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24 Feb 2017
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State of israel (IL)


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Population 2012
Land Area
20,770 km2
new Israeli shekels (ILS)
Latitude / Longitude
31 30 34 45 E
GDP (PPP) per capita
31,000 $

Main Airports
AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
AradLL1399 m13 m594 m31.23035.190
Ben gurionLLBG1780 m45 m41 m32.01034.880
Ben gurionLLBG3657 m45 m41 m32.01034.880
Ben gurionLLBG3111 m45 m41 m32.01034.880
EilatLLET1900 m27 m12 m29.56034.960
En yahavLLEY1201 m24 m-50 m30.62035.200
Eyn shemerLLES1054 m39 m28 m32.44035.010
HaifaLLHA1265 m29 m8 m32.81035.040
HatserimLL2422 m39 m220 m31.23034.660
HatserimLL1688 m29 m220 m31.23034.660
HatserimLL2943 m34 m220 m31.23034.660
Hatserim northwestLL1228 m29 m201 m31.26034.640
HatzorLLHS2409 m45 m45 m31.76034.730
HatzorLLHS2439 m35 m45 m31.76034.730
HatzorLLHS2450 m45 m45 m31.76034.730
I bar yehudaLLMZ1200 m29 m-386 m31.33035.390
Mahanaim i ben yaakovLLIB1077 m29 m281 m32.98035.570
Mahanaim i ben yaakovLLIB1001 m29 m281 m32.98035.570
MegiddoLLMG2350 m21 m60 m32.60035.230
Nevatim abLLNV3350 m44 m405 m31.21035.010
Nevatim abLLNV2599 m44 m405 m31.21035.010
Nevatim abLLNV855 m21 m405 m31.21035.010
Nizzana westLL1495 m28 m251 m30.86034.440
OvdaLLOV3000 m45 m454 m29.94034.940
OvdaLLOV2599 m45 m454 m29.94034.940
Palmahim abLL2403 m29 m42 m31.90034.690
Palmahim abLL803 m30 m42 m31.90034.690
Ramat davidLLRD2590 m51 m56 m32.66035.180
Ramat davidLLRD2391 m35 m56 m32.66035.180
Ramat davidLLRD2400 m45 m56 m32.66035.180
RamonLLRM3010 m45 m648 m30.78034.670
RamonLLRM2699 m45 m648 m30.78034.670
Sde dovLLSD1741 m29 m13 m32.11034.780
Tel novLLEK2401 m45 m58 m31.84034.820
Tel novLLEK2388 m45 m58 m31.84034.820
Tel novLLEK2386 m45 m58 m31.84034.820
TeymanLLBS1031 m21 m199 m31.29034.720
YotvataLL1015 m17 m91 m29.91035.070

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