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25 Apr 2014
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United states of america (US)

America/United states/

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Population 2012
Land Area
9,826,675 km2
Washington DC
US dollar (USD)
Latitude / Longitude
38 00 97 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
50,700 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
Lakota muniKZ1066 m18 m460 m48.030-98.330
Lamar coKZ1101 m22 m141 m33.850-88.120
Lamar muniKZ884 m12 m307 m37.490-94.310
Lamar muniKZ1921 m30 m1129 m38.070-102.690
Lamar muniKZ1524 m18 m1129 m38.070-102.690
Lambert st louis intlKSTL2317 m45 m184 m38.750-90.360
Lambert st louis intlKSTL3358 m60 m184 m38.750-90.360
Lambert st louis intlKSTL2744 m45 m184 m38.750-90.360
Lambert st louis intlKSTL1917 m22 m184 m38.750-90.360
Lambert st louis intlKSTL877 m22 m184 m38.750-90.360
Lamesa muniKZ1219 m18 m913 m32.760-101.920
Lamesa muniKZ1523 m22 m913 m32.760-101.920
LampasasKZ1280 m22 m370 m31.110-98.200
Lampson fieldKZ1097 m18 m420 m38.990-122.900
LanaiPHNY1524 m45 m398 m20.790-156.950
LancasterKZ1524 m30 m152 m32.580-96.720
LancasterKLNS1645 m45 m122 m40.120-76.300
LancasterKLNS1250 m30 m122 m40.120-76.300
Lancaster co mc whirter fldKZ1830 m30 m148 m34.720-80.850
Lancaster muniKZ1173 m13 m307 m42.780-90.680
Landings condominiumKZ960 m15 m268 m42.140-88.400
Lane airparkKZ975 m10 m28 m29.520-95.780
Langlade coKZ1036 m22 m463 m45.150-89.110
Langlade coKZ1219 m22 m463 m45.150-89.110
Langley afbKLFI3048 m45 m3 m37.080-76.360
LansdowneKZ936 m15 m318 m41.130-80.620
Lansing muniKZ1111 m22 m187 m41.540-87.530
Lansing muniKZ707 m23 m187 m41.540-87.530
Laramie rgnlKLAR2590 m45 m2220 m41.310-105.670
Laramie rgnlKLAR1920 m30 m2220 m41.310-105.670
Laredo intlKLRD2510 m45 m154 m27.540-99.460
Laredo intlKLRD1806 m45 m154 m27.540-99.460
Laredo intlKLRD2386 m45 m154 m27.540-99.460
Larned pawnee coKZ968 m51 m612 m38.210-99.090
Larned pawnee coKZ939 m54 m612 m38.210-99.090
Larned pawnee coKZ1280 m22 m612 m38.210-99.090
Las cruces intlKLRU2285 m30 m1358 m32.290-106.920
Las cruces intlKLRU2285 m30 m1358 m32.290-106.920
Las cruces intlKLRU1849 m30 m1358 m32.290-106.920
Las vegas muniKZ1525 m22 m2096 m35.650-105.140
Las vegas muniKZ2498 m18 m2096 m35.650-105.140
Laughlin afbKDLF2698 m45 m329 m29.360-100.780
Laughlin afbKDLF1900 m45 m329 m29.360-100.780
Laughlin afbKDLF2534 m45 m329 m29.360-100.780
Laughlin afb aux nr 1KZ1913 m45 m297 m29.130-100.470
Laughlin bullhead intlKZ2292 m45 m211 m35.160-114.560
LaurelKZ967 m82 m9 m38.540-75.590
Laurel muniKZ1584 m15 m1071 m45.700-108.760
Laurel muniKZ365 m18 m1071 m45.700-108.760
Laurel muniKZ821 m15 m1071 m45.700-108.760
Laurence g hanscom fldKBED1556 m45 m40 m42.470-71.290
Laurence g hanscom fldKBED2133 m45 m40 m42.470-71.290
Laurens countyKZ1188 m22 m212 m34.510-81.950
Laurinburg maxtonKZ1977 m45 m67 m34.790-79.370
Laurinburg maxtonKZ1143 m45 m67 m34.790-79.370
Laverne muniKZ1203 m15 m643 m36.740-99.910
