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24 Apr 2014
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United states of america (US)

America/United states/

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Population 2012
Land Area
9,826,675 km2
Washington DC
US dollar (USD)
Latitude / Longitude
38 00 97 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
50,700 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
Lemmon muniKZ1371 m22 m783 m45.920-102.110
Lemmon muniKZ579 m18 m783 m45.920-102.110
Lemoore nasKZ4113 m60 m71 m36.330-119.950
Lemoore nasKZ4114 m60 m71 m36.330-119.950
Lenawee coKZ1217 m22 m243 m41.870-84.070
Lenawee coKZ731 m82 m243 m41.870-84.070
Lenhardt airparkKZ975 m12 m50 m45.180-122.740
Leona ranchKZ1295 m15 m524 m29.500-100.370
Leos angus ranchKZ914 m10 m274 m38.480-94.200
Levelland muniKZ1862 m22 m1071 m33.550-102.370
Levelland muniKZ714 m16 m1071 m33.550-102.370
LevelockPA1000 m17 m11 m59.130-156.860
Lewis co rgnlKZ1066 m18 m205 m40.130-91.680
Lewis ranchKZ1463 m18 m164 m27.980-99.380
Lewis universityKZ1736 m22 m205 m41.610-88.090
Lewiston nez perce coKZ1984 m45 m438 m46.370-117.020
Lewiston nez perce coKZ1524 m30 m438 m46.370-117.020
Lewistown muniKLWT1706 m30 m1271 m47.050-109.470
Lewistown muniKLWT1859 m30 m1271 m47.050-109.470
Lewistown muniKLWT1250 m18 m1271 m47.050-109.470
LexingtonKZ1264 m22 m498 m45.450-119.690
Lexington muniKZ891 m12 m210 m39.210-93.930
Lexington muniKZ944 m38 m210 m39.210-93.930
Lexington muniKZ685 m38 m210 m39.210-93.930
LibbyKZ1524 m22 m792 m48.280-115.490
Liberal muniKLBL1744 m45 m878 m37.040-100.960
Liberal muniKLBL2164 m45 m878 m37.040-100.960
Liberty casey coKZ914 m18 m316 m37.310-85.060
Liberty coKZ521 m18 m963 m48.510-110.990
Liberty coKZ1404 m22 m963 m48.510-110.990
Liberty coKZ1127 m22 m29 m31.780-81.640
Liberty muniKZ1158 m22 m21 m30.080-94.700
LihuePHLI1981 m45 m46 m21.980-159.340
LihuePHLI1981 m45 m46 m21.980-159.340
Lilac timeKZ609 m15 m396 m45.710-91.620
Lima allen coKZ1569 m45 m297 m40.710-84.030
Lima allen coKZ1217 m45 m297 m40.710-84.030
Limington harmonKZ906 m15 m88 m43.760-70.670
Limon muniKZ1432 m18 m1635 m39.270-103.670
LincolnKZ1219 m22 m1401 m46.980-112.640
Lincoln countyKZ1408 m18 m1471 m37.790-114.420
Lincoln muniKLNK2636 m45 m371 m40.850-96.760
Lincoln muniKLNK3932 m60 m371 m40.850-96.760
Lincoln muniKLNK1645 m30 m371 m40.850-96.760
Lincoln rgnlKZ854 m22 m63 m45.360-68.530
Lincoln rgnl karl harder fldKZ1829 m30 m36 m38.910-121.350
Lincolnton lincoln co rgnlKZ1676 m30 m266 m35.480-81.160
LindKZ975 m15 m454 m46.980-118.590
LindenKZ1260 m30 m7 m40.620-74.240
Lindsay muniKZ914 m15 m295 m34.850-97.590
Linn state tech collegeKZ1036 m18 m290 m38.470-91.820
Linton muniKZ1127 m18 m541 m46.220-100.250
Lisbon muniKZ554 m30 m377 m46.450-97.730
Lisbon muniKZ929 m15 m377 m46.450-97.730
Litchfield muniKZ1219 m30 m347 m45.100-94.510
Litchfield muniKZ1189 m22 m210 m39.160-89.670
Litchfield muniKZ1220 m22 m210 m39.160-89.670
