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19 Apr 2014
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United states of america (US)

America/United states/

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Population 2012
Land Area
9,826,675 km2
Washington DC
US dollar (USD)
Latitude / Longitude
38 00 97 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
50,700 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
HerlongKZ993 m12 m1235 m40.140-120.180
HerlongKZ1219 m45 m26 m30.280-81.810
HerlongKZ1219 m30 m26 m30.280-81.810
HerlongKZ1066 m30 m26 m30.280-81.810
HerlongKZ1219 m45 m26 m30.280-81.810
Hermann muniKZ974 m15 m155 m38.710-91.490
Hermiston muniKZ1371 m22 m196 m45.830-119.260
Hernando coKZ2133 m45 m23 m28.470-82.460
Hernando coKZ1528 m45 m23 m28.470-82.460
Hesler noble fldKZ1680 m45 m72 m31.670-89.170
HesperiaKZ1191 m15 m1033 m34.380-117.320
Hester memorialKZ1193 m18 m157 m34.090-82.570
Hettinger muniKZ1417 m22 m824 m46.010-102.660
Hettinger muniKZ576 m30 m824 m46.010-102.660
Hickory rgnlKHKY1341 m45 m362 m35.740-81.390
Hickory rgnlKHKY1950 m45 m362 m35.740-81.390
Hicks airfieldKZ1139 m18 m260 m32.930-97.410
Hidden lakeKZ1036 m15 m9 m28.280-82.650
Higgins lipscomb coKZ1209 m18 m782 m36.110-100.030
Higginsville industrial muniKZ1005 m18 m252 m39.070-93.680
High man tower airstripKZ1005 m18 m27 m27.850-97.680
Highland coKZ1072 m22 m297 m39.190-83.540
Hill afbKHIF4117 m60 m1459 m41.120-111.970
Hill city muniKZ1524 m22 m679 m39.380-99.830
Hillenbrand industriesKZ1508 m30 m296 m39.340-85.260
HillmanKZ1036 m18 m259 m45.080-83.940
HillmanKZ868 m45 m259 m45.080-83.940
Hillsboro muniKZ1005 m18 m275 m47.360-97.060
Hillsboro muniKZ1219 m18 m208 m32.080-97.100
Hillsdale muniKZ1219 m22 m360 m41.920-84.590
Hilltop lakesKZ914 m12 m152 m31.080-96.220
Hilo intlPHTO1706 m45 m11 m19.720-155.050
Hilo intlPHTO2987 m45 m11 m19.720-155.050
Hilton headKZ1310 m22 m5 m32.220-80.700
Hinton muniKZ944 m18 m482 m35.510-98.340
Hitchcock airstripKZ960 m15 m309 m46.380-120.760
Hobart muniKZ1604 m45 m476 m34.990-99.050
Hobart muniKZ1613 m45 m476 m34.990-99.050
Hobart muniKZ1613 m45 m476 m34.990-99.050
Hobart sky ranchKZ952 m12 m196 m41.550-87.260
Hobby fldKZ944 m18 m163 m43.930-123.010
HoganKZ914 m39 m384 m42.780-74.330
HoganKZ914 m8 m384 m42.780-74.330
Hogans cornerKZ1127 m12 m15 m47.040-124.150
HogueKZ914 m15 m548 m35.640-85.400
Holbrook muniKZ975 m36 m1603 m34.940-110.140
Holbrook muniKZ2054 m22 m1603 m34.940-110.140
Holdenville muniKZ975 m30 m262 m35.090-96.420
Holdenville muniKZ990 m30 m262 m35.090-96.420
Holland air parkKZ975 m18 m222 m44.030-91.300
Hollandale municipalKZ914 m15 m34 m33.180-90.830
Holley mountain airparkKZ1463 m15 m386 m35.650-92.410
Holley nolfKZ1097 m45 m11 m30.430-86.890
Holley nolfKZ1097 m45 m11 m30.430-86.890
Holley nolfKZ1097 m45 m11 m30.430-86.890
Hollis muniKZ914 m18 m505 m34.710-99.910
