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23 Apr 2014
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United states of america (US)

America/United states/

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Population 2012
Land Area
9,826,675 km2
Washington DC
US dollar (USD)
Latitude / Longitude
38 00 97 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
50,700 $

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
Coles co memKZ1767 m30 m220 m39.480-88.280
Coles co memKZ1981 m45 m220 m39.480-88.280
Coles co memKZ329 m76 m220 m39.480-88.280
College parkKZ794 m18 m14 m38.980-76.920
Collegedale muniKZ1432 m22 m262 m35.040-85.020
Colorado cityKZ1652 m18 m674 m32.470-100.920
Colorado city muniKZ1920 m22 m1485 m36.960-113.010
Colorado city muniKZ1554 m18 m1485 m36.960-113.010
Colorado plains regionalKZ2133 m30 m1436 m40.180-103.220
Colorado springs eastKZ1048 m18 m1873 m38.870-104.410
Colorado springs eastKZ1371 m12 m1873 m38.870-104.410
Colorado springs eastKZ1371 m12 m1873 m38.870-104.410
ColstripKZ1554 m22 m1044 m45.850-106.710
ColumbiaKZ786 m25 m247 m41.320-81.960
ColumbiaKZ960 m12 m247 m41.320-81.960
ColumbiaKZ898 m19 m247 m41.320-81.960
ColumbiaKZ792 m30 m645 m38.030-120.410
ColumbiaKZ1423 m22 m645 m38.030-120.410
ColumbiaKZ1066 m22 m20 m32.120-92.050
Columbia coKZ1630 m30 m60 m42.290-73.710
Columbia crest wineryKZ1097 m9 m195 m45.960-119.620
Columbia gorge rgnl the dalles muniKZ1553 m45 m75 m45.620-121.170
Columbia gorge rgnl the dalles muniKZ1416 m45 m75 m45.620-121.170
Columbia gorge rgnl the dalles muniKZ1341 m45 m75 m45.620-121.170
Columbia marion coKZ1359 m21 m80 m31.300-89.810
Columbia marion coKZ740 m45 m80 m31.300-89.810
Columbia metropolitanKCAE2438 m45 m71 m33.940-81.120
Columbia metropolitanKCAE2621 m45 m71 m33.940-81.120
Columbia owens downtownKZ1524 m22 m58 m33.970-81.000
Columbia rgnlKCOU1981 m45 m270 m38.820-92.220
Columbia rgnlKCOU1341 m22 m270 m38.820-92.220
Columbiana coKZ1067 m22 m353 m40.670-80.640
ColumbusKZ1158 m22 m1089 m45.630-109.250
Columbus afbKCBM3657 m91 m66 m33.640-88.440
Columbus afbKCBM1920 m53 m66 m33.640-88.440
Columbus afbKCBM2438 m45 m66 m33.640-88.440
Columbus afb aux afldKZ1920 m45 m79 m32.940-88.580
Columbus co muniKZ1676 m22 m29 m34.270-78.710
Columbus lowndes coKZ1371 m30 m57 m33.470-88.380
Columbus metropolitanKCSG2132 m45 m121 m32.520-84.940
Columbus metropolitanKCSG1218 m45 m121 m32.520-84.940
Columbus muniKOLU2072 m30 m440 m41.450-97.340
Columbus muniKOLU1260 m45 m440 m41.450-97.340
Columbus muniKBAK1524 m30 m199 m39.260-85.900
Columbus muniKBAK1950 m45 m199 m39.260-85.900
Colusa coKZ914 m18 m14 m39.180-121.990
Comanche caves ranchKZ914 m18 m609 m30.020-99.380
Comanche coKZ1005 m14 m609 m37.230-99.330
Comanche co cityKZ685 m30 m423 m31.920-98.600
Comanche co cityKZ1371 m22 m423 m31.920-98.600
Comanche ranchKZ1676 m24 m222 m28.630-100.160
Commerce muniKZ1191 m18 m156 m33.290-95.900
Compton woodleyKZ1118 m18 m29 m33.890-118.240
Compton woodleyKZ1118 m18 m29 m33.890-118.240
