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24 Apr 2014
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United states of america (US)

America/United states/

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Population 2012
Land Area
9,826,675 km2
Washington DC
US dollar (USD)
Latitude / Longitude
38 00 97 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
50,700 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
Mc cook muniKZ1965 m30 m787 m40.210-100.590
Mc cook muniKZ411 m48 m787 m40.210-100.590
Mc cormick countyKZ1096 m22 m139 m33.910-82.270
Mc curtain co rgnlKZ1524 m22 m143 m33.910-94.860
Mc dermitt stateKZ1798 m18 m1364 m42.000-117.720
Mc elroy afldKZ335 m30 m2258 m40.050-106.370
Mc elroy afldKZ1687 m22 m2258 m40.050-106.370
Mc entire angsKZ615 m27 m76 m33.920-80.800
Mc entire angsKZ2748 m45 m76 m33.920-80.800
Mc entire angsKZ1371 m27 m76 m33.920-80.800
Mc gehee muniKZ1221 m22 m42 m33.620-91.360
Mc ghee tysonKTYS2743 m45 m299 m35.810-83.990
Mc ghee tysonKTYS2745 m45 m299 m35.810-83.990
Mc grathPAMC1656 m45 m102 m62.950-155.610
Mc grathPAMC524 m30 m102 m62.950-155.610
Mc gregor executiveKZ1676 m22 m180 m31.480-97.320
Mc gregor executiveKZ1061 m16 m180 m31.480-97.320
Mc guire afbKWRI3048 m45 m40 m40.020-74.590
Mc guire afbKWRI2171 m45 m40 m40.020-74.590
Mc henry farmsKZ1645 m18 m263 m42.380-88.320
Mc kellar sipes rgnlKMKL1831 m45 m132 m35.600-88.920
Mc kellar sipes rgnlKMKL1079 m30 m132 m35.600-88.920
Mc kinley fldKZ1532 m18 m178 m28.820-99.110
Mc kinney muniKZ2133 m30 m178 m33.180-96.590
Mc lean gray coKZ944 m15 m864 m35.250-100.540
Mc lean gray coKZ982 m15 m864 m35.250-100.540
Mc minn coKZ1524 m22 m261 m35.400-84.560
Mc minnville muniKMMV1652 m45 m49 m45.190-123.140
Mc minnville muniKMMV1425 m45 m49 m45.190-123.140
Mc phersonKZ765 m22 m456 m38.350-97.690
Mc phersonKZ1676 m30 m456 m38.350-97.690
Mccarley fldKZ1310 m22 m1367 m43.210-112.350
Mccreary coKZ914 m22 m417 m36.700-84.390
Mcdermott air parkKZ1386 m15 m266 m43.010-88.600
Mclaughlin muniKZ1158 m18 m611 m45.800-100.780
Mcnary fldKSLE1771 m45 m65 m44.910-123.000
Mcnary fldKSLE1568 m42 m65 m44.910-123.000
Meade muniKZ778 m24 m770 m37.280-100.360
Meade muniKZ1463 m22 m770 m37.280-100.360
Meadow creekKZ1036 m12 m234 m41.430-87.780
Meadow farmKZ914 m24 m22 m37.860-77.420
Meadow lakeKZ548 m4 m2095 m38.950-104.570
Meadow lakeKZ635 m10 m2095 m38.950-104.570
Meadow lakeKZ1828 m18 m2095 m38.950-104.570
MeadowlarkKZ579 m15 m140 m36.160-88.210
Meadows fldKBFL1127 m22 m154 m35.430-119.060
Meadows fldKBFL3309 m45 m154 m35.430-119.060
Mecklenburg brunswick rgnlKZ1524 m22 m134 m36.690-78.050
Medford muniKZ916 m18 m332 m36.790-97.750
Medicine lodgeKZ515 m24 m470 m37.260-98.550
Medicine lodgeKZ975 m12 m470 m37.260-98.550
Medicine lodgeKZ691 m27 m470 m37.260-98.550
Medina muniKZ873 m15 m362 m41.130-81.760
Medina muniKZ1083 m22 m362 m41.130-81.760
MeekerKZ1981 m18 m1957 m40.050-107.890
Mefford fldKZ1193 m22 m82 m36.160-119.330
MekoryukPAMY926 m22 m14 m60.370-166.270