Hollister muniKZ960 m30 m70 m36.890-121.410
Hollister muniKZ1935 m30 m70 m36.890-121.410
Holloman afbKHMN3223 m91 m1247 m32.850-106.110
Holloman afbKHMN3901 m45 m1247 m32.850-106.110
Holloman afbKHMN3697 m45 m1247 m32.850-106.110
Holly grove muniKZ1392 m15 m53 m34.580-91.170
Holly springs marshall coKZ975 m18 m168 m34.800-89.520
Holmes coKZ1066 m19 m371 m40.540-81.950
HoltvilleKZ1828 m45 m17 m32.840-115.270
HolyokeKZ1524 m22 m1136 m40.570-102.270
HolyokeKZ1086 m16 m1136 m40.570-102.270
HomerPAHO2042 m45 m25 m59.650-151.480
Homer muniKZ975 m18 m74 m32.790-93.000
HomervilleKZ1219 m45 m56 m31.060-82.770
Homestead arbKHST3413 m91 m2 m25.490-80.380
Homestead general aviationKZ914 m22 m2 m25.500-80.550
Homestead general aviationKZ1219 m30 m2 m25.500-80.550
Hominy muniKZ978 m18 m251 m36.430-96.380
Hondo muniKZ1836 m45 m283 m29.360-99.180
Hondo muniKZ1645 m45 m283 m29.360-99.180
Hondo muniKZ1846 m45 m283 m29.360-99.180
Hondo muniKZ1842 m45 m283 m29.360-99.180
Hondo muniKZ982 m42 m283 m29.360-99.180
Honolulu intlPHIK2743 m45 m3 m21.320-157.930
Honolulu intlPHIK2118 m45 m3 m21.320-157.930
Honolulu intlPHIK3657 m60 m3 m21.320-157.930
Honolulu intlPHIK3749 m45 m3 m21.320-157.930
Hood aafKHLR1436 m43 m281 m31.140-97.710
Hood riverKZ926 m22 m192 m45.670-121.540
Hook fld muniKZ1859 m30 m198 m39.530-84.400
Hook fld muniKZ909 m91 m198 m39.530-84.400
Hooker muniKZ1009 m18 m913 m36.860-101.230
HoonahPAOH913 m22 m6 m58.100-135.410
Hooper bayPAHP1005 m22 m5 m61.520-166.150
Hope muniKZ1694 m45 m109 m33.720-93.660
Hope muniKZ1676 m45 m109 m33.720-93.660
Hope muniKZ1676 m45 m109 m33.720-93.660
Hopedale industrial parkKZ966 m27 m81 m42.110-71.510
Hopkins fldKZ1402 m22 m1809 m38.240-108.560
Hopkins fldKZ1219 m24 m1809 m38.240-108.560
Hopkinsville christian coKZ1677 m22 m171 m36.860-87.460
Horace williamsKZ1220 m22 m156 m35.940-79.070
Hornell muniKZ1524 m22 m371 m42.380-77.680
Horseshoe bay airparkKZ1822 m30 m332 m30.530-98.360
Horseshoe bendKZ1380 m15 m234 m36.220-91.750
Hot springs co thermopolis muniKZ1463 m30 m1396 m43.660-108.210
Hot springs muniKZ1373 m30 m959 m43.370-103.390
Hot springs muniKZ1203 m76 m959 m43.370-103.390
Houghton co memKCMX1583 m30 m333 m47.170-88.490
Houghton co memKCMX1981 m45 m333 m47.170-88.490
Houlton intlKZ1524 m45 m149 m46.120-67.790
Houlton intlKZ1524 m45 m149 m46.120-67.790
Houma terrebonneKZ1983 m45 m3 m29.570-90.660
Houma terrebonneKZ1523 m60 m3 m29.570-90.660
Houma terrebonneKZ432 m22 m3 m29.570-90.660
Houma terrebonneKZ355 m22 m3 m29.570-90.660
Houston coKZ1066 m23 m359 m43.600-91.500
Houston coKZ1219 m22 m106 m31.310-95.400
Houston countyKZ914 m22 m112 m36.320-87.920
Houston memorialKZ1066 m18 m364 m37.330-91.970
Houston municipalKZ914 m22 m102 m33.890-89.020
Houston southwestKZ1524 m30 m20 m29.510-95.480
Hoven muniKZ1127 m18 m574 m45.260-99.800
Howard coKZ1115 m15 m168 m34.000-93.840
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