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17 Apr 2014
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United states of america (US)

America/United states/

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Population 2012
Land Area
9,826,675 km2
Washington DC
US dollar (USD)
Latitude / Longitude
38 00 97 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
50,700 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
Fort lauderdale hollywood intlKFLL2112 m45 m2 m26.070-80.150
Fort lauderdale hollywood intlKFLL1608 m30 m2 m26.070-80.150
Fort lauderdale hollywood intlKFLL2743 m45 m2 m26.070-80.150
Fort madison muniKZ365 m30 m220 m40.660-91.330
Fort madison muniKZ1219 m22 m220 m40.660-91.330
Fort morgan muniKZ701 m30 m1392 m40.330-103.800
Fort morgan muniKZ1590 m18 m1392 m40.330-103.800
Fort morgan muniKZ1371 m9 m1392 m40.330-103.800
Fort scott muniKZ1341 m22 m279 m37.800-94.770
Fort smith lndg stripKZ1166 m15 m988 m45.320-107.930
Fort smith rgnlKFSM1524 m45 m142 m35.340-94.370
Fort smith rgnlKFSM2438 m45 m142 m35.340-94.370
Fort stockton pecos coKFST2288 m30 m917 m30.920-102.920
Fort stockton pecos coKFST1340 m18 m917 m30.920-102.920
Fort stockton pecos coKFST1584 m45 m917 m30.920-102.920
Fort stockton pecos coKFST1188 m30 m917 m30.920-102.920
Fort sumner muniKZ1767 m22 m1269 m34.480-104.220
Fort sumner muniKZ1432 m15 m1269 m34.480-104.220
Fort wayne intlKFWA2438 m45 m248 m40.980-85.200
Fort wayne intlKFWA3657 m45 m248 m40.980-85.200
Fort wayne intlKFWA1219 m22 m248 m40.980-85.200
Fort worth allianceKAFW2505 m45 m220 m32.990-97.320
Fort worth allianceKAFW2926 m45 m220 m32.990-97.320
Fort worth meacham intlKFTW1120 m30 m216 m32.820-97.360
Fort worth meacham intlKFTW2286 m45 m216 m32.820-97.360
Fort worth meacham intlKFTW1221 m22 m216 m32.820-97.360
Fort worth nas jrbKZ3658 m91 m198 m32.770-97.440
Fort worth spinks oak grove heliportKZ1829 m30 m213 m32.570-97.310
Fort worth spinks oak grove heliportKZ1219 m18 m213 m32.570-97.310
Fort worth spinks oak grove heliportKZ1048 m15 m213 m32.570-97.310
Fort yukonPFYU1770 m45 m131 m66.570-145.250
Fossil creek ranchKZ1615 m22 m403 m29.570-99.970
Fosston muniKZ1067 m22 m389 m47.590-95.770
Foster fldKZ913 m9 m301 m42.470-90.170
Fostoria metroKZ1279 m30 m229 m41.190-83.390
Fountainhead lodge airparkKZ914 m15 m204 m35.390-95.600
Four corners rgnlKFMN1981 m45 m1678 m36.740-108.230
Four corners rgnlKFMN2043 m30 m1678 m36.740-108.230
Four corners rgnlKFMN848 m30 m1678 m36.740-108.230
Four square ranchKZ1219 m9 m685 m30.100-100.400
FowlerKZ987 m12 m1349 m38.070-104.050
FowlerKZ868 m15 m1349 m38.070-104.050
Fox mountainKZ365 m22 m281 m34.730-85.540
Fox stephens fld gilmer muniKZ1219 m18 m126 m32.700-94.950
Frager fldKZ1127 m24 m537 m40.430-98.070
Frank federer memKZ1220 m15 m59 m34.880-91.180
Frank sikesKZ1414 m24 m91 m31.740-86.260
Frank wiley fldKMLS1731 m22 m801 m46.430-105.890
Frank wiley fldKMLS1713 m22 m801 m46.430-105.890
FrankfortKZ1281 m15 m237 m41.480-87.840
Frankfort dow memKZ1234 m22 m192 m44.630-86.200
Frankfort muniKZ770 m21 m262 m40.270-86.560
Frankfort muniKZ1524 m22 m262 m40.270-86.560
