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21 Jan 2020
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Canada (CA)


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population 2016
Land Area
9,984,670 km2
Canadian dollars (CAD)
Latitude / Longitude
60 00 95 00 W
GDP (PPP) per capita
40,300 $
2020-01-21 10:39:33

Main Airports
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AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
Saint georgesCYSG1556 m22 m272 m46.100-70.710
Saint johnCYSJ2133 m60 m108 m45.320-65.890
Saint johnCYSJ1554 m60 m108 m45.320-65.890
Saint thomas muniCYQS804 m22 m236 m42.770-81.110
Saint thomas muniCYQS1539 m30 m236 m42.770-81.110
Saint thomas muniCYQS804 m22 m236 m42.770-81.110
SalluitCYZG1066 m30 m226 m62.180-75.670
Salmon armCZAM1298 m22 m533 m50.680-119.230
SandspitCYZP1560 m45 m6 m53.250-131.810
Saskatoon j g diefenbaker intlCYXE2529 m60 m503 m52.170-106.700
Saskatoon j g diefenbaker intlCYXE1889 m45 m503 m52.170-106.700
Saugeen muniCY1219 m22 m286 m44.160-81.060
Saugeen muniCY762 m15 m286 m44.160-81.060
Sault ste marieCYAM1828 m60 m192 m46.490-84.510
Sault ste marieCYAM1828 m60 m192 m46.490-84.510
ScheffervilleCYKL1524 m45 m520 m54.810-66.810
Sept ilesCYZV1759 m60 m54 m50.220-66.270
Sept ilesCYZV1798 m60 m54 m50.220-66.270
Sept ilesCYZV1997 m45 m54 m50.220-66.270
ShaunavonCZ740 m12 m918 m49.660-108.410
ShaunavonCZ914 m22 m918 m49.660-108.410
ShearwaterCYAW2742 m60 m50 m44.640-63.500
ShearwaterCYAW1734 m60 m50 m44.640-63.500
SherbrookeCYSC1828 m45 m241 m45.440-71.690
Shoal lakeCY1002 m22 m559 m50.460-100.610
Sioux lookoutCYXL1307 m30 m390 m50.110-91.900
Sioux lookoutCYXL670 m15 m390 m50.110-91.900
Slave lakeCYZH1691 m30 m582 m55.290-114.780
SmithersCYYD1524 m45 m521 m54.820-127.180
SorelCY1219 m22 m23 m45.980-73.040
Souris glenwood industrial air parkCY853 m45 m451 m49.630-100.200
Souris glenwood industrial air parkCY917 m30 m451 m49.630-100.200
South renfrew muniCY792 m45 m109 m45.410-76.370
South renfrew muniCY1205 m22 m109 m45.410-76.370
South renfrew muniCY762 m15 m109 m45.410-76.370
SouthportCYPG928 m45 m269 m49.900-98.270
SouthportCYPG768 m45 m269 m49.900-98.270
SouthportCYPG2133 m60 m269 m49.900-98.270
SouthportCYPG954 m45 m269 m49.900-98.270
Sparwood elk valleyCYSW1219 m22 m1158 m49.830-114.880
Spirit riverCY914 m22 m623 m55.780-118.840
Springwater barrie airparkCZ640 m30 m293 m44.410-79.730
St andrews codroy valleyCZ914 m22 m19 m47.770-59.310
St anthonyCYAY1197 m30 m28 m51.390-56.080
St augustinCYIF1399 m30 m6 m51.210-58.660
St bruno de guiguesCY1368 m30 m249 m47.450-79.420
St honoreCYRC1138 m45 m165 m48.520-71.050
St honoreCYRC1855 m45 m165 m48.520-71.050
St honoreCYRC1148 m45 m165 m48.520-71.050
St hubertCYHU1194 m30 m27 m45.520-73.420
St hubertCYHU2389 m45 m27 m45.520-73.420
St hubertCYHU853 m45 m27 m45.520-73.420
St hyacintheCZ1158 m22 m35 m45.610-73.010