Melbourne intlKMLB1828 m45 m10 m28.100-80.650
Melbourne intlKMLB3103 m45 m10 m28.100-80.650
Melbourne intlKMLB914 m22 m10 m28.100-80.650
Melbourne muni john e miller fldKZ1219 m22 m222 m36.070-91.830
Mellon ranchKZ1417 m18 m11 m28.280-97.210
Melon fldKZ1152 m13 m1298 m38.020-103.700
Melon fldKZ762 m13 m1298 m38.020-103.700
Melrose landingKZ1402 m45 m48 m29.670-81.960
Memorial airfieldKZ1584 m60 m361 m33.240-111.910
Memorial airfieldKZ2609 m91 m361 m33.240-111.910
Memorial fldKHOT2010 m45 m164 m34.480-93.100
Memorial fldKHOT1249 m45 m164 m34.480-93.100
Memphis intlKMEM3389 m45 m103 m35.040-89.980
Memphis intlKMEM2840 m45 m103 m35.040-89.980
Memphis intlKMEM2743 m45 m103 m35.040-89.980
Memphis intlKMEM2726 m45 m103 m35.040-89.980
Memphis memKZ1005 m18 m247 m40.450-92.230
Memphis muniKZ1423 m22 m640 m34.740-100.530
Memphis muniKZ838 m21 m640 m34.740-100.530
Mena intermountain muniKZ1828 m30 m328 m34.550-94.200
Mena intermountain muniKZ1524 m22 m328 m34.550-94.200
Menard coKZ1249 m18 m588 m30.930-99.820
MendotaKZ1082 m15 m49 m36.760-120.370
Menominee marinette twin coKZ1828 m30 m190 m45.130-87.640
Menominee marinette twin coKZ1554 m30 m190 m45.130-87.640
Menomonie muni score fieldKZ1493 m22 m272 m44.890-91.870
Menomonie muni score fieldKZ1057 m22 m272 m44.890-91.870
Merced muni macready fldKZ1799 m45 m47 m37.280-120.510
Mercer coKZ1445 m30 m870 m37.300-81.210
Mercer co rgnlKZ1524 m22 m552 m47.290-101.580
Meriden markham muniKZ944 m22 m31 m41.510-72.830
Meridian nasKNMM2439 m60 m96 m32.550-88.560
Meridian nasKNMM2439 m60 m96 m32.550-88.560
Meridian nasKNMM1951 m60 m96 m32.550-88.560
Merkel fld sylacauga muniKZ1642 m30 m173 m33.170-86.310
Merle k mudhole smithPACV2285 m45 m12 m60.490-145.480
Merle k mudhole smithPACV571 m9 m12 m60.490-145.480
Merrill c meigsKCGX1188 m45 m180 m41.860-87.610
Merrill fldPAMR804 m22 m41 m61.210-149.850
Merrill fldPAMR1219 m30 m41 m61.210-149.850
Merrill muniKZ1219 m22 m401 m45.200-89.710
Merrill muniKZ913 m22 m401 m45.200-89.710
Merritt islandKZ1097 m22 m2 m28.340-80.690
Mesa del reyKZ1367 m30 m112 m36.230-121.120
Mesa view ranchKZ652 m9 m2126 m40.770-107.530
MesquiteKZ1554 m22 m601 m36.830-114.060
Mesquite metroKZ1828 m30 m136 m32.750-96.530
Metcalf fldKZ1116 m45 m189 m41.560-83.480
Metcalf fldKZ1777 m30 m189 m41.560-83.480
Methow valley stateKZ1539 m22 m516 m48.420-120.150
Metro fldPA1402 m30 m131 m64.810-147.760
Metropolis muniKZ1219 m22 m117 m37.190-88.750
Metropolitan oakland intlKOAK3048 m45 m1 m37.720-122.220
Metropolitan oakland intlKOAK1025 m22 m1 m37.720-122.220
Metropolitan oakland intlKOAK1662 m45 m1 m37.720-122.220
Metropolitan oakland intlKOAK1893 m45 m1 m37.720-122.220
Mettel fldKZ1981 m30 m264 m39.700-85.130
Mettel fldKZ863 m45 m264 m39.700-85.130
Metter muniKZ1100 m22 m60 m32.370-82.080
Mexia limestone coKZ1219 m18 m165 m31.640-96.510
Mexico memKZ1676 m30 m250 m39.160-91.820
Mexico memKZ975 m15 m250 m39.160-91.820
Miami coKZ1036 m18 m288 m38.540-94.930
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