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17 Apr 2014
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United states of america (US)

America/United states/

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Population 2012
Land Area
9,826,675 km2
Washington DC
US dollar (USD)
Latitude / Longitude
38 00 97 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
50,700 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
Miami coKZ822 m16 m288 m38.540-94.930
Miami intlKMIA3202 m60 m2 m25.790-80.290
Miami intlKMIA2851 m45 m2 m25.790-80.290
Miami intlKMIA3962 m45 m2 m25.790-80.290
Miami muniKZ1530 m30 m246 m36.910-94.890
Miami roberts coKZ1237 m15 m829 m35.710-100.600
Miami universityKZ1222 m21 m316 m39.500-84.780
Michael aafKDPG4000 m60 m1325 m40.200-112.940
Michael aafKDPG2133 m45 m1325 m40.200-112.940
Michael j smith fldKZ1219 m30 m3 m34.730-76.660
Michael j smith fldKZ1277 m45 m3 m34.730-76.660
Michael j smith fldKZ1295 m30 m3 m34.730-76.660
Michigan city muniKZ1249 m22 m199 m41.700-86.820
Mid america industrialKZ1524 m22 m189 m36.230-95.330
Mid delta rgnlKZ2438 m45 m39 m33.480-90.990
Mid delta rgnlKZ1391 m45 m39 m33.480-90.990
Mid delta rgnlKZ2139 m45 m39 m33.480-90.990
Mid stateKZ1525 m30 m593 m40.880-78.090
Mid stateKZ1740 m30 m593 m40.880-78.090
Mid valleyKZ1523 m21 m21 m26.180-97.970
Mid valley airparkKZ1322 m12 m1472 m34.760-106.750
Mid way rgnlKZ1524 m22 m217 m32.460-96.910
Middle georgia rgnlKMCN1981 m45 m107 m32.690-83.650
Middle georgia rgnlKMCN1524 m45 m107 m32.690-83.650
Middle peninsula rgnlKZ1127 m22 m7 m37.520-76.760
Middlesboro bell coKZ1106 m22 m351 m36.610-83.740
Middleton fldKZ1219 m45 m79 m31.420-87.040
Middleton fldKZ1219 m45 m79 m31.420-87.040
Middleton islandPAMD1188 m35 m26 m59.450-146.310
Middleton islandPAMD457 m38 m26 m59.450-146.310
Midland airparkKZ1530 m22 m854 m32.040-102.100
Midland airparkKZ1212 m22 m854 m32.040-102.100
Midland intlKMAF1403 m22 m875 m31.940-102.200
Midland intlKMAF2530 m45 m875 m31.940-102.200
Midland intlKMAF2895 m45 m875 m31.940-102.200
Midland intlKMAF1322 m30 m875 m31.940-102.200
Mifflin coKZ1524 m22 m249 m40.680-77.630
Mignon laird muniKZ690 m18 m635 m35.600-99.700
Milbank muniKZ1097 m45 m340 m45.230-96.570
Milbank muniKZ1219 m18 m340 m45.230-96.570
Milford muniKZ1524 m22 m1535 m38.430-113.010
MillardKZ874 m15 m147 m40.320-76.540
MillardKZ1158 m22 m320 m41.200-96.110
MillenKZ1219 m18 m69 m32.890-81.960
Millennium dallasKZ1584 m45 m149 m32.730-96.970
Millennium dallasKZ2438 m45 m149 m32.730-96.970
Miller afldKZ1981 m22 m1207 m36.090-102.420
Miller fldKZ855 m15 m789 m42.860-100.550
Miller fldKZ1342 m30 m789 m42.860-100.550
Miller muniKZ1097 m18 m478 m44.530-98.960
Millington muniKZ1295 m60 m97 m35.360-89.870
Millington muniKZ2438 m60 m97 m35.360-89.870
Millington muniKZ1478 m45 m97 m35.360-89.870
Millinocket muniKZ1436 m30 m124 m45.650-68.690
Millinocket muniKZ1221 m45 m124 m45.650-68.690
Millville muniKMIV1829 m45 m25 m39.370-75.070
