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19 Apr 2014
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United states of america (US)

America/United states/

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Population 2012
Land Area
9,826,675 km2
Washington DC
US dollar (USD)
Latitude / Longitude
38 00 97 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
50,700 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
DanielsonKZ609 m18 m304 m45.210-92.540
Dansville muniKZ946 m30 m201 m42.570-77.710
Dansville muniKZ1107 m30 m201 m42.570-77.710
Danville muniKZ1623 m22 m118 m35.090-93.430
Danville rgnlKDAN1225 m30 m174 m36.570-79.340
Danville rgnlKDAN1981 m45 m174 m36.570-79.340
Darby danKZ1795 m22 m282 m39.940-83.200
Dare co rgnlKMQI1006 m22 m4 m35.920-75.700
Dare co rgnlKMQI1310 m30 m4 m35.920-75.700
Darke coKZ1375 m22 m306 m40.200-84.530
Darlington co jetportKZ1524 m45 m58 m34.450-79.890
Darlington co jetportKZ1508 m45 m58 m34.450-79.890
Darlington co jetportKZ1523 m30 m58 m34.450-79.890
Dauphin islandKZ914 m24 m1 m30.260-88.130
DavenportKZ665 m13 m737 m47.650-118.170
DavenportKZ952 m15 m737 m47.650-118.170
Davenport muniKZ1219 m30 m229 m41.610-90.590
Davenport muniKZ1676 m30 m229 m41.610-90.590
David city muniKZ944 m15 m491 m41.230-97.120
David city muniKZ640 m45 m491 m41.230-97.120
David g joyceKZ915 m30 m44 m31.960-92.660
David jay perryKZ916 m18 m356 m35.160-97.470
David jay perryKZ549 m18 m356 m35.160-97.470
David wayne hooks memKZ2136 m30 m46 m30.060-95.550
David wayne hooks memKZ1218 m10 m46 m30.060-95.550
Davidson coKZ1524 m30 m223 m35.780-80.300
Daviess coKZ1408 m22 m144 m38.700-87.130
Davis fldKZ1371 m22 m185 m35.660-95.360
Davis fldKZ579 m18 m185 m35.660-95.360
Davis fldKZ2194 m45 m185 m35.660-95.360
Davis monthan afbKDMA4158 m60 m824 m32.170-110.880
Davison aafKDAA1685 m24 m22 m38.720-77.180
Dawson aafKZ1066 m15 m385 m39.450-79.670
Dawson communityKZ914 m18 m748 m47.140-104.810
Dawson communityKZ1738 m30 m748 m47.140-104.810
Dawson muniKZ2235 m22 m101 m31.740-84.420
Dayton valley airparkKZ1628 m12 m1345 m39.240-119.560
Dayton wright brothersKZ1524 m30 m291 m39.590-84.220
Daytona beach intlKDAB973 m30 m10 m29.180-81.060
Daytona beach intlKDAB3200 m45 m10 m29.180-81.060
Daytona beach intlKDAB1829 m45 m10 m29.180-81.060
De kalb coKZ1524 m30 m268 m41.310-85.060
De kalb taylor muniKZ1524 m30 m278 m41.930-88.710
De kalb taylor muniKZ1280 m22 m278 m41.930-88.710
De quincy industrial airparkKZ1524 m22 m24 m30.440-93.470
De soto parishKZ1545 m45 m98 m32.070-93.770
De soto parishKZ1371 m30 m98 m32.070-93.770
De witt muniKZ975 m18 m57 m34.260-91.310
DeadhorsePASC1981 m45 m18 m70.190-148.470
Dean griffin memorialKZ914 m15 m82 m30.840-89.160
Deblois flight stripKZ1072 m22 m66 m44.730-67.990
DecaturKDEC1615 m45 m207 m39.830-88.870
DecaturKDEC2072 m45 m207 m39.830-88.870
DecaturKDEC2589 m45 m207 m39.830-88.870
Decatur co industrial airparkKZ1371 m45 m42 m30.970-84.640
Decatur co industrial airparkKZ1524 m45 m42 m30.970-84.640
Decatur co industrial airparkKZ1677 m45 m42 m30.970-84.640
