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18 Apr 2014
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United states of america (US)

America/United states/

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Population 2012
Land Area
9,826,675 km2
Washington DC
US dollar (USD)
Latitude / Longitude
38 00 97 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
50,700 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
EllingtonKZ1524 m22 m218 m35.510-86.800
Ellington fldKZ2743 m45 m9 m29.610-95.160
Ellington fldKZ1404 m22 m9 m29.610-95.160
Ellington fldKZ2438 m45 m9 m29.610-95.160
Elliott fieldKZ1280 m12 m457 m34.460-84.180
Ells fld willits muniKZ914 m22 m628 m39.450-123.370
Ellsworth afbKRCA4113 m91 m999 m44.150-103.100
Ellsworth muniKZ679 m76 m492 m38.750-98.230
Ellsworth muniKZ1194 m14 m492 m38.750-98.230
Elmendorf afbPAED2286 m45 m64 m61.250-149.810
Elmendorf afbPAED3048 m60 m64 m61.250-149.810
Elmira corning rgnlKELM619 m45 m291 m42.160-76.890
Elmira corning rgnlKELM2133 m45 m291 m42.160-76.890
Elmira corning rgnlKELM1646 m45 m291 m42.160-76.890
Eloy muniKZ1188 m18 m461 m32.810-111.590
Elroy municipalKZ940 m30 m287 m43.710-90.260
Elton hensley memKZ976 m14 m270 m38.840-92.000
Elton hensley memKZ821 m30 m270 m38.840-92.000
Ely arpt yelland fldKZ1467 m18 m1907 m39.300-114.840
Ely arpt yelland fldKZ1834 m45 m1907 m39.300-114.840
Ely muniKELO1706 m30 m443 m47.820-91.830
ElyriaKZ930 m14 m231 m41.330-82.100
Emanuel coKZ1536 m22 m99 m32.610-82.370
Emmetsburg muniKZ775 m36 m367 m43.100-94.700
Emmetsburg muniKZ1036 m15 m367 m43.100-94.700
Emmetsburg muniKZ661 m45 m367 m43.100-94.700
Emmett muniKZ990 m15 m716 m43.850-116.540
EmmonakPAEM1341 m22 m4 m62.790-164.490
Emporia greensville rgnlKZ1220 m45 m38 m36.690-77.480
Emporia greensville rgnlKZ1537 m30 m38 m36.690-77.480
Emporia muniKZ1523 m30 m368 m38.330-96.190
Emporia muniKZ1219 m90 m368 m38.330-96.190
Enid woodring rgnlKWDG1680 m33 m355 m36.380-97.790
Enid woodring rgnlKWDG1947 m45 m355 m36.380-97.790
Enid woodring rgnlKWDG1288 m22 m355 m36.380-97.790
Ennis big skyKZ1432 m22 m1640 m45.270-111.650
Ennis muniKZ1218 m15 m152 m32.330-96.660
Enterprise muniKZ1554 m30 m110 m31.300-85.900
Ephrata muniKZ1171 m45 m388 m47.310-119.520
Ephrata muniKZ2020 m45 m388 m47.310-119.520
Ephrata muniKZ2042 m45 m388 m47.310-119.520
Eppley afldKOMA2139 m45 m299 m41.300-95.890
Eppley afldKOMA2485 m45 m299 m41.300-95.890
Eppley afldKOMA2895 m45 m299 m41.300-95.890
Erb acresKZ533 m18 m591 m42.360-78.040
Erie coKZ923 m18 m441 m42.040-79.850
Erie intl tom ridge fldKERI1981 m45 m223 m42.080-80.180
Erie intl tom ridge fldKERI1068 m45 m223 m42.080-80.180
Erie municipalKZ1173 m15 m1563 m40.010-105.050
Erie municipalKZ1432 m18 m1563 m40.010-105.050
Ernest a love fldKPRC1477 m18 m1537 m34.650-112.420
Ernest a love fldKPRC1343 m22 m1537 m34.650-112.420
Ernest a love fldKPRC2301 m45 m1537 m34.650-112.420
Escalante muniKZ1524 m18 m1749 m37.750-111.570
Esler rgnlKESF1707 m45 m34 m31.390-92.300
