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18 Apr 2014
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United states of america (US)

America/United states/

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Population 2012
Land Area
9,826,675 km2
Washington DC
US dollar (USD)
Latitude / Longitude
38 00 97 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
50,700 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
Dyersburg muniKDYR1524 m30 m103 m36.000-89.410
Dyersburg muniKDYR1219 m22 m103 m36.000-89.410
Dyess afbKDYS4114 m91 m545 m32.420-99.850
Dyess afbKDYS1066 m18 m545 m32.420-99.850
Eads muniKZ1176 m18 m1293 m38.480-102.810
Eagle airparkKZ1463 m15 m147 m34.890-114.620
Eagle co rgnlKEGE2438 m45 m1991 m39.640-106.920
Eagle co rgnlKEGE1527 m18 m1991 m39.640-106.920
Eagle creek airparkKZ1280 m22 m250 m39.830-86.290
Eagle grove muniKZ719 m35 m345 m42.710-93.920
Eagle grove muniKZ1066 m18 m345 m42.710-93.920
Eagle lakeKZ1146 m18 m56 m29.600-96.320
Eagle neckKZ1141 m12 m3 m31.640-81.330
Eagle river unionKZ1522 m22 m500 m45.930-89.270
Eagle river unionKZ661 m42 m500 m45.930-89.270
Eagle roost airparkKZ1158 m15 m672 m33.920-113.170
Eagles nestKZ1219 m30 m67 m38.430-121.010
Eagles nestKZ975 m18 m10 m39.670-74.310
Eagles nest estatesKZ975 m10 m237 m32.510-96.930
Eaker fldKZ1524 m30 m212 m33.940-96.390
Eaker fldKZ914 m22 m212 m33.940-96.390
Eaker fldKZ1188 m45 m212 m33.940-96.390
Eareckson asPASY3049 m45 m29 m52.710174.110
Early countyKZ1204 m18 m65 m31.400-84.900
East cooperKZ1127 m22 m3 m32.900-79.780
East hamptonKZ677 m22 m17 m40.960-72.250
East hamptonKZ762 m30 m17 m40.960-72.250
East hamptonKZ1296 m30 m17 m40.960-72.250
East jordan cityKZ990 m15 m195 m45.130-85.110
East jordan cityKZ548 m36 m195 m45.130-85.110
East kansas cityKZ1371 m13 m254 m39.020-94.210
East kansas cityKZ374 m7 m254 m39.020-94.210
East kansas cityKZ670 m6 m254 m39.020-94.210
East texas rgnlKGGG1862 m45 m111 m32.380-94.710
East texas rgnlKGGG1585 m45 m111 m32.380-94.710
East texas rgnlKGGG3048 m45 m111 m32.380-94.710
East troy municipalKZ1188 m22 m262 m42.800-88.370
East troy municipalKZ745 m45 m262 m42.800-88.370
Eastern oregon rgnl at pendletonKZ1920 m45 m456 m45.700-118.840
Eastern oregon rgnl at pendletonKZ1701 m30 m456 m45.700-118.840
Eastern oregon rgnl at pendletonKZ1323 m22 m456 m45.700-118.840
Eastern slopes rgnlKZ1280 m22 m138 m43.990-70.950
Eastern wv rgnl shepherd fldKMRB1524 m45 m169 m39.400-77.980
Eastern wv rgnl shepherd fldKMRB2133 m45 m169 m39.400-77.980
Easterwood fldKCLL1569 m45 m97 m30.590-96.360
Easterwood fldKCLL1572 m45 m97 m30.590-96.360
Easterwood fldKCLL2133 m45 m97 m30.590-96.360
Eastland muniKZ1234 m18 m446 m32.410-98.810
Easton newnam fldKZ1676 m30 m21 m38.800-76.070
Easton newnam fldKZ1220 m30 m21 m38.800-76.070
Easton valley viewKZ1219 m7 m1469 m40.330-104.610
Easton valley viewKZ655 m6 m1469 m40.330-104.610
Eastport muniKZ1219 m22 m13 m44.910-67.010
EastsideKZ914 m13 m2447 m36.920-106.560
EbensburgKZ976 m15 m639 m40.460-78.780
EbensburgKZ492 m36 m639 m40.460-78.780
