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19 Apr 2014
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United states of america (US)

America/United states/

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Population 2012
Land Area
9,826,675 km2
Washington DC
US dollar (USD)
Latitude / Longitude
38 00 97 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
50,700 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
Godman aafKFTK1702 m45 m230 m37.910-85.970
Godman aafKFTK1601 m22 m230 m37.910-85.970
Godman aafKFTK1523 m45 m230 m37.910-85.970
Godman aafKFTK1378 m45 m230 m37.910-85.970
Gogebic iron coKZ1981 m45 m374 m46.530-90.130
Gold beach muniKZ975 m22 m4 m42.410-124.420
Golden triangle rgnlKZ1980 m45 m80 m33.450-88.590
GoldendaleKZ1063 m12 m505 m45.830-120.840
GoldhillKZ914 m9 m219 m35.510-80.310
Goldsboro wayne muniKZ1676 m30 m40 m35.460-77.960
Goldstone gtsKZ1828 m24 m925 m35.350-116.890
Gonzales muniKZ975 m15 m107 m29.530-97.460
Gooding muniKZ1443 m22 m1136 m42.920-114.770
Gopher gulchKZ1028 m12 m1060 m44.110-121.330
Gordon muniKZ1583 m22 m1085 m42.810-102.180
Gordon muniKZ696 m15 m1085 m42.810-102.180
Goshen muniKZ1524 m22 m252 m41.530-85.790
Goshen muniKZ766 m79 m252 m41.530-85.790
Goshen muniKZ787 m54 m252 m41.530-85.790
GoshuteKZ1066 m13 m1664 m40.000-113.980
Gould peterson muniKZ1150 m18 m280 m40.450-95.360
Grafton muniKZ1310 m45 m251 m48.400-97.370
Grafton muniKZ1188 m22 m251 m48.400-97.370
Gragg wade fldKZ1217 m30 m178 m32.850-86.610
Graham muniKZ1280 m22 m342 m33.110-98.560
Graham muniKZ1011 m15 m342 m33.110-98.560
Granbury muniKZ1098 m18 m237 m32.440-97.820
Granby grand coKZ1552 m21 m2500 m40.090-105.920
Grand canyon natl parkKGCN2742 m45 m2013 m35.950-112.150
Grand canyon stateKZ1097 m18 m578 m41.730-77.400
Grand canyon westKZ1524 m18 m1455 m35.990-113.820
Grand coulee damKZ1280 m22 m484 m47.920-119.080
Grand forks afbKRDR3764 m45 m277 m47.960-97.400
Grand forks intlKGFK2240 m45 m257 m47.950-97.180
Grand forks intlKGFK1188 m22 m257 m47.950-97.180
Grand forks intlKGFK1282 m30 m257 m47.950-97.180
Grand geneva resortKZ1167 m22 m254 m42.610-88.390
Grand glaize osage beachKZ976 m18 m266 m38.110-92.680
Grand haven mem arpkKZ1143 m22 m184 m43.030-86.200
Grand haven mem arpkKZ627 m18 m184 m43.030-86.200
Grand lake rgnlKZ1196 m18 m241 m36.580-94.860
Grand marais cook coKZ1280 m22 m548 m47.840-90.380
Grand prairie muniKZ1219 m22 m179 m32.700-97.050
Grand rapids itasca co gordon newstromKZ904 m45 m413 m47.210-93.510
Grand rapids itasca co gordon newstromKZ752 m30 m413 m47.210-93.510
Grand rapids itasca co gordon newstromKZ1754 m30 m413 m47.210-93.510
Grand strandKZ1827 m30 m9 m33.810-78.720
Grandfield muniKZ469 m22 m343 m34.240-98.740
Grandfield muniKZ944 m22 m343 m34.240-98.740
Granite falls muni lenzen roe mem fldKZ1127 m22 m319 m44.750-95.560
Granite mountain afsPA1196 m38 m443 m65.410-161.280
Grant coKZ1211 m15 m1130 m42.010-101.770
Grant coKZ1413 m24 m1659 m32.640-108.160
Grant coKZ2073 m30 m1659 m32.640-108.160
Grant coKZ1424 m22 m1659 m32.640-108.160
Grant coKZ1668 m22 m1659 m32.640-108.160
Grant coKZ1218 m18 m292 m38.990-79.140