Franklin coKZ1005 m15 m595 m35.210-85.900
Franklin coKZ1188 m18 m125 m33.220-95.240
Franklin coKZ2510 m30 m112 m36.020-78.330
Franklin co stateKZ914 m18 m69 m44.940-73.100
Franklin countyKZ1066 m22 m262 m34.340-83.130
Franklin fieldKZ944 m18 m6 m38.300-121.430
Franklin fieldKZ987 m18 m6 m38.300-121.430
Franklin fldKZ1115 m24 m91 m32.170-85.810
Franklin muni john beverly roseKZ1097 m30 m12 m36.700-76.900
Franklin muni john beverly roseKZ1517 m30 m12 m36.700-76.900
Franklin muni john beverly roseKZ1249 m30 m12 m36.700-76.900
Franklin wilkinsKZ658 m60 m156 m35.650-88.380
Franklin wilkinsKZ1524 m22 m156 m35.650-88.380
FranklintonKZ914 m22 m53 m30.820-90.110
Frasca fldKZ1219 m16 m224 m40.150-88.200
Frasca fldKZ1114 m42 m224 m40.150-88.200
Fred netterville lumber coKZ914 m9 m36 m31.220-91.240
Freddie jones fldKZ1033 m24 m49 m32.270-87.720
Frederick muniKZ1463 m18 m382 m34.350-98.980
Frederick muniKZ1316 m45 m382 m34.350-98.980
Frederick muniKZ1386 m22 m382 m34.350-98.980
Frederick muniKZ1828 m45 m382 m34.350-98.980
Frederick muniKZ969 m15 m382 m34.350-98.980
Frederick muniKZ1591 m30 m92 m39.420-77.370
Frederick muniKZ1097 m22 m92 m39.420-77.370
Fredericktown rgnlKZ1219 m22 m268 m37.610-90.290
FredoniaKZ1395 m13 m268 m37.580-95.840
Freedom muniKZ914 m7 m462 m36.760-99.100
FreeholdKZ992 m4 m134 m42.360-74.070
Freeman fldKZ587 m60 m335 m39.040-96.840
Freeman fldKZ583 m42 m335 m39.040-96.840
Freeman fldKZ1065 m22 m335 m39.040-96.840
Freeman muniKZ1677 m30 m177 m38.920-85.910
Freeman muniKZ304 m45 m177 m38.920-85.910
Freeman muniKZ1676 m30 m177 m38.920-85.910
FremontKZ649 m39 m202 m41.330-83.160
FremontKZ1342 m18 m202 m41.330-83.160
Fremont coKZ993 m10 m1657 m38.430-105.110
Fremont coKZ1645 m22 m1657 m38.430-105.110
Fremont muniKZ1067 m22 m235 m43.440-85.990
Fremont muniKZ1775 m30 m235 m43.440-85.990
Fremont muniKZ1676 m30 m366 m41.450-96.520
Fremont muniKZ744 m15 m366 m41.450-96.520
French frigate shoalsPH914 m60 m1 m23.860-166.290
French lick muniKZ1676 m30 m241 m38.510-86.640
French valleyKZ1402 m22 m411 m33.580-117.130
Fresno chandler downtownKZ975 m22 m84 m36.730-119.820
Fresno chandler downtownKZ916 m22 m84 m36.730-119.820
Fresno yosemite intlKFAT2196 m30 m102 m36.780-119.720
Fresno yosemite intlKFAT2809 m45 m102 m36.780-119.720
Friday harborKZ1036 m22 m34 m48.520-123.020
Friedman memKZ2012 m30 m1620 m43.500-114.300
Front rangeKZ2438 m30 m1680 m39.790-104.540
Front rangeKZ2438 m30 m1680 m39.790-104.540
Front rangeKZ1219 m18 m1680 m39.790-104.540
Front royal warren coKZ912 m22 m216 m38.920-78.250
Frontier airparkKZ1158 m9 m146 m48.110-122.060
FryKZ914 m15 m274 m40.190-84.260
Fullerton muniKZ951 m22 m29 m33.870-117.980
Fulton coKZ1183 m22 m237 m41.610-84.130
Fulton coKZ645 m22 m237 m41.610-84.130
Fulton coKZ1219 m22 m268 m43.000-74.330
Fulton coKRCR1524 m18 m240 m41.070-86.180
Fulton co arpt brown fldKFTY1766 m30 m256 m33.780-84.520
Fulton co arpt brown fldKFTY853 m18 m256 m33.780-84.520
Fulton co arpt brown fldKFTY1267 m30 m256 m33.780-84.520
Furnace creekKZ934 m21 m-65 m36.460-116.880
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