St jeanCYJN842 m30 m41 m45.290-73.280
St jeanCYJN1219 m30 m41 m45.290-73.280
St jeanCYJN754 m30 m41 m45.290-73.280
St johns intlCYYT2133 m60 m140 m47.620-52.750
St johns intlCYYT1532 m30 m140 m47.620-52.750
St johns intlCYYT2590 m60 m140 m47.620-52.750
St leonardCYSL1219 m30 m241 m47.160-67.830
St paulCY1066 m30 m654 m53.990-111.380
St stephenCY914 m22 m29 m45.210-67.250
StanleyCY731 m30 m28 m45.100-63.920
StanleyCY487 m45 m28 m45.100-63.920
StanleyCY762 m30 m28 m45.100-63.920
Ste anne des montsCYSZ1212 m27 m21 m49.120-66.530
SteinbachCY914 m22 m259 m49.550-96.680
StephenvilleCYJT1188 m45 m25 m48.540-58.550
StephenvilleCYJT3048 m60 m25 m48.540-58.550
StettlerCY914 m22 m818 m52.310-112.750
StewartCZST1188 m22 m7 m55.930-129.980
Stratford muniCY1524 m30 m370 m43.420-80.930
Stratford muniCY862 m15 m370 m43.420-80.930
SudburyCYSB1524 m60 m347 m46.630-80.800
SudburyCYSB2011 m60 m347 m46.630-80.800
SummersideCYSU1786 m60 m17 m46.440-63.830
SummersideCYSU1615 m45 m17 m46.440-63.830
SummersideCYSU1664 m45 m17 m46.440-63.830
Swan hillsCY1371 m30 m1058 m54.670-115.410
Swan riverCZJN594 m22 m335 m52.120-101.240
Swan riverCZJN1258 m30 m335 m52.120-101.240
Swift currentCYYN762 m15 m816 m50.290-107.690
Swift currentCYYN1295 m45 m816 m50.290-107.690
SydneyCYQY2154 m60 m61 m46.160-60.050
SydneyCYQY1828 m45 m61 m46.160-60.050
TaberCY914 m22 m807 m49.830-112.190
TaberCY609 m22 m807 m49.830-112.190
TaloyoakCYYH1225 m30 m28 m69.550-93.580
Tanquary fiordCZ1127 m36 m15 m81.410-76.880
TatamagoucheCY1066 m13 m3 m45.740-63.320
TerraceCYXT1637 m45 m217 m54.470-128.580
TerraceCYXT1828 m45 m217 m54.470-128.580
Terrace bayCYTJ1522 m30 m289 m48.810-87.100
Terrace bayCYTJ1655 m30 m289 m48.810-87.100
TeslinCYZW1524 m30 m705 m60.170-132.740
Texada gillies bayCYGB914 m22 m91 m49.690-124.520
The pasCYQD1927 m45 m270 m53.970-101.090
Thessalon muniCY944 m18 m228 m46.320-83.530
Thetford minesCY1371 m30 m429 m46.050-71.260
ThompsonCYTH1767 m45 m222 m55.800-97.860
ThompsonCYTH762 m30 m222 m55.800-97.860
Thousand islands rgnlCY612 m21 m120 m44.640-75.750
Thousand islands rgnlCY1071 m27 m120 m44.640-75.750
Three hillsCY914 m22 m906 m51.700-113.210
Thunder bayCYQT1615 m60 m199 m48.370-89.320
Thunder bayCYQT1889 m60 m199 m48.370-89.320
TillsonburgCY731 m30 m269 m42.930-80.750
TillsonburgCY1219 m30 m269 m42.930-80.750
Timiskaming rgnlCYXR1828 m45 m243 m47.700-79.850
Timiskaming rgnlCYXR919 m45 m243 m47.700-79.850
TimminsCYTS1494 m45 m294 m48.570-81.380
TimminsCYTS1828 m45 m294 m48.570-81.380
TisdaleCY426 m48 m464 m52.840-104.070
TisdaleCY914 m22 m464 m52.840-104.070
TisdaleCY640 m60 m464 m52.840-104.070
TobermoryCY969 m18 m213 m45.230-81.630
TofieldCY914 m22 m704 m53.370-112.700
TofinoCYAZ1524 m45 m24 m49.080-125.770
TofinoCYAZ1524 m30 m24 m49.080-125.770
TofinoCYAZ1524 m30 m24 m49.080-125.770
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