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17 Apr 2014
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United states of america (US)

America/United states/

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Population 2012
Land Area
9,826,675 km2
Washington DC
US dollar (USD)
Latitude / Longitude
38 00 97 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
50,700 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
Falls intlKINL914 m22 m361 m48.570-93.400
Falls intlKINL1983 m45 m361 m48.570-93.400
False river rgnlKZ1524 m22 m11 m30.720-91.480
Farias wheelKZ615 m30 m1477 m38.830-119.400
Farias wheelKZ1097 m30 m1477 m38.830-119.400
Faribault muniKZ679 m42 m323 m44.320-93.310
Faribault muniKZ1296 m21 m323 m44.320-93.310
Farmington rgnlKZ1286 m22 m288 m37.760-90.430
Farmville rgnlKZ1341 m22 m127 m37.360-78.440
Faulkton muniKZ914 m18 m478 m45.030-99.120
Fayette coKZ1553 m22 m298 m39.570-83.430
Fayette countyKZ1066 m22 m132 m35.210-89.390
Fayette rgnl air cntrKZ1524 m22 m98 m29.910-96.950
Fayetteville muniKZ1493 m30 m299 m35.060-86.560
Fayetteville rgnl grannis fldKFAY2350 m45 m57 m34.990-78.880
Fayetteville rgnl grannis fldKFAY1463 m45 m57 m34.990-78.880
Felker aafKZ920 m22 m3 m37.130-76.610
Felts fldKSFF1371 m45 m595 m47.680-117.320
Felts fldKSFF932 m22 m595 m47.680-117.320
Fentress nalfKZ2438 m53 m4 m36.700-76.140
Fergus falls muni einar mickelson fldKZ1718 m30 m360 m46.280-96.160
Fergus falls muni einar mickelson fldKZ1006 m22 m360 m46.280-96.160
FergusonKZ975 m60 m8 m30.400-87.350
Fernandina beach muniKZ1615 m30 m4 m30.610-81.460
Fernandina beach muniKZ1523 m45 m4 m30.610-81.460
Fernandina beach muniKZ1570 m30 m4 m30.610-81.460
Fernandina beach muniKZ1091 m45 m4 m30.610-81.460
FerrisKZ1097 m22 m10 m29.840-94.970
Ferry coKZ1060 m18 m767 m48.720-118.660
Fertile muniKZ915 m18 m346 m47.550-96.290
Festus memKZ671 m14 m131 m38.190-90.390
FillmoreKZ1539 m22 m1520 m38.960-112.360
Fillmore coKZ1219 m22 m388 m43.680-92.180
FindlayKZ1981 m30 m247 m41.010-83.670
FindlayKZ1793 m30 m247 m41.010-83.670
Finger lakes rgnlKZ1153 m22 m149 m42.880-76.780
Finger lakes rgnlKZ563 m21 m149 m42.880-76.780
FirebaughKZ945 m18 m47 m36.860-120.460
First flightKZ914 m18 m3 m36.020-75.670
Fisher coKZ853 m15 m591 m32.830-100.420
Fisher coKZ1005 m18 m591 m32.830-100.420
Fitch h beachKZ706 m30 m271 m42.570-84.810
Fitch h beachKZ1066 m22 m271 m42.570-84.810
Fitchburg muniKZ1067 m30 m106 m42.550-71.760
Fitchburg muniKZ1374 m30 m106 m42.550-71.760
Fitzgerald muniKZ1524 m30 m111 m31.680-83.270
Fitzgerald muniKZ1036 m91 m111 m31.680-83.270
Fl braughtonKZ1005 m9 m15 m31.340-91.590
Fl braughtonKZ1005 m9 m15 m31.340-91.590
FlabobKZ975 m15 m232 m33.990-117.410
Flagler aerial spraying incKZ762 m22 m1507 m39.280-103.070
Flagler aerial spraying incKZ1188 m27 m1507 m39.280-103.070
Flagler aerial spraying incKZ798 m6 m1507 m39.280-103.070
Flagler coKZ1524 m60 m10 m29.470-81.210
Flagler coKZ1523 m30 m10 m29.470-81.210
Flagler coKZ1524 m30 m10 m29.470-81.210