Little falls morrison coKZ1219 m22 m341 m45.950-94.350
Little falls morrison coKZ880 m51 m341 m45.950-94.350
Little mountainKZ914 m12 m313 m35.590-81.080
Little riverKZ1599 m45 m174 m39.260-123.750
Little rock afbKLRF1066 m18 m94 m34.920-92.150
Little rock afbKLRF3657 m60 m94 m34.920-92.150
Littlebrook air parkKZ823 m15 m39 m43.140-70.770
Littlefield muniKZ1225 m18 m1101 m33.920-102.390
Littlefield muniKZ758 m12 m1101 m33.920-102.390
Live oak coKZ1158 m18 m39 m28.360-98.120
Livermore muniKZ822 m22 m121 m37.690-121.820
Livermore muniKZ1601 m30 m121 m37.690-121.820
Livingston coKZ1310 m22 m292 m42.630-83.980
Livingston muniKZ1127 m18 m46 m30.690-95.020
Livingston muniKZ1218 m22 m418 m36.410-85.310
Llano muniKZ1280 m22 m335 m30.780-98.660
Llano muniKZ987 m45 m335 m30.780-98.660
Lochridge ranchKZ1524 m18 m119 m31.990-95.950
LockettKZ914 m9 m390 m34.090-99.370
Lockhart muniKZ1219 m22 m162 m29.850-97.670
LodiKZ940 m12 m17 m38.200-121.270
LodiKZ630 m7 m17 m38.200-121.270
Logan cacheKZ1526 m45 m1358 m41.790-111.850
Logan cacheKZ1528 m30 m1358 m41.790-111.850
Logan cacheKZ2772 m30 m1358 m41.790-111.850
Logan coKZ1097 m22 m508 m37.860-81.920
Logan coKZ1218 m22 m181 m40.160-89.340
Logan coKZ915 m41 m181 m40.160-89.340
Logansport muniKZ1299 m18 m224 m40.710-86.370
LompocKZ1097 m30 m26 m34.670-120.470
London corbin arpt magee fldKLOZ1828 m45 m369 m37.090-84.080
Lone pineKZ731 m30 m1121 m36.590-118.050
Lone pineKZ1219 m18 m1121 m36.590-118.050
Lone star steel coKZ1630 m12 m86 m32.930-94.730
Lonesome pineKZ1609 m30 m818 m36.990-82.530
Long beachKLGB1652 m45 m18 m33.820-118.150
Long beachKLGB1887 m45 m18 m33.820-118.150
Long beachKLGB3048 m60 m18 m33.820-118.150
Long beachKLGB1362 m22 m18 m33.820-118.150
Long beachKLGB1300 m22 m18 m33.820-118.150
Long island mac arthurKISP2134 m45 m30 m40.800-73.100
Long island mac arthurKISP1534 m45 m30 m40.800-73.100
Long island mac arthurKISP1580 m45 m30 m40.800-73.100
Long island mac arthurKISP979 m22 m30 m40.800-73.100
Long meadow airstripKZ731 m22 m228 m35.670-86.490
Longhorn aux landing stripKZ1064 m22 m219 m31.370-97.670
Longville muniKZ1152 m22 m406 m46.990-94.200
Lonnie pool fld weavervilleKZ908 m15 m716 m40.750-122.920
Lorain co rgnlKZ1524 m30 m241 m41.340-82.180
Lordsburg muniKZ809 m22 m1303 m32.330-108.690
Lordsburg muniKZ1527 m22 m1303 m32.330-108.690
Loring intlKZ3688 m91 m227 m46.950-67.890
Los alamitos aafKSLI2438 m60 m10 m33.790-118.050
Los alamitos aafKSLI1798 m45 m10 m33.790-118.050
Los alamitos aafKSLI762 m45 m10 m33.790-118.050
Los alamosKZ1691 m34 m2185 m35.880-106.270
Los angeles intlKLAX3382 m60 m38 m33.940-118.410
Los angeles intlKLAX3685 m45 m38 m33.940-118.410
Los angeles intlKLAX3134 m45 m38 m33.940-118.410
Los angeles intlKLAX2720 m45 m38 m33.940-118.410
Los banos muniKZ915 m22 m36 m37.060-120.870
Lost bridge villageKZ960 m12 m438 m36.390-93.910
Lost hills kern countyKZ920 m18 m83 m35.620-119.690
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