Esler rgnlKESF1828 m45 m34 m31.390-92.300
Essex coKZ1387 m24 m52 m40.880-74.280
Essex coKZ1134 m22 m52 m40.880-74.280
Estherville muniKZ909 m27 m401 m43.410-94.750
Estherville muniKZ1462 m22 m401 m43.410-94.750
EuniceKZ701 m13 m1087 m32.460-103.240
EuniceKZ1089 m22 m1087 m32.460-103.240
EuniceKZ1524 m22 m12 m30.470-92.420
EuporaKZ914 m18 m137 m33.530-89.310
EurekaKZ1280 m22 m813 m48.970-115.070
EurekaKZ2225 m18 m1814 m39.600-116.010
Eureka muniKZ640 m45 m589 m45.800-99.640
Eureka muniKZ944 m18 m589 m45.800-99.640
Eureka muniKZ640 m15 m367 m37.850-96.290
Eureka muniKZ1067 m18 m367 m37.850-96.290
Eutaw muniKZ1097 m24 m51 m32.820-87.860
Evans properties incKZ914 m10 m7 m27.280-80.590
Evanston uinta co burns fldKZ2225 m30 m2183 m41.270-111.030
Evansville rgnlKEVV2444 m45 m127 m38.040-87.530
Evansville rgnlKEVV1066 m22 m127 m38.040-87.530
Evansville rgnlKEVV1152 m45 m127 m38.040-87.530
Evart muniKZ1272 m22 m310 m43.900-85.280
Eveleth virginia muniKZ818 m33 m420 m47.430-92.500
Eveleth virginia muniKZ1284 m30 m420 m47.430-92.500
Eveleth virginia muniKZ763 m30 m420 m47.430-92.500
Evelyn sharp fldKZ1371 m18 m630 m41.620-98.950
Evelyn sharp fldKZ644 m91 m630 m41.620-98.950
Everett stewartKZ1524 m30 m102 m36.380-88.990
ExecutiveKZ1829 m45 m34 m28.550-81.330
ExecutiveKZ1413 m30 m34 m28.550-81.330
Expressway airparkKZ1021 m15 m326 m35.540-97.450
F and f airpark incKZ731 m38 m338 m42.450-75.020
FabensKZ701 m7 m1121 m31.520-106.150
FabensKZ1280 m18 m1121 m31.520-106.150
Fairbanks intlPAFA1066 m22 m132 m64.820-147.860
Fairbanks intlPAFA1981 m18 m132 m64.820-147.860
Fairbanks intlPAFA3596 m45 m132 m64.820-147.860
Fairbury muniKZ748 m45 m450 m40.180-97.170
Fairbury muniKZ1127 m22 m450 m40.180-97.170
Fairchild afbKSKA4237 m60 m750 m47.620-117.660
FairfieldKZ464 m27 m1215 m47.630-111.980
FairfieldKZ1158 m12 m1215 m47.630-111.980
Fairfield coKZ1525 m22 m264 m39.760-82.660
Fairfield coKZ1525 m30 m175 m34.320-81.110
Fairfield muniKZ701 m51 m243 m41.050-91.980
Fairfield muniKZ1219 m22 m243 m41.050-91.980
Fairfield muniKZ609 m18 m132 m38.380-88.410
Fairfield muniKZ1219 m22 m132 m38.380-88.410
Fairgrounds airparkKZ1079 m18 m887 m45.720-107.600
Fairmont muniKZ1677 m30 m354 m43.640-94.420
Fairmont muniKZ1005 m22 m354 m43.640-94.420
Fairmont state afldKZ917 m18 m498 m40.590-97.570
Fairmont state afldKZ1315 m22 m498 m40.590-97.570
Fairview muniKZ1103 m18 m387 m36.290-98.480
Faith cattle company longfellow ranchKZ1767 m22 m1188 m30.300-102.720
Faith muniKZ1280 m18 m787 m45.040-102.020
Falcon fldKZ1555 m30 m424 m33.460-111.730
Falcon fldKZ1158 m22 m424 m33.460-111.730
Fall cityKZ914 m7 m42 m47.560-121.860
Fall river millsKZ1097 m22 m1012 m41.020-121.430
Fallon muniKZ1737 m22 m1207 m39.500-118.750
Fallon muniKZ1282 m30 m1207 m39.500-118.750
Fallon nasKNFL2134 m46 m1199 m39.420-118.700
Fallon nasKNFL4268 m61 m1199 m39.420-118.700
Fallon nasKNFL3376 m60 m1199 m39.420-118.700
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