Millville muniKMIV1541 m45 m25 m39.370-75.070
MinchuminaPAMH1280 m27 m208 m63.880-152.300
Minden tahoeKZ792 m6 m1437 m39.000-119.750
Minden tahoeKZ2255 m30 m1437 m39.000-119.750
Minden tahoeKZ1615 m22 m1437 m39.000-119.750
Minden websterKZ1524 m22 m84 m32.650-93.300
Mineola wisener fldKZ976 m12 m130 m32.680-95.510
Mineral coKZ1036 m22 m849 m47.170-114.850
Mineral county memorialKZ2097 m18 m2645 m37.820-106.930
Mineral wellsKZ1276 m30 m296 m32.780-98.060
Mineral wellsKZ1828 m30 m296 m32.780-98.060
Mingo coKZ1071 m18 m480 m37.690-82.260
Minneapolis city coKZ1210 m15 m379 m39.090-97.720
Minneapolis st paul intlKMSP3354 m45 m256 m44.880-93.220
Minneapolis st paul intlKMSP3048 m60 m256 m44.880-93.220
Minneapolis st paul intlKMSP2499 m45 m256 m44.880-93.220
MinnesuingKZ1615 m22 m367 m46.410-91.650
Minnkota pvtKZ1219 m18 m643 m47.080-101.270
Minot afbKMIB4023 m91 m508 m48.420-101.360
Minot intlKMOT1935 m30 m518 m48.260-101.280
Minot intlKMOT2284 m45 m518 m48.260-101.280
Mint julep airparkKZ1524 m38 m30 m30.550-89.460
Miramar mcasKNKX2438 m60 m145 m32.870-117.140
Miramar mcasKNKX3657 m60 m145 m32.870-117.140
Miramar mcasKNKX1828 m60 m145 m32.870-117.140
Mission fldKLVM1737 m22 m1419 m45.700-110.450
Mission fldKLVM1127 m38 m1419 m45.700-110.450
Mission fldKLVM822 m36 m1419 m45.700-110.450
Mission siouxKZ975 m18 m794 m43.310-100.630
Mississippi countyKZ974 m18 m95 m36.840-89.360
Missoula intlKMSO1405 m22 m976 m46.920-114.090
Missoula intlKMSO2895 m45 m976 m46.920-114.090
Mitchell muniKZ2042 m30 m397 m43.770-98.040
Mitchell muniKZ1680 m30 m397 m43.770-98.040
MobileKZ1371 m22 m384 m33.110-112.270
Mobile downtownKBFM2931 m45 m7 m30.630-88.070
Mobile downtownKBFM2622 m45 m7 m30.630-88.070
Mobile rgnlKMOB2597 m45 m66 m30.690-88.240
Mobile rgnlKMOB1333 m45 m66 m30.690-88.240
Mobridge muniKZ1344 m22 m522 m45.550-100.410
Mobridge muniKZ731 m76 m522 m45.550-100.410
Modesto city co harry shamKMOD1054 m45 m29 m37.630-120.950
Modesto city co harry shamKMOD1801 m45 m29 m37.630-120.950
ModisettKZ1188 m18 m1146 m42.740-102.440
Moffett federal afldKNUQ2477 m60 m9 m37.420-122.050
Moffett federal afldKNUQ2804 m60 m9 m37.420-122.050
Mogollon airparkKZ1706 m15 m2029 m34.400-110.530
Mohall muniKZ951 m18 m502 m48.770-101.540
MojaveKZ1445 m15 m850 m35.060-118.150
MojaveKZ2148 m30 m850 m35.060-118.150
MojaveKZ2926 m60 m850 m35.060-118.150
MolokaiPHMK1369 m30 m138 m21.150-157.100
MolokaiPHMK950 m30 m138 m21.150-157.100
Mondell fldKZ606 m15 m1272 m43.890-104.320
Mondell fldKZ1615 m22 m1272 m43.890-104.320
Mondell fldKZ777 m12 m1272 m43.890-104.320
Monett muniKZ1524 m22 m400 m36.910-94.010
Monmouth executiveKZ1129 m15 m48 m40.190-74.120
Monmouth executiveKZ2225 m24 m48 m40.190-74.120
Monroe city rgnlKZ1071 m15 m224 m39.630-91.730
Monroe coKZ1159 m22 m364 m39.780-81.100
Monroe coKZ1067 m22 m314 m35.550-84.380
Monroe coKZ1524 m22 m68 m33.870-88.490
Monroe coKZ1829 m30 m127 m31.460-87.350
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