Conchas state parkKZ1460 m15 m1289 m35.360-104.180
Concord airparkKZ664 m11 m304 m41.670-81.200
Concord muniKZ1218 m45 m105 m43.200-71.500
Concord muniKZ975 m45 m105 m43.200-71.500
Concord muniKZ1830 m30 m105 m43.200-71.500
Concord rgnlKJQF1676 m30 m210 m35.390-80.710
Concordia parishKZ1127 m22 m16 m31.570-91.500
Condon state pauling fldKZ1066 m18 m884 m45.250-120.170
Condron aafKZ1325 m45 m1199 m32.340-106.400
Condron aafKZ1866 m22 m1199 m32.340-106.400
Connell cityKZ935 m15 m281 m46.660-118.830
ConnellsvilleKZ1054 m30 m386 m39.960-79.660
ConnellsvilleKZ908 m30 m386 m39.960-79.660
ConradKZ1402 m22 m1080 m48.170-111.980
ConradKZ853 m27 m1080 m48.170-111.980
ContinentalKZ1066 m15 m874 m31.840-110.980
Converse coKZ1450 m22 m1502 m42.800-105.390
Converse coKZ2057 m30 m1502 m42.800-105.390
Conway horry coKZ1341 m22 m10 m33.830-79.120
Cook coKZ1219 m30 m71 m31.140-83.450
Cook coKZ1218 m30 m71 m31.140-83.450
Cook muniKZ975 m22 m404 m47.820-92.690
Cooks landingKZ326 m36 m272 m45.240-93.220
Coolidge muniKZ1139 m22 m479 m32.940-111.430
Coolidge muniKZ1691 m45 m479 m32.940-111.430
Coolidge muniKZ1690 m45 m479 m32.940-111.430
Cooperstown muniKZ1066 m18 m434 m47.420-98.110
Copiah countyKZ914 m22 m135 m31.900-90.370
CorcoranKZ1158 m15 m60 m36.100-119.590
Cordell muniKZ567 m30 m484 m35.300-98.970
Cordell muniKZ1112 m18 m484 m35.300-98.970
Cornelia fort airparkKZ1066 m15 m127 m36.190-86.700
Cornelius moore fldKZ1220 m22 m296 m34.020-85.150
CornellKZ1036 m9 m118 m37.980-87.300
Corning muniKZ818 m15 m388 m40.990-94.760
Corning muniKZ1310 m18 m89 m36.400-90.650
Corona muniKZ975 m18 m162 m33.900-117.600
CorporateKZ1321 m18 m137 m33.790-81.250
Corpus christi intlKCRP2288 m45 m13 m27.770-97.500
Corpus christi intlKCRP1853 m45 m13 m27.770-97.500
Corpus christi nasKNGP1524 m60 m5 m27.690-97.290
Corpus christi nasKNGP2438 m60 m5 m27.690-97.290
Corpus christi nasKNGP1523 m60 m5 m27.690-97.290
Corpus christi nasKNGP1525 m60 m5 m27.690-97.290
CorralitosKZ1676 m30 m109 m27.110-99.420
Corry lawrenceKZ1249 m22 m538 m41.910-79.640
Cortez muniKZ2196 m30 m1803 m37.300-108.630
Cortland co chase fldKZ1036 m22 m365 m42.590-76.210
Corvallis muniKCVO1019 m22 m74 m44.500-123.290
Corvallis muniKCVO1798 m45 m74 m44.500-123.290
Cottage grove stateKZ975 m18 m195 m43.800-123.030
CottonwoodKZ1295 m22 m1082 m34.730-112.040
Cottonwood muniKZ944 m15 m1058 m46.040-116.330
Cotulla la salle coKZ1406 m18 m145 m28.460-99.220
Coulter fldKZ1219 m22 m111 m30.720-96.330
Coulter fldKZ405 m24 m111 m30.720-96.330
Council bluffs muniKZ1249 m22 m381 m41.260-95.760
Council bluffs muniKZ548 m41 m381 m41.260-95.760
Council muniKZ1097 m15 m903 m44.750-116.450
Country breezeKZ548 m45 m38 m30.710-91.080
Country squire airparkKZ943 m9 m358 m45.350-122.270
County memKZ976 m18 m89 m36.540-89.600
Coupeville nolfKZ1645 m60 m60 m48.190-122.630
Courtney plummerKZ1037 m9 m231 m44.110-88.680
Covington muniKZ1525 m30 m85 m35.580-89.590
Covington muniKZ1281 m22 m242 m33.630-83.850
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