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22 Oct 2017
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Republic of austria (AT)


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population 2016
Land Area
83,871 km2
euros (EUR)
Latitude / Longitude
47 20 13 20 E
GDP (PPP) per capita
41,700 $
2017-10-22 22:46:21

Main Airports
AirportICAO codeRunway lengthRunway widthHeightLatitude (DD)Longitude (DD)
GrazLOXG2999 m45 m339 m46.99015.440
GrazLOXG759 m24 m339 m46.99015.440
GrazLOXG640 m29 m339 m46.99015.440
InnsbruckLOWI1939 m45 m580 m47.26011.340
KlagenfurtLOXK709 m24 m448 m46.64014.340
KlagenfurtLOXK2720 m45 m448 m46.64014.340
LinzLOXL3000 m60 m298 m48.23014.190
LinzLOXL659 m45 m298 m48.23014.190
SalzburgLOWS2749 m45 m430 m47.79013.000
SchwechatLOWW3500 m45 m182 m48.11016.570
SchwechatLOWW3600 m45 m182 m48.11016.570
TullnLOXT999 m45 m175 m48.32016.110
TullnLOXT1373 m45 m175 m48.32016.110
TullnLOXT929 m45 m175 m48.32016.110
TullnLOXT670 m42 m175 m48.32016.110
WelsLOLW929 m49 m317 m48.18014.040
WelsLOLW1389 m29 m317 m48.18014.040
WelsLOLW899 m45 m317 m48.18014.040
Wiener neustadt eastLOAN1066 m22 m274 m47.84016.260
ZeltwegLOXZ2749 m60 m676 m47.20014.740
ZeltwegLOXZ1100 m39 m676 m47.20014.740

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