Grant co intlKZ3048 m30 m361 m47.210-119.320
Grant co intlKZ1371 m27 m361 m47.210-119.320
Grant co intlKZ895 m22 m361 m47.210-119.320
Grant co intlKZ4115 m60 m361 m47.210-119.320
Grant co intlKZ1007 m22 m361 m47.210-119.320
Grant co rgnl ogilvie fldKZ1047 m18 m1126 m44.400-118.960
Grant co rgnl ogilvie fldKZ1371 m18 m1126 m44.400-118.960
Grant muniKZ1158 m15 m1043 m40.870-101.730
Grants milan muniKZ716 m12 m1987 m35.170-107.900
Grants milan muniKZ2179 m22 m1987 m35.170-107.900
Grants passKZ1218 m22 m343 m42.510-123.390
Grantsburg municipalKZ914 m18 m282 m45.800-92.660
Grantsburg municipalKZ1010 m36 m282 m45.800-92.660
GrapevineKZ1158 m12 m719 m33.640-111.060
Grassy meadows sky ranchKZ1341 m15 m1021 m37.100-113.310
Gratiot communityKZ1524 m22 m229 m43.320-84.690
Gratiot communityKZ975 m22 m229 m43.320-84.690
Gray aafKGRF1866 m45 m92 m47.080-122.580
Gray butte fldKZ1524 m45 m920 m34.560-117.680
Grayling aafKZ1524 m45 m352 m44.680-84.730
Grayling aafKZ1524 m45 m352 m44.680-84.730
Grays creekKZ1066 m9 m48 m34.890-78.840
Grayson coKZ1219 m18 m231 m37.400-86.260
Grayson coKZ687 m45 m228 m33.710-96.670
Grayson coKZ3048 m45 m228 m33.710-96.670
Grayson coKZ2743 m45 m228 m33.710-96.670
Great barringtonKZ786 m15 m225 m42.180-73.400
Great bend muniKZ2438 m45 m575 m38.340-98.860
Great bend muniKZ1431 m22 m575 m38.340-98.860
Great falls intlKGTF3201 m45 m1120 m47.480-111.370
Great falls intlKGTF1937 m45 m1120 m47.480-111.370
Great falls intlKGTF1308 m22 m1120 m47.480-111.370
Greater beardstownKZ1219 m18 m141 m39.970-90.400
Greater binghamton rgnl edwin a linkKBGM1524 m45 m498 m42.210-75.980
Greater binghamton rgnl edwin a linkKBGM2164 m45 m498 m42.210-75.980
Greater cumberland rgnlKZ1538 m45 m236 m39.620-78.760
Greater cumberland rgnlKZ744 m45 m236 m39.620-78.760
Greater kankakeeKIKK1340 m22 m192 m41.070-87.850
Greater kankakeeKIKK1822 m30 m192 m41.070-87.850
Greater morris coKZ938 m15 m122 m33.130-94.700
Greater peoria rgnlKPIA2439 m45 m201 m40.660-89.690
Greater peoria rgnlKPIA3048 m45 m201 m40.660-89.690
Greater portsmouth rgnlKZ1525 m30 m202 m38.840-82.850
Greater rochester intlKROC2438 m45 m170 m43.120-77.670
Greater rochester intlKROC1341 m42 m170 m43.120-77.670
Greater rochester intlKROC1676 m45 m170 m43.120-77.670
Greater rockfordKRFD3048 m45 m226 m42.200-89.100
Greater rockfordKRFD2499 m45 m226 m42.200-89.100
Greater st tammanyKZ914 m22 m11 m30.450-89.990
Greeley weld coKZ1096 m22 m1431 m40.440-104.630
Greeley weld coKZ1767 m30 m1431 m40.440-104.630
Greeley weld coKZ3048 m30 m1431 m40.440-104.630
Green castleKZ1219 m18 m228 m41.760-91.730
Green lake ranchKZ1338 m18 m15 m28.580-96.850
Green river muniKZ1706 m22 m1287 m38.960-110.230
Greenbrier valleyKZ2134 m45 m701 m37.860-80.400
Greene coKZ1066 m22 m324 m39.900-80.130
Greene co lewis a jackson rgnlKZ1208 m22 m289 m39.690-83.990
Greene county rgnlKZ1525 m22 m206 m33.600-83.140
Greeneville greene co muniKZ1920 m30 m490 m36.190-82.820
Greenfield muniKZ1036 m18 m414 m41.330-94.450
Greenfield muniKZ762 m15 m414 m41.330-94.450
Greenhorn valleyKZ1188 m10 m1766 m37.960-104.780
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