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02 Mar 2021
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Great socialist people s libyan arab jamahiriya (LY)


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population 2016
Land Area
1,759,540 km2
Tripoli (Tarabulus)
Libyan dinars (LYD)
Latitude / Longitude
25 00 17 00 E
GDP (PPP) per capita
13,800 $
2021-03-02 10:36:44

Main Airports
AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
AgedabiaHL1024 m42 m15 m30.77020.190
Al boosterHL3506 m45 m53 m29.87023.350
Al bumbah northHL3400 m45 m10 m32.45023.120
Al hamada con 66 eastHL2367 m30 m637 m29.53012.940
Al hamada con 66 eastHL2122 m28 m637 m29.53012.940
Al jufraHL4184 m60 m257 m29.20016.000
Al khadimHL3608 m45 m243 m32.00021.190
Al khuwaymatHL3600 m45 m152 m27.26021.620
Al marjHL1303 m27 m289 m32.53020.880
Al wighHL1574 m39 m474 m24.19014.530
Al wighHL3650 m70 m474 m24.19014.530
Amal v12HL1052 m24 m44 m29.48021.120
Amal v12HL1737 m28 m44 m29.48021.120
Amal v12HL1013 m24 m44 m29.48021.120
Beda m3HL2284 m47 m152 m28.50019.000
Beni walidHL1799 m42 m300 m31.74013.950
BeninaHLLB3575 m45 m131 m32.10020.270
BeninaHLLB3575 m45 m131 m32.10020.270
Bir umranHL1499 m29 m426 m26.33013.420
BrachHL3598 m42 m321 m27.65014.270
Bu attifelHLFL2149 m45 m49 m28.80022.080
DahraHLRA2097 m30 m320 m29.47017.930
El beidaHLLQ3603 m45 m657 m32.79021.960
El beidaHLLQ1894 m57 m657 m32.79021.960
Gamal abd el nasserHL3006 m45 m158 m31.86023.910
Gamal abd el nasserHL3016 m45 m158 m31.86023.910
Gamal abd el nasserHL2997 m45 m158 m31.86023.910
Ghadames eastHLTD1986 m39 m341 m30.1509.720
Ghadames eastHLTD3600 m45 m341 m30.1509.720
GhatHLGT2024 m29 m699 m25.15010.140
GhatHLGT3600 m45 m699 m25.15010.140
Habit awlad muhammadHL1374 m25 m609 m30.70012.480
Habit awlad muhammadHL2364 m28 m609 m30.70012.480
HonHLON1799 m29 m280 m29.11015.970
KufraHLKF3659 m45 m416 m24.18023.310
KufraHLKF3659 m30 m416 m24.18023.310
Marsa bregaHLMB2200 m29 m15 m30.38019.580
MartubahHL3590 m45 m309 m32.54022.750
Matan as sarraHL2283 m45 m524 m21.69021.830
Matan as sarraHL3356 m29 m524 m21.69021.830
MatratinHL2100 m29 m30 m30.64018.320
MisurataHL3395 m45 m18 m32.32015.060
MitigaHLLM1828 m45 m10 m32.89013.280
MitigaHLLM3376 m45 m10 m32.89013.280
Nafurah 1HL2996 m45 m37 m29.21021.590
NanurHL3893 m43 m56 m31.71014.910
Okba ibn nafaHL3200 m45 m77 m32.47011.900
Okba ibn nafaHL3200 m45 m77 m32.47011.900
Oxy a 103HL1810 m30 m96 m29.01020.790
Qaryat al karmalHL999 m30 m25 m31.98020.030
Ras lanuf oilHLNF1918 m29 m12 m30.50018.530
Ras lanuf oilHLNF1519 m33 m12 m30.50018.530
SarirHL2200 m48 m121 m27.66022.510
Sarir nwHL2200 m30 m100 m27.98022.360
SebhaHLLS1705 m29 m434 m26.99014.470
SebhaHLLS3589 m45 m434 m26.99014.470
Sidi salihHL993 m24 m149 m32.49013.290
SirteHLGD3598 m45 m81 m31.06016.600
SirteHLGD3598 m45 m81 m31.06016.600
TaminhintHL3392 m45 m403 m27.24014.660
Tripoli intlHLLT3601 m44 m80 m32.66013.160
Tripoli intlHLLT2636 m44 m80 m32.66013.160
UbariHL2849 m29 m422 m26.57012.820
WaddanHL1985 m21 m277 m29.14016.160
Wadi buzanad swHL979 m28 m149 m28.96017.590
Wadi buzanad swHL1877 m28 m149 m28.96017.590
Warehouse 59aHL1162 m16 m148 m28.32019.930
Warehouse 59aHL2108 m28 m148 m28.32019.930
Warehouse 59eHLGL1006 m22 m99 m28.64021.440
Warehouse 59eHLGL2004 m30 m99 m28.64021.440
Waw al kabirHL3803 m30 m446 m25.36016.810
Zella 74HLZA1381 m19 m330 m28.59017.290
Zella 74HLZA2161 m28 m330 m28.59017.290
Zelten sw newHL1573 m30 m167 m28.59019.300
Zelten sw newHL623 m32 m167 m28.59019.300
ZuetinaHL1675 m29 m4 m30.87020.080
ZuetinaHL1745 m29 m4 m30.87020.080
ZwaraHL1802 m45 m4 m32.95012.020

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