Decatur co industrial airparkKZ1554 m45 m42 m30.970-84.640
Decatur co industrial airparkKZ1524 m30 m42 m30.970-84.640
Decatur muniKZ1188 m18 m319 m33.250-97.580
DeckKZ1077 m15 m159 m40.350-76.330
Decorah muniKZ1219 m22 m352 m43.280-91.740
Deep forestKZ1958 m18 m7 m30.240-81.450
Deer creek ranchKZ914 m121 m85 m39.950-122.000
Deer lodge city countyKZ1341 m22 m1429 m46.390-112.770
Deer parkKZ975 m18 m673 m47.970-117.430
Deer parkKZ1859 m22 m673 m47.970-117.430
Deerfield resortKZ950 m15 m411 m36.350-84.010
Defiance memKZ1279 m21 m215 m41.340-84.430
Defuniak springsKZ1249 m18 m88 m30.730-86.150
Defuniak springsKZ822 m15 m88 m30.730-86.150
Dekalb peachtreeKPDK1029 m45 m305 m33.880-84.300
Dekalb peachtreeKPDK1141 m45 m305 m33.880-84.300
Dekalb peachtreeKPDK1829 m30 m305 m33.880-84.300
Dekalb peachtreeKPDK1208 m45 m305 m33.880-84.300
Del norte muni and countyKZ1833 m18 m2422 m37.710-106.350
Del norte muni and countyKZ1150 m14 m2422 m37.710-106.350
Del rio intlKDRT1524 m30 m304 m29.370-100.930
Deland muni sidney h taylor fldKZ1097 m60 m24 m29.070-81.280
Deland muni sidney h taylor fldKZ1828 m30 m24 m29.070-81.280
Deland muni sidney h taylor fldKZ1214 m22 m24 m29.070-81.280
Delano muniKZ1722 m22 m95 m35.750-119.240
Delaware airparkKZ1091 m18 m17 m39.220-75.600
Delaware co johnson fldKMIE1523 m30 m285 m40.240-85.400
Delaware co johnson fldKMIE1981 m45 m285 m40.240-85.400
Delaware muniKZ1524 m30 m288 m40.280-83.110
Delhi muniKZ914 m22 m27 m32.410-91.500
Dell city muniKZ1428 m18 m1128 m31.960-105.200
Dell flt stripKZ2133 m21 m1830 m44.740-112.720
Delta coKZ1981 m45 m185 m45.720-87.090
Delta coKZ1524 m30 m185 m45.720-87.090
Delta muniKZ1809 m25 m1449 m39.380-112.510
Delta muniKZ1832 m22 m1449 m39.380-112.510
Deming muniKDMN1724 m18 m1314 m32.260-107.720
Deming muniKDMN2019 m22 m1314 m32.260-107.720
Demopolis muniKZ1524 m30 m34 m32.460-87.950
Denison muniKZ542 m53 m388 m41.990-95.380
Denison muniKZ1524 m22 m388 m41.990-95.380
Denison muniKZ617 m32 m388 m41.990-95.380
Dennis f cantrell fldKZ999 m18 m96 m35.080-92.420
Dennis f cantrell fldKZ1485 m30 m96 m35.080-92.420
Denton muniKZ1828 m45 m195 m33.200-97.200
Denver cityKZ1761 m15 m1089 m32.980-102.840
Denver cityKZ1207 m13 m1089 m32.980-102.840
Denver intlKDEN3657 m45 m1655 m39.860-104.670
Denver intlKDEN3657 m45 m1655 m39.860-104.670
Denver intlKDEN3657 m45 m1655 m39.860-104.670
Denver intlKDEN3657 m45 m1655 m39.860-104.670
Denver intlKDEN3657 m45 m1655 m39.860-104.670
Department of corrections fldKZ792 m53 m39 m29.990-82.370
Department of corrections fldKZ853 m53 m39 m29.990-82.370
Department of corrections fldKZ853 m53 m39 m29.990-82.370
Department of corrections fldKZ1829 m53 m39 m29.990-82.370
Derby fldKZ1493 m22 m1189 m40.070-118.570
Derby fldKZ1685 m22 m1189 m40.070-118.570
Des moines intlKDSM2956 m45 m291 m41.530-93.660
Des moines intlKDSM2743 m45 m291 m41.530-93.660
Desert aireKZ1117 m10 m173 m46.690-119.920
Desert centerKZ1280 m15 m170 m33.750-115.320
Desert resorts rgnlKZ1522 m30 m-35 m33.630-116.160
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