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18 Jun 2018
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Lao people s democratic republic (LA)


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population 2016
Land Area
236,800 km2
Vien tiane (Viang chan)
kips (LAK)
Latitude / Longitude
18 00 105 00 E
GDP (PPP) per capita
2,700 $
2018-06-18 03:46:20

Ban alao
Ban athom
Ban bok
Ban boung
Ban bounggnalao
Ban bounggnalao-tai
Ban boungkoang
Ban chala
Ban chalet
Ban chanon
Ban dongbang
Ban donxat
Ban heuana
Ban hinlap
Ban hinlon
Ban hon
Ban houang
Ban houay-o
Ban houayhet
Ban houaykeo
Ban houaypa
Ban ka-i
Ban kaan
Ban kadat
Ban kagna
Ban kang
Ban kang-na
Ban kangtaloung
Ban kapap
Ban kapo
Ban katok
Ban kengbay
Ban kengbit
Ban kengchek
Ban kengkang
Ban kengkouang
Ban kenglat
Ban khammouan
Ban khanglek
Ban khonken
Ban kongphat
Ban kouanchan
Ban kouk
Ban lako
Ban lakxao
Ban latmouang
Ban mouang
Ban na phao
Ban nachalai
Ban nachaling
Ban nadi
Ban nadua
Ban nahin-nai 1
Ban nahin-nai 2
Ban nakam
Ban nakang
Ban nakang 1
Ban nakang 2
Ban nakham
Ban nakhouan
Ban namlin
Ban namnon
Ban namoun
Ban namphao
Ban namsanam
Ban namuang
Ban napakvan
Ban naphouak
Ban nasaykham
Ban nathomkouang
Ban nava
Ban naxangkhoam
Ban nongbok
Ban nonghang
Ban nonghin
Ban nongkok
Ban paak
Ban pakha
Ban patan
Ban pbonkeo
Ban phabang
Ban phakonko
Ban phamuang
Ban phathoung
Ban phayat
Ban phiangdon
Ban phon
Ban phonhong
Ban phonkham
Ban phonlom
Ban phonmuang
Ban phonngam
Ban phonpheng
Ban phonsa-at
Ban phonsavang
Ban phontan
Ban phontiou
Ban phonxai
Ban phou-adouk
Ban phouhang
Ban pompek
Ban poung
Ban san
Ban senkhoun
Ban sophoy
Ban sopkat
Ban sopkhom
Ban sopphak
Ban soppon
Ban tahon
Ban talek-alam
Ban tali
Ban talikangkho
Ban tat-itou
Ban tha
Ban thabak
Ban thamtem
Ban thasala
Ban thaveng
Ban thong
Ban tiye
Ban tong
Ban tonxan
Ban tou
Ban vang 1
Ban vang 2
Ban vang-ala
Ban vangdao 1
Ban vangdao 2
Ban vanggneng
Ban vangkhong
Ban vangpet
Ban vangxao
Ban vangxouay
Ban vat
Ban viang
Ban vit
Ban voi
Ban xambon
Ban xamhing-nua
Ban xamhing-tai
Ban xamteuy-nua
Ban xamteuy-tai
Ban xot
Muang hinboun
Muang khamkeut
Muang khammouan

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