Lawrence coKZ1524 m45 m179 m34.660-87.350
Lawrence coKZ1524 m45 m179 m34.660-87.350
Lawrence co airparkKZ914 m21 m173 m38.420-82.490
Lawrence j timmermanKZ872 m83 m227 m43.110-88.030
Lawrence j timmermanKZ975 m22 m227 m43.110-88.030
Lawrence j timmermanKZ990 m83 m227 m43.110-88.030
Lawrence j timmermanKZ1251 m22 m227 m43.110-88.030
Lawrence muniKLWM975 m45 m45 m42.720-71.120
Lawrence muniKLWM1524 m45 m45 m42.720-71.120
Lawrence muniKLWM1189 m30 m45 m42.720-71.120
Lawrence muniKZ1189 m22 m253 m39.010-95.220
Lawrence muniKZ1524 m30 m253 m39.010-95.220
Lawrence smith memKZ1219 m22 m278 m38.610-94.340
Lawrenceburg lawrence coKZ1524 m30 m285 m35.230-87.260
Lawrenceville brunswick muniKZ576 m21 m100 m36.770-77.790
Lawrenceville brunswick muniKZ975 m15 m100 m36.770-77.790
Lawrenceville vincennes intlKZ1584 m45 m131 m38.760-87.610
Lawrenceville vincennes intlKZ1584 m45 m131 m38.760-87.610
Lawrenceville vincennes intlKZ304 m60 m131 m38.760-87.610
Lawson aafKLSF1799 m45 m70 m32.340-84.990
Lawson aafKLSF2500 m45 m70 m32.340-84.990
Lawton fort sill rgnlKZ2621 m45 m338 m34.570-98.420
Le gros memKZ1310 m45 m5 m30.160-92.480
Le gros memKZ1219 m45 m5 m30.160-92.480
Le maire memKZ914 m22 m4 m29.900-91.670
Le mars muniKZ1219 m22 m364 m42.780-96.190
Le sueur muniKZ915 m22 m264 m44.440-93.910
Lea co rgnlKZ2254 m45 m1115 m32.690-103.220
Lea co rgnlKZ1070 m45 m1115 m32.690-103.220
Lea co rgnlKZ1829 m45 m1115 m32.690-103.220
Lea co rgnlKZ1523 m45 m1115 m32.690-103.220
Lea co zip franklin memKZ1828 m22 m1212 m32.950-103.410
Lea co zip franklin memKZ1343 m18 m1212 m32.950-103.410
Lea county jalKZ1432 m18 m950 m32.130-103.150
Lea county jalKZ790 m15 m950 m32.130-103.150
LeachKZ2133 m15 m2315 m37.780-106.040
Leaders clear lakeKZ914 m45 m301 m45.440-93.970
LeadoreKZ1066 m42 m1834 m44.670-113.350
LeadoreKZ883 m27 m1834 m44.670-113.350
Lebanon muniKZ1524 m30 m175 m36.190-86.320
Lebanon muniKZ609 m45 m175 m36.190-86.320
Lebanon muniKLEB1675 m30 m183 m43.630-72.300
Lebanon muniKLEB1584 m30 m183 m43.630-72.300
Lebanon springfieldKZ1524 m22 m263 m37.630-85.240
Lebanon warren coKZ1372 m19 m273 m39.460-84.250
Ledgedale airparkKZ1281 m22 m202 m43.180-77.920
Lee c fine memKZ1980 m30 m264 m38.100-92.550
Lee coKZ1524 m22 m430 m36.650-83.220
Lee county mariannaKZ926 m15 m66 m34.780-90.810
Lee creekKZ1772 m22 m0 m35.390-76.780
Lee gilmer memKZ1219 m30 m388 m34.270-83.830
Lee gilmer memKZ1525 m30 m388 m34.270-83.830
Lee viningKZ1246 m15 m2073 m37.960-119.110
Leeds muniKZ914 m15 m459 m48.290-99.400
Lees summit muniKZ1158 m22 m306 m38.960-94.370
Lees summit muniKZ1223 m22 m306 m38.960-94.370
Leesburg executiveKZ1676 m30 m118 m39.080-77.560
Leesburg rgnlKZ1524 m30 m23 m28.820-81.810
Leesburg rgnlKZ1511 m30 m23 m28.820-81.810
LeesvilleKZ1158 m22 m85 m31.170-93.340
Leeward farmKZ1158 m21 m321 m43.350-90.680
Lehigh valley intlKABE2316 m45 m120 m40.650-75.440
Lehigh valley intlKABE1766 m45 m120 m40.650-75.440
Lemhi coKZ1569 m18 m1232 m45.120-113.880
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