Flagler coKZ1524 m60 m10 m29.470-81.210
Flagstaff pulliamKFLG2133 m45 m2136 m35.140-111.670
Flandreau muniKZ944 m18 m501 m44.000-96.590
Flat top ranchKZ1274 m15 m294 m32.060-97.790
Fleming masonKZ1524 m22 m278 m38.540-83.740
Fletcher fldKZ1647 m30 m52 m34.300-90.510
Flora muniKZ1524 m22 m143 m38.660-88.450
Flora muniKZ822 m30 m143 m38.660-88.450
Florala muniKZ974 m22 m95 m31.040-86.310
Florence muniKZ914 m18 m14 m43.980-124.110
Florence rgnlKFLO1828 m45 m44 m34.190-79.720
Florence rgnlKFLO1980 m45 m44 m34.190-79.720
Floyd bennett memKGFL1524 m45 m99 m43.340-73.610
Floyd bennett memKGFL1219 m30 m99 m43.340-73.610
Floyd w jones lebanonKLBO1524 m22 m402 m37.650-92.650
Floyd w jones lebanonKLBO701 m15 m402 m37.650-92.650
Floydada muniKZ1127 m15 m970 m34.000-101.330
Fly n s ranchKZ563 m7 m405 m34.450-83.790
Flying bull ranchKZ975 m15 m491 m29.820-100.000
Flying cloudKFCM820 m22 m276 m44.830-93.460
Flying cloudKFCM1191 m22 m276 m44.830-93.460
Flying cloudKFCM1096 m22 m276 m44.830-93.460
Flying gKZ1584 m18 m205 m28.770-100.080
Flying vKZ914 m15 m483 m40.870-97.350
Flying wKZ1065 m22 m14 m39.930-74.810
Flying w airpark iiKZ426 m22 m144 m35.330-94.040
Flying w airpark iiKZ762 m25 m144 m35.330-94.040
Foard coKZ975 m11 m450 m33.980-99.710
Foley muniKZ1127 m22 m22 m30.430-87.700
Follett lipscomb coKZ1241 m18 m792 m36.440-100.120
Folsom fldKZ1676 m30 m293 m34.270-86.860
Fond du lac coKZ1097 m22 m246 m43.770-88.490
Fond du lac coKZ1810 m30 m246 m43.770-88.490
Forbes fldKFOE3902 m60 m328 m38.950-95.660
Forbes fldKFOE2133 m45 m328 m38.950-95.660
FordKZ1161 m22 m360 m45.820-88.110
FordKZ1981 m45 m360 m45.820-88.110
Ford arabian ranchKZ914 m15 m432 m30.010-98.430
Ford island nalfPH1219 m45 m5 m21.370-157.960
Ford motor co arizona proving groundKZ1828 m33 m619 m34.880-114.120
Ford motor co arizona proving groundKZ1828 m33 m619 m34.880-114.120
Forest city muniKZ825 m18 m374 m43.230-93.620
Forest city muniKZ1769 m30 m374 m43.230-93.620
Forest homeKZ1219 m9 m73 m31.010-91.200
Forest lakeKZ807 m45 m281 m45.250-92.990
Forrest city muniKZ918 m15 m75 m34.940-90.770
Fort atkinson municipalKZ1158 m18 m243 m42.960-88.820
Fort belknap agencyKZ975 m16 m723 m48.480-108.770
Fort bentonKZ1310 m22 m874 m47.850-110.630
Fort bentonKZ518 m22 m874 m47.850-110.630
Fort bridgerKZ1951 m24 m2143 m41.390-110.410
Fort bridgerKZ1219 m15 m2143 m41.390-110.410
Fort bridgerKZ1402 m15 m2143 m41.390-110.410
Fort collins lovelandKZ692 m12 m1528 m40.450-105.010
Fort collins lovelandKZ2590 m30 m1528 m40.450-105.010
Fort collins downtownKZ1615 m13 m1505 m40.590-105.040
Fort collins downtownKZ1036 m15 m1505 m40.590-105.040
Fort deposit lowndes coKZ1095 m23 m149 m31.970-86.590
Fort dodge rgnlKFOD1995 m45 m352 m42.550-94.190
Fort dodge rgnlKFOD1341 m30 m352 m42.550-94.190
Fort harrison aafKZ853 m31 m1234 m46.630-112.110
Fort harrison aafKZ560 m29 m1234 m46.630-112.110
Fort lauderdale executiveKZ1829 m30 m4 m26.200-80.170
Fort lauderdale executiveKZ1219 m30 m4 m26.200-80.170
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