Nebraska city muniKZ777 m45 m354 m40.610-95.870
Nebraska city muniKZ1371 m22 m354 m40.610-95.870
NeedlesKZ1463 m45 m299 m34.770-114.620
NeedlesKZ1525 m45 m299 m34.770-114.620
Neil armstrongKZ1524 m30 m277 m40.490-84.300
Neil armstrongKZ818 m24 m277 m40.490-84.300
Neillsville municipalKZ1036 m18 m377 m44.560-90.510
Nellis afbKLSV3084 m60 m569 m36.240-115.030
Nellis afbKLSV3063 m45 m569 m36.240-115.030
Nellis fldKZ838 m6 m213 m42.960-74.680
NemacolinKZ1213 m15 m612 m39.810-79.550
Nenana muniPANN768 m24 m110 m64.550-149.070
Nenana muniPANN1524 m30 m110 m64.550-149.070
Neodesha muniKZ913 m14 m256 m37.440-95.650
Neodesha muniKZ624 m11 m256 m37.440-95.650
Neosho hugh robinsonKZ1524 m30 m382 m36.810-94.390
Nephi muniKZ1432 m22 m1526 m39.740-111.870
NervinoKZ1417 m22 m1492 m39.820-120.350
Ness city muniKZ961 m14 m703 m38.470-99.910
Nevada co air parkKZ1325 m22 m960 m39.220-121.000
Nevada muniKZ1798 m22 m271 m37.850-94.300
Nevada muniKZ786 m12 m271 m37.850-94.300
New albany union countyKZ1188 m22 m125 m34.550-89.020
New bedford rgnlKEWB1523 m45 m24 m41.680-70.960
New bedford rgnlKEWB1524 m45 m24 m41.680-70.960
New braunfels muniKZ1508 m45 m198 m29.700-98.040
New braunfels muniKZ1631 m30 m198 m29.700-98.040
New braunfels muniKZ1634 m30 m198 m29.700-98.040
New castle coKILG2137 m60 m24 m39.680-75.610
New castle coKILG2188 m45 m24 m39.680-75.610
New castle coKILG1403 m45 m24 m39.680-75.610
New castle henry co muniKZ1219 m19 m331 m39.880-85.330
New castle muniKZ1219 m22 m326 m41.030-80.410
New castle muniKZ868 m30 m326 m41.030-80.410
New century aircenterKZ1563 m30 m331 m38.830-94.890
New century aircenterKZ2236 m57 m331 m38.830-94.890
New coalinga muniKZ762 m18 m189 m36.160-120.290
New coalinga muniKZ1524 m30 m189 m36.160-120.290
New cuyamaKZ1200 m18 m671 m34.940-119.690
New gardenKZ1126 m15 m132 m39.830-75.770
New holstein muniKZ905 m76 m302 m43.940-88.110
New holstein muniKZ1097 m22 m302 m43.940-88.110
New jerusalemKZ1219 m30 m18 m37.680-121.300
New kent coKZ1097 m22 m37 m37.500-77.130
New londonKZ964 m12 m258 m37.270-79.340
New marketKZ890 m18 m297 m38.660-78.710
New orleans nas jrbKNBG2438 m60 m0 m29.830-90.040
New orleans nas jrbKNBG1828 m60 m0 m29.830-90.040
New richmond muniKZ643 m22 m303 m45.150-92.540
New richmond muniKZ1220 m22 m303 m45.150-92.540
New river mcasKNCA1559 m45 m7 m34.710-77.440
New river mcasKNCA1460 m45 m7 m34.710-77.440
New river valleyKZ1890 m45 m641 m37.140-80.680
New smyrna beach muniKZ1219 m30 m3 m29.060-80.950
New smyrna beach muniKZ1524 m22 m3 m29.060-80.950
New smyrna beach muniKZ1310 m30 m3 m29.060-80.950
New smyrna beach muniKZ701 m22 m3 m29.060-80.950
New tazewell municipalKZ914 m22 m359 m36.410-83.560
New town muniKZ914 m15 m586 m47.970-102.480
New ulm muniKZ861 m48 m308 m44.320-94.500
New ulm muniKZ1341 m22 m308 m44.320-94.500
New wardenKZ950 m12 m385 m46.970-119.070
Newark heathKZ1417 m22 m269 m40.020-82.460
Newark liberty intlKEWR2072 m45 m5 m40.690-74.170
Newark liberty intlKEWR3352 m45 m5 m40.690-74.170
Newark liberty intlKEWR3041 m45 m5 m40.690-74.170
Newberry coKZ1066 m18 m173 m34.310-81.640
Newnan coweta coKZ1524 m30 m295 m33.310-84.770
Newport muniKZ1524 m45 m72 m35.640-91.180
Newport muniKZ1524 m45 m72 m35.640-91.180
Newport muniKZ1112 m45 m72 m35.640-91.180
Newport muniKZ1524 m45 m72 m35.640-91.180
Newport muniKZ914 m22 m48 m44.580-124.060
Newport muniKZ1645 m45 m48 m44.580-124.060
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