Echo bayKZ1036 m15 m467 m36.310-114.460
Ed airKZ1767 m30 m129 m38.850-87.500
Edgar coKZ1371 m22 m199 m39.700-87.670
Edgar g obieKZ1219 m22 m735 m48.590-109.250
Edgeley muniKZ1097 m18 m487 m46.350-98.740
Edgemont muniKZ1188 m18 m1098 m43.300-103.840
Edgemont muniKZ614 m30 m1098 m43.300-103.840
Edinburg intlKZ975 m45 m24 m26.440-98.130
Edinburg intlKZ1524 m22 m24 m26.440-98.130
Edward f knapp stateKZ1225 m30 m355 m44.200-72.560
Edward f knapp stateKZ1524 m30 m355 m44.200-72.560
Edward g pitka srPAGA849 m24 m46 m64.740-156.940
Edward g pitka srPAGA2211 m45 m46 m64.740-156.940
Edwards af aux north baseKZ1837 m45 m700 m34.990-117.860
Edwards afbKEDW4576 m91 m701 m34.910-117.880
Edwards afbKEDW2438 m15 m701 m34.910-117.880
Edwards coKZ1234 m15 m722 m29.950-100.170
Edwards lucian wells ranchKZ1584 m30 m763 m32.070-101.560
Effingham co memKZ1036 m18 m178 m39.070-88.530
Effingham co memKZ1554 m22 m178 m39.070-88.530
Eglin af aux nr 3 dukeKEGI2438 m45 m58 m30.650-86.520
Eglin af aux nr 3 dukeKEGI1066 m18 m58 m30.650-86.520
Eglin afbKVPS3659 m91 m26 m30.480-86.530
Eglin afbKVPS3051 m91 m26 m30.480-86.530
Eielson afbPAEI4421 m45 m167 m64.670-147.100
EkalakaKZ1158 m22 m1067 m45.880-104.540
El centro nafKNJK2896 m60 m-14 m32.830-115.670
El centro nafKNJK2079 m60 m-14 m32.830-115.670
El coyote ranchKZ1676 m22 m55 m26.860-98.220
El dorado springs memKZ1004 m15 m283 m37.860-94.000
El dorado springs memKZ740 m7 m283 m37.860-94.000
El mirage fld adelantoKZ975 m45 m873 m34.620-117.610
El mirage fld adelantoKZ1127 m45 m873 m34.620-117.610
El mirage fld adelantoKZ1127 m45 m873 m34.620-117.610
El monteKZ1217 m22 m90 m34.090-118.030
El paso intlKELP3660 m45 m1206 m31.810-106.380
El paso intlKELP2750 m45 m1206 m31.810-106.380
El paso intlKELP1674 m22 m1206 m31.810-106.380
El reno muni air parkKZ1280 m22 m431 m35.470-98.010
El reno muni air parkKZ1411 m57 m431 m35.470-98.010
El ricoKZ1371 m15 m55 m36.050-119.650
Elbert co patz fldKZ1219 m22 m183 m34.100-82.820
Eldon model airparkKZ1005 m22 m277 m38.360-92.570
EldoradoKZ1310 m18 m744 m30.860-100.610
EldoradoKZ1127 m15 m744 m30.860-100.610
Elizabeth city cgas rgnlKECG1377 m45 m3 m36.260-76.170
Elizabeth city cgas rgnlKECG2200 m45 m3 m36.260-76.170
Elizabeth fldKZ546 m22 m2 m41.250-72.030
Elizabeth fldKZ709 m30 m2 m41.250-72.030
Elizabethton muniKZ1380 m21 m485 m36.370-82.170
Elk city muniKZ1341 m22 m610 m35.430-99.390
Elk hills buttonwillowKZ993 m15 m99 m35.350-119.480
Elk riverKZ1402 m22 m1057 m36.160-81.900
Elkhart morton coKZ1493 m18 m1104 m37.000-101.880
Elkhart morton coKZ1493 m18 m1104 m37.000-101.880
Elkhart muniKEKM1981 m36 m237 m41.720-86.000
Elkhart muniKEKM1219 m22 m237 m41.720-86.000
Elkin muniKZ1220 m22 m325 m36.280-80.790
Elkins randolph co jennings randolphKEKN1371 m42 m605 m38.890-79.860
Elkins randolph co jennings randolphKEKN1384 m42 m605 m38.890-79.860
Elko rgnlKEKO2198 m45 m1566 m40.820-115.790
Elko rgnlKEKO875 m18 m1566 m40.820-115.790
Ellendale muniKZ1066 m18 m443 m46.010-98.510
Ellendale muniKZ792 m15 m443 m